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  1. I wanted to argue with that a little since there's still no news from devs... But wait - at least some short news from russian part of the forum: Translation would be: Dear community! We want to share that right now we are working on a first and really BIG patch for WW3! Can't tell any specifics yet, but the update will touch lots of weak spots, that we all are aware of. Patch is expected on the next week. Exact day and all the details we will announce as soon as we will be able to. Working on!
  2. Yes, their participation in the event can explain their silence, but... did they go there with the whole office? Didn't they leave anyone to stay in touch with the community? to watch after the game? or the servers to be live? It's either they have the team so small they can't afford a single community manager to check their own forum once a day, or... ? Btw, I start seeing some devs online, thanks @Kony for showing up. Hopefully, devs have heard some critics (the constructive part of it among the current shit-storm) about the need to communicate. Lets hope it won't be too late.
  3. But it is not. On the release, apart from the connection problems, the games concept and base mechanics were solid! They were interesting, fresh. The problem was that every concept has defects. And the release for mass audience was the massive stress test for all the mechanics. Some mechanics survived that stress test (like damage system - it alone is quite a solid thing), but other mechanics failed the test and players quickly found weak spots (like recoil - default one was quite nice, it prevented from constant full-auto'ing all around. For some decent shots on mid ranges it was more resulting to use single fire. But after few days people found weapons and modules to make it possible to full-auto even with sniper scopes with Alpha rifle. Now even better - Vepr 12 and you don't even need to aim anymore). And all these chained problematic pieces formed a snowball. Why? Because there is no quick enough response from devs - they simply don't deal with the gameplay problems yet, and people just keep finding new OP elements to abuse. Mass audience finds weak spots and exploits in current gameplay mechanics VERY fast. Devs have dealt with zero of them. Feels like they are afraid to come here to the forum and start answering, like they are afraid that they will be torn apart by angry crowd. But they need to start communicating, or they will just be left alone...
  4. The trick is that all these "cool mechanics" are either not working properly, or tuned in such way that gameplay for the end user looks ju-u-ust like "another COD clone". Me myself was quite inspired by all those mechanics I saw at launch. But now people have found most OP weapons and just run and gun (cod-style) - because it's the most efficient tactics atm. The fancy bullet-armor system of the game suggested me to play thoughtful at first - position right, aim at head with single shots, help teammates. Now every, EVERY game is run and gun with cod/cs jump-in style, full auto'ing in middle-to-close ranges (long ranges occupied by TOR campers). Oh and RPG spam boys (hello battlefield). The game is mess now and it feels 100% as "a generic COD/BF style shooter". Someone said that the game aim on the place between Arma and BF. Looking at the "feature list" I agreed with that. But now looking at the actual state of this game - its place is between COD, BF3-4 and some "Point Blank"-low-cost-CS-style-shooter. Sadly. I don't want to start speculating about the future of this game. But currently the game is falling in to the depths of oblivion with zero feedback from devs. They need to start fixing all their broken mechanics, or close the game for "reworking" with the hope that some sort of relaunch with polished core-mechanics will create another hype wave to jump-start game's online. PS: And vehicles? Pff, just put all most expensive upgrades on Leo, place your ass in the open area, turn on thermal, farm kills, get few shots from nasty RPG's, go to base, heal, rearm, repeat. To die with this setup, tank driver should be really stupid, cause APS, thermal, smoke screen and extra armor will always give you a chance to escape. Even tank vs tank battles if the enemy is not a potato will end up with some gunfight till one of the tanks goes below 40% HP, then he returns to base. Repeat.
  5. I agree. Light infantry runs like crazy. Medium - i bit too fast. Heavy - also a bit too fast (for a guys that put on heaviest armor, pick HMG and RPG. The regular walking speed feel ok.
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