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  1. Mathias


    Like the Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising intro? Been thinking aobut making something similar like that one for WW3
  2. Mathias


    You're saying that to me? an intellectual? Was merely wondering because I really love these kind of alt universes, what exactly happened to escalate this to full blown war. I remember reading that it was set in the near future, so it probably builts on the current events with Crimea, Missile treaty etc... but the rest is unknown! Would absolutely love to know the rest
  3. So... what's the story here? who's fighting on each side? anyone know anything? What's everyones thoughts?
  4. Not bad at all... Gotta step up my game I think...
  5. Unfortunately... The game does become better when you play with friends and tlak over Discord or Teamspeak I gotta say
  6. Nice! Yea, teamwork is definetly paying off more than killing
  7. The thing is the gate outside of the mall is easy to hold with a tank... RIP, lol
  8. This. 10/10. I see people running around in the mall on Warsaw map, with RPG's in their hands just prefireing every corner... While a tank is raging outside without anyone fights it.
  9. THANK YOU! It's really not that hard to use AT, most people just dont get it.
  10. Seeing more and more Clan posts showing up, so bumping this.
  11. Nice. Most of my matches most of the team does their own thing, but it does happen occasionally that the team works together, and when that happens it's just the entire 25 euro worth
  12. Settings -> gameplay. You can toggle HUD in there
  13. That's pretty good, think the highest I've been with infantry only was like 17k points, granted I had a pretty bad Squad leader that match...
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