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  1. Problem polega na tym, że jak ktoś wie jak się helidrona pozbyć, to się go pozbędzie łatwo, ale mało kto wie jak albo z jakiegoś powodu im się nie chce Z drugiej strony jak będzie za łatwo, to też nie jest dobrze, bo nikt nie będzie helidrona używał (chociaz niektórym by się pewnie podobało).
  2. Heli dron będzie znerfiony, już wielokrotnie o tym mówiliśmy w wielu miejscach. HP zostanie zmniejszone, będzie miał mniej amunicji, a ponowne przyzwanie będzie możliwe po X minutach od zniszczenia, nie od przyzwania, jak to wcześniej było. Nie panikujcie, przecież wiemy co się dzieje
  3. The main thing to remember is that we also want to have more players on each machine, so if/when it becomes possible, it will happen for sure, for now we don't know. We could increase the number of players at the cost of server tickrate and accuracy even now.
  4. All I can say is that we've in general been always transparent and handled things as fair as possible and with common sense. We don't have a publisher that could pressure us, we don't need to compromise on anything, so just trust us until we mess something up (which is not gonna happen :P). I'm closing this topic as per request from it's creator!
  5. If I had one nitpick, I'd go for: read less, explain more. When I write those weeklies, it's hard for me to put myself in players' shoes and get the content on a level that both understandable and not dragging on, so I leave out a lot. You can always contact me on Discord to explain something, too ^^
  6. I know you are exaggerating this on purpose, but T-Bagging is not something we'll be treating as offensive. We also don't really care about occasional swear word, the problem is that technically, specifically racial slurs being put into chat in our game could be in extreme cases taken to court as us promoting hate speech. You can easily tell apart someone just talking shit and someone really being abusive, this is why we didn't put a filter on our chat, but that doesn't mean you can still say whatever you want - just like in real life, there could be consequences. I'm all for free speech and expressing yourself, but calling someone a dick and calling someone a random racist word are different. We are going to compile a ruleset that people have to adhere to when playing and while reporting you will be asked to point to the rule that's being broken. Unfortunately, systematic solutions are not always good. In the case of friendly fire - it can be abused. We don't want to treat all players like criminals and just double the damage and give it back to them and we don't want to remove FF from the game, so there will be people that abuse this system. We can either give up and let them win by changing the game or just make sure those people are not playing anymore. And yes, it's probably a loosing battle, but we will at least try before we go down
  7. It's not even a case of it being difficult, it's just a case of making a decision: do we make this system instead of something else? The toxicity part would be just a small addon to reporting feature, but creating something like this is on par with both of them together. And I don't really think it's a good idea to just cover your ears and pretend people are not being dicks in your game - we'd rather just make sure people know they are being dicks and give them chance to stop
  8. I don't think quadrocopters should take C4 and I don't really know about HEAT warhead, @Kony?
  9. If you're calling people n words in chat and TKing like a mad man, you will get a temporary ban the first time and permaban the next time, just don't be a dick and it'll be fine. Reporting someone for toxicity will require a proof, just like cheating, so it should cut down on fake reports made out of spite a lot and it will be handled by a person and not by a program, which is where all the problems with automated bans come from.
  10. Well the idea was to make this possible to do only with two people, so using the Mini UGV with C4 means you and someone else have to work together. This will probably get removed as it possibly is a big exploit, thanks for letting us know
  11. Just FYI, you can report players like this to me or mods. All I need is a screenshot and SteamID64 (how to obtain it: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/5334-reporting-cheaters-guidelines/). We're giving temporary bans for people like this to cool off, we will also add an option to report toxic behaviour later.
  12. I can't really describe how this system works so people don't get to it and abuse it, but it will not just ban people with a lot of reports, that's the stupid way of doing it It will also let people report toxic players, so that's another fun thing
  13. Before it gets even presented to the team, it'll be checked by the mdoeration team so it makes sense to even present. A lot of suggestions like 'add weapon X' or 'add this uniform' are most likely going to be ignored if they don't get a LOT of upvotes, while some suggestions can go through even with small amount if they're easy to implement and don't break anything. Suggestion getting through is also not sure to be added, this only means that the most popular ones will get presented to the team and then we decide if they makes sense. For example, suggestion #23 (Vehicle kill assist/counts as kill) is something easy to add, doesn't influence any other game system apart from a tiny increase in Battlepoint gain and is generally something that should be there anyway. It doesn't have to have a massive vote count to be moved higher. Suggestions that are focused on adding more weapons or strikes are basically all the same from the point of view of the design team. We have a weapon lineup there, we're adding weapons that fill roles that are missing from the game and that will facilitate more playstyles and customization. We also take into account which attachments will work with new weapons and how many new ones we have to do, technical limitations like special reloads, RPM limit due to server tick rate, additional features needed to implement them and how they will affect balance. If a suggestion lines up with all of them then i could be taken into account, but only then. So to summarize: this system is basically to show us what are the most requested features and will help us decide what to plan for and will show us the community mindset in a bit more concise way, without us having to rely on what we feel like the community wants and the number of posts on the forums and discussions on Discord.
  14. We are planning mod support is some capacity, but for now it's probably not going to be full on 'upload a map and play' thing. This is because 2 main reasons: 1. Making a high quality map for example, with proper collision setup is very hard and time consuming. There's a lot of audio volumes and other things that's not visible and requires specific knowledge that's normally done by a whole team. This also includes proper LOD setup and other optimization techniques. This means that it would be highly unlikely that someone would build a map on par with other WW3 maps and for a new player that visits a server with a custom map like this it might look like the whole game is not finished or doesn't work, 2. Assets are very heavy and can really need a lot of data. It's not unheard of to have UE4 games take 200-500GB of storage on HDD with all mods installed, and you have to download it before playing, so that's also annoying if a server has 10 custom mods and each of them is 2-5GB. Smaller things like attachments and weapons are also a problem, because how do you balance them? Are we supposed to check every mod before adding it to the 'supported mods'? Let's say we have done this and there's a 1000 new weapons in the game thanks to the community. Now we want to balance something - we have to balance it taking into account ALL the weapons as well. So gameplay mods are probably going to have to wait for a long time, but cosmetic items are vastly more possible to do in the near future, but that's probably it. There's also another problem: until we have server renting/hosting, if we want to add an item to the game, *everyone* has to have it downloaded. This means that every mod added to the game has to be on each server and each client
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