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  1. Yeah I have no skill ? (sarcasm). Inform yourself first! https://gamingbolt.com/battlefield-5-time-to-kill-and-time-to-death-changes-confirmed
  2. Are you blind my man, it was most time from 1 enemy with 100 health. In the hit log stand also the guys who shot me before I healed back to 100%. Watch Update 0.5 Gameplays, there wasn't this problem too often
  3. I played Warzone and I get still one shots from mid and long range sniper. Where is the problem to give a running enemy a headshot or 2 normal hits for a kill??? Headshots should be only one shots there, if I want to play a hardcore shooter I would play Arma or Insurgency!
  4. Sniper Rifles are not skilled and balanced at the moment. You can also do one shots, doesn't really matter what part you hit on mid and long range. On Warzone it's for the most time annoying if somewhere camps a sniper and gives you all the time one shots. Best solution would be that headshots are only one shots with full health on mid/long range, other parts 65-90 Damage - armor hits included. Some players wish a bit more spread in hipfire, that the Snipers can't run around a corner and give you a precise one hit. On close range I don't know if one shots should be there just belly, torso and head hits or if all parts like hands, arms, legs etc. get one shots.
  5. I would be also for enemy informations, how much health he had, where we hit him etc.
  6. So here the actual TTD issues in Update 0.6, espacially noticeable in TDM.
  7. What I also miss is a queue/waiting list in the server browser, if we want to join a full server.
  8. Exactly this. I don't know what's funny about that. It's annoying, ruins the fun and Gameplay, add finally the ping of all players in the scoreboard that we can see if it's a high pinger. Please fix it or improve the servers, with Lags/Input Lags like this it isn't enjoyable. You see him shooting later and he kills you first, where you gave him 5 hits before and he is still alive.
  9. Something is wrong with the TTD sometimes, noticed that most in TDM. I can upload a video again. I don't know if it's from High Ping Abuser, we can't still see the ping of all players, or with the new Netcode, but dying in 2 hits or 1sec. with 100 health on mid/long range is a bit ridiculous!
  10. What happened with the TTD again. It feels too hardcore/short again and dying from 2-3 registrated hits or in 2-3 frames. TTK is Ok but it could be also 1 more bullet.
  11. I found the problem with stuttering and rubber banding effects. In WW3 you have 4 moving ways: Normal Walk, Fast/Acceleration Walk (causes Stuttering & Rubber Banding), Sprint and Crouch Sprint. The Fast/Acceleration Walk causes the issues with stuttering and rubber banding, so here is the video that explains it.
  12. I find the first aid kit (Morphine) should be replaced for a medikit, what you can throw to teammates with a pick up animation. It's a bit frustrating if you want to heal teammates but they run away or around ?
  13. Played not the first ones but if the gameplay was there so with no sprint by reloading etc., it mustn't mean that it was good. If you think I never played Battlefield, Check on google the accounts, all with Scroopi since BC2 and also Youtube Scroopi with BF4 Gameplay.
  14. Wow you can offend people, why so salty then you are wrong in this Forum. Hm if I sprint and reload I run faster than if I walk and reload. P.S. I play BF since BC2, switched 2017 to PC and played BF4 also on PC, before on PS3 and 4. There you can also sprint by reloading and weapon switch. Your talking is not my niveau, bye.
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