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  1. What are you talking about?? Takes some pills, rest and then come back to explain wtf are you trying to say THANKS.
  2. Excatly go and play bf 4 the servers are still on, stop trying to create the new BFV only because EA fucked you up badly☝
  3. No thanks we don't need it, this is not battlefield on normal or call of duty so just press M on your keyboard and you're good?.
  4. They could add a mercenary faction so they would have the excuse to add whatever guns they want.
  5. If you really want an old ak style, there are already the pistol grip and the stock in the game, and it would be better to have an ak 15 in 5,45 instead of an old 74 to match the concept of the game.
  6. From top to bottom: TAVOR 7 TAVOR TS-12 FABARM STF-12 PX4 APX FIVE SEVEN
  7. Dude this is just a poll, even if the 100% say no i don't like this recoil system dosen't mean it will change, it's just to know how the people feels about it✌.
  8. From top to bottom: ASH 12.7 DSR-1 SVU M98B MP7 A-91 AN-94 SKORPION EVO III MX4 P90
  9. Now, this is a gun that matches the world war 3 concept, not like most of the guns i see proposed in this topic: m40,m16,m14,g3,m240 do we need old rifles in a ww3 game?? emh NO.
  10. Ok i didn't know it was already used in a war but you also said that the drawback was that it's bad am i right? So why we need somenthing that dosen't work? and how you gonna implement all the stuff in terms of gameplay?
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