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  1. Ragir

    Berlin- game vs reality

    That music tho, sounds like some Illuminati conspiracy
  2. Ragir

    More ammo pls

    Gonna be harder to find and fix those bugs then I hope you'll be back once we are a bit more situated in Early Access that started less than 3 months ago
  3. This is a no-contest, finalized maps will have something between what is there now and how this works on Smolensk, so heavy calibers will have no problems shooting through most walls and other materials. In the case of Smolensk right now the setup is 100% unfinished which results in nothing stopping bullets while on the rest of the maps it's a bit too aggressive, so most walls stop all bullets. There will be adjustments to this and it'll get more and more refined as we go forward. Thanks for the poll!
  4. Ragir

    Where are Developers ?

    For various reasons this was not an option for us either way. We've been in talks with companies like that for some time now, we are aware of how this works, trust me
  5. Hey there, it's time to take care of this feature and we'd like your input on this. I know there's a few topics on this already, but let's aggregate all the ideas that were posted already and have a *civilised* discussion. For those that are not familliar with the term VOIP, it means Voice over IP, so in-game voice chat that's built in. There are some basic points that we need to establish first: WW3 is NOT a simulator. While we want people to feel the war, it's not supposed to be hardcore, We're strongly leaning towards having it opt-in, so it's not on by default, We want this to be a good teamplay addition, not something that is required for all players to use all the time. We have a few ideas on our own on how to handle it, but it'll be cool to have all of the ideas in one place, so we can fall back on it while talking over the design and implementation of this feature. Remember: we don't attack people, only ideas. It's not personal and someone saying something you don't agree with is not basis for bad behaviour. If you're getting angry, that's probably because you're wrong. Provide arguments, not insults. Posts that are attacking others personally will be removed with an attached warning.
  6. Ragir

    Where are Developers ?

    That's something we really want to do, explain how things work, show demos and graphs, it's just additional work that we don't really have time for, at least now. I've requested a detailed damage model breakdown from the design team, for example, and I think there was some animation stuff planned as well, but if you have making the game on one hand and making additional content on the other, the former always win. That said, maybe a few sentences are worth the time, I'll bring that up.
  7. Ragir

    Where are Developers ?

    Hey there, we're sorry for the patch breaking the game for so many people, but there's a few good reasons for that. First and foremost, we changed how the game handles loading assets. This meant vast improvements to load times and RAM usage, we went down from ~12-13GB to 3-4GB, which is amazingly good. Of course, rewriting how engine handles loading is not a small change and we knew it can result in a lot of problems. This is why we waited with this change so long (work on it was started in like August). After testing the game for a few weeks we pushed the change to PTE and it worked fine. After a week in testing and with the holidays marching in, we pushed the patch out since, for all we knew, it was working well. This was a few days before the break, so we had w few days to fix it a bit more if something went wrong - which it did almost instantly. After that we found one PC in the whole company that crashed as well, it didn't happen at all anywhere else, didn't happen on our personal PCs at home either. Even now I can play with no issues at all for hours, since the patch the game crashed once for me personally. Of course this is not an excuse, but at the same time - it's not like we didn't test the game before pushing the update out. As for the break - most of the team didn't have a day off for more than a year, we were working long hours and weekends for the last half a year, so everyone HAD TO take some time off. We were starting to get angry at each other for no reason, our families were neglected, and so on. Now, this 'time off' ended on Jan 2nd, so we're talking a week and a half of time off after years of hardcore working. Everyone was back working on making the game work better. Thanks for your crash reports we've found 4 main problems with the game that compounded, all of which are fixed and now being tested. Of course this is still our fault, and we are sorry that it turned out like this, but you have to remember we're a small company with limited time and resources and we can't just solve problems throwing money at them. So, for what we've decided to do so this doesn't happen again: 1. We won't be rushing patches to meet deadlines. 0.4 might be a bit late because of that and we might need to adjust the Roadmap a bit, because the last 2 weeks were spent on fixing the game, 2. We've hired and are still hiring more QA staff to have more eyes on the game (this is taking time though, interviews and setting up), 3. We've added a few new tools that let us better handle crash reports and fix them faster, Also, we are not planning on any more such big changes apart from switching the engine version (but the biggest change in garbage collector is already merged into our version). TL;DR; We tested it and it worked for some bizzare reason, we've fixed the crashing that was reported, we're testing it better and we've made sure this doesn't happen again.
  8. Ragir

    Red Dot Sight

    We're planning on adding an option to change the red dots as you wish, so it'll probably help a lot. As for the reflections, I think they were toned down a lot since then.
  9. Ragir

    Red Dot Sight

    Ok, so a few weeks ago we added an option to reduce the dot brightness itself, and as @DustRaptor pointed out, the Smolensk map's cubemaps are not finalized and it's a bit too bright overall. Once we add the textures and foliage back it will get much better - unfortunately this is the not-so-fun part of testing WIP stuff, but I'm sure it'll be worth it, since we've got a lot of good feedback about the map from you.
  10. Ragir


    Good suggestions, keep em coming!
  11. Ragir

    Head gltiching is getting rampant

    As some people said, we're not going anywhere and we didn't do any real promoting of the game. Once it works well and is much better, we can start with it, but for now we're happy to have people interested in helping us make the game better and better each day. We've changed a lot according to the feedback we got and if we didn't release in Early Access, some features (like server browser) wouldn't be there at launch - and now they will be. But, let's keep this topic on track, we're aware of the headglitching and it will get fixed. If you look at our roadmap, you can see we're planning on redoing the animation system, and that's a part of it. It's never going to be perfect I don't think, but we can get it close.
  12. Ragir

    Data patch-y

    W tym tygodniu mamy nadzieję na patch na PTE, który naprawia crashe, hitreg i część problemów z amunicją. testujemy aktualnie, czy jest ok i postaramy się wrzucić to jak najszybciej się da.
  13. Ragir

    WW3 Aggressors

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I love iron sight snipers as well, it's underrated :d