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  1. Z tego, co wiem, z nowym systemem animacji wejdzie też nowa prędkość poruszania się, robiąc z Lighta coś jak aktualne medium i w dół - zgadzamy się, że biegają za szybko
  2. Two in one week? We're getting there! 0.7 is just around the corner, so we need all hands on deck to test it. We invite everyone that can join us to the PTE Party tonight, 10pm CEST - we've had a lot of serverside optimization work done, so we need as many players as possible. Servers are set to accept 60 players per match, so let's have some fun! PTE 0.7.4 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Some people might experience not being able to get into the menu, we're investigating, Challenges are completed by default, Some problems with VO (missing from menu, only Englihs working), [GAMEPLAY] Changed reload hold time to change ammo type to 0.4s down from 1.0s, Changed flashbang time to 7s make them more useful, Added per barrel curves intended to alter the damage/distance relation, Added vertical and horizontal recoil as modifiers to weapons, Added map marker to refill stations (WIP), [BUGFIXES] Warsaw Warzone is back in the rotation, Fixed jumpskipping reloads, Fixed being unable to leave MSP after spawning on it, Fixed grenade replication issues, Fixed geting stuck with tablet or repair gadget (or both) on top of normal weapon after respawn, Fixed crash in inventory system, Fixed JDAM particles, Fixed guided missiles tablet retraction animation after a rocket view, Fixed artillery invisible for owner, Fixed gadget sounds playing multiple times on single use, Fixed Commando driving capabilities, Fixed crash in Vehicle Ammo Widget, Fixed shooting Antitank Turret on Leviathan not spawning explosion particles or sound, Fixed circles drawn on the map after a strike, Fixed Commando Turret gib, Added lowers back to SCAR, Warsaw - Collision fix inside one of tunnels, Warsaw TDM - Fixed stuck point under entrance stairs, Berlin - Collision fixes and range of fire damage fixes, [OPTIMIZATION] Added distance and dot product relevance to character replication rate - should reduce tick rates of characters that are far away and closer to the edges of the screen, Reduced throwable gadget net update frequency 10 times, Optimized paused connection RPC sending, Weapons will now replicate every 10 frames, [AUDIO] Enemy Tails attenuations improvements, Fix for random lowpass, Fix for player barks jumping channels, [MISC] Lower and muzzle attachments descriptions added, Blocked barrels without front post on M4 ironsight, Added challenge event for order completed by squad mates.
  3. Another one! This one has a lot of bugfixes and we hope that it will make the game a bit more fun. We're still working on fixing some of the most annoying bugs for 0.7, but overall it's coming along nicely. We've also added new challenges - let us know if they work and if some of them are too annoying to complete! Important: Warsaw Warzone will be unavailable in 0.7.3 due to lighting errors, but it won't impact testing and would push patch back if we were to fix it! PTE 0.7.3 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Warsaw is missing from the Warzone playlist, There is still some grenade desync, White box instead of hit data texture, Spawning on MSP's can result in getting stuck, JDAM strike has the upcoming napalm particles, Resupply packs are still disappearing sometimes, Shotguns are OP, Some vehicle HUD bugs are present, [BUGFIXES] Switching a weapon by picking it up sometimes triggers a gunshot, Fixed a crash related to Audio Components, Crash fix for FSlateApplication::ForEachUser(), Changed replication priorites and merged replication graph priorites, Fixed DistanceRelevantCharacter replication issue, Fixed vehicle HUDs drawing on top of Quick Map, Fixed projectiles dormancy, Fixed character replication pausing too soon, Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk, Fixed IFVs acceleration, max speed and climbing, Sound positioning fixes, Rocket 'penetration' fix, Fix for music lowering volume randomly, Fixed Moscow TDM missing loading screens, Fixed bug with not sending match end event on TDM, Fixed bug with not saving TDM kills and deaths in player statistics, Random map rotation on TDM fixed - Warsaw will now be randomized as well, Fixed PSS emblem, Fixes is SCAR lowers, Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories, Fixed phantom bullets and repeated reloading after picking up weapon with different ammo type than default, Fixed Seat Widget taking color from settings when it shouldn't, Warsaw - Collision fixes, Warsaw - Floating paper fixes, Warsaw - Level streaming fixes, Warsaw - Map holes fixes, Warsaw - Draw distance fixes, Polyarny - Decal scale fixes, Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes, Polyarny - Map hole fixes, Polyarny - Streaming fixes, Polyarny - Physical material fixes, [GAMEPLAY] Increased MBTs, AFVs, and IFVs HP, Decreased IFVs rear armor thickness, Moved Helicopter Drone to CUAS category and updated it's stats, Adjusted AJAX's suspension, Tweaked summary screen time (30 seconds) and looking for new server time (30 seconds) for all game modes, [IMPROVEMENTS] Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4, Network optimization - action replicator, Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance, Voip ducking, new warmate sound, Local player voiceover effect, Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself, Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph, Barks distance tweaks, [NEW CHALLENGES] Basic Training: Spotting: Spot 10 enemies, Basic Training: Vehicles: Destroy 5 vehicles, Basic Training: Healing: Heal 5 allies, Basic Training: Ammo: Resupply 5 allies, Basic Training: Drones: 5 drone kills, Top Gun: Kill 10 enemies with flying drones, Airwolf: Kill 10 enemies with the Heli Combat Drone, Morning smell: 10 airstrike kills, Every Breath You Take: Spot 10 enemies, Senor Wingman!: 10 enemy kills from RCWS, Got your back: Spawn on leader 25 times, Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Kill 25 enemies as a LIGHT soldier, Regular Everyday Normal MFer: Kill 25 enemies as a MEDIUM soldier, Juggernaut: Kill 25 enemies as a HEAVY soldier, Whether It Storms Or Snows: 10 Tank kills, Steel Hail: 10 AFV kills, Support the Troops: 10 IFV kills, Last Resort: 10 kills on last healthbar, Tremor: Kill 5 enemies with RPG.
  4. This update is aimed mostly at stability, but we improved some things and fixed a few bugs as well. We've also added more community emblems to the game, available only from a code obtained from the creator / clan. You will have to reapply this code again on Live servers once 0.7 gets there. For safety, don't redeem codes on Live before it happens, it might break your profile. From the gameplay side, we've figured out a way to keep shadows working in dark areas so people don't get an unfair advantage by running low shadows. We did it this way earlier to make lower end GPUs work in WW3 and have better performance at the cost of fairness, but we never intended it to be left this way, and with current performance improvements, we figured that it's time. That said, this change is coupled with disabling per object shadows on low and medium settings to offset the performance hit. In our testing the difference is less than 1fps on low end machines and on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, but that needs further testing on different machines. So in short, you will loose shadows on your character, but they will look better overall, there will no longer be an advantage when running low shadows and it won't impact performance noticeably. We've also added a long awaited map rotation to the game. Now every time you end a match, all players that are left in the game are queued for another game of the same game mode, but different map. The system first looks for a game that is not empty, to fill it up, but if the number of players looking is bigger than the number of free slots, it will push everyone to a new, empty game. PTE 0.7.2 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Grenades can get desynchronized between server and client and land in different spots, Ammo/Health/Equipment packs still can disappear, [CONTENT] Added a few Community arm patches (hidden by default), [IMPROVEMENTS] Changed low shadow settings to remove glowing characters and vehicles in dark areas and improve their quality, Added map rotation to the ending of the game, [NETWORK OPTIMIZATION] Decreased replication rate for own equipment and capture points, Slowed down with player state replication, Added dormancy for support capture points, [BUGFIXES] Attempted fix for LOD switching related bug that causes ~95% of all crashes (needs confirmation), Voice chat - speaker icon for local talker, BCV and VAB speed and acceleration, Laser dot don't stay on the surface after character death, Fixed rerolling challenges duplicating them, Fixed grenade offset on start of local grenade simulation interpolation, Increased gadgets starvation priority, and lowered relevancy distance, Fixed Moscow loading screen misaligned throbber, Fixed audio engine crash on Berlin TDM, Fixed collision for RPGs on Berlin TDM, Fixed disappearing bushes on Berlin, Fixed some exploit points on Berlin TDM, Fixed broken/dissapearing destroy packs on Berlin TDM, Other minor fixes.
  5. Let's leave vaulting for now, the new animation system should fix most of those problems, since it doesn't rely on us setting vault objects on the level, it should detect places to vault automatically (which is probably going to generate a few bugs itself). As for where - the best way is to provide us with a screenshot, we can read the location data and point the camera the same way to see what's it about - it just cuts the explanation out if it's not clear from the screenshot.
  6. Just a quick one before the weekend. One information: if you experience crashing a lot, try lowering down Meshes in the Settings. The most "popular" crash is related to LOD loading, which is not happening as often on lower settings. It shouldn't impact game looks a lot, just lower memory usage (it uses lower quality models for objects). PTE 0.7.1 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Reduced dropped weapon lifespan to 30 seconds, Added an array for always loaded assets - for making sure markers are always loaded, Added counting vehicle shots fired and hit to statistics, [BUGFIXES] Fixed taking leader by requesting orders, Fixed UAVs marking dead bodies, Fixed not displaying statistics during first launch, Fixed disappearing bushes on Berlin, Rebaked destropacks on Berlin, Fixed exploit points, Removed not ready / unnecessary items, Fixed bug with relational challenge events.
  7. Sup, just FYI, the rebelanced Heli Drone is being pushed to PTE tonight, we couldn't really patch the game well after switching engines, this is why it was going without change for so long. See ya there!
  8. Finally! We’ve got a 0.7 build that is stable enough and without critical issues, so we can start testing it. Bear in mind, that this is just after switching engine versions and rewriting how our netcode works (more information here), so expect it to crash a lot and to have bugs. The list of known issues is going to be shortened very soon, we’ve just added it so you don’t waste time on reporting bugs we’re already fixing. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get 0.7 to a state that is playable enough to push to Live servers, so everyone that can should help us test this version, especially over the weekend. We’re going to gather a lot of data and we will also be playing to make sure all big issues are fixed next week and only smaller problems are left to iron out. Thanks for being patient, but this change was the biggest one since 0.3, and we want to make absolutely sure that it will be at least as stable as 0.6, and preferably more. Engine update doesn’t come with a lot of content, but it will let us improve the game a lot more in the long run. Now, as for what is in the update, we’re adding daily challenges! It’s still a bit rough, but that’s why we have PTE. You can complete challenges every day and get rewards for them. There’s also new lighting. It’s a lot more realistic and eye adaptation works properly now, but it might need tweaking. Let us know how you like it and what we should change. We’ve also added new VOIP system, because the old one was not good enough. This is also something we need as much feedback on as possible. As usual, send us your crash reports and make sure to leave your feedback on the forums, so we can get to it easily and plan changes accordingly. Thanks for playing! PTE 0.7 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Crahsing - set 'Meshes' to LOW to make this less frequent, Packs (Ammo/Health/Equipment) randomly don’t spawn when tossed, UAVs mark dead enemies, Markers show up late sometimes, Players drop copies of their weapon at random, Taking leader by requesting orders is not working, Grenades spawn to the left of the camera, It takes a second to load the weapon into player hands, Crashing and performance issues, No Berlin TDM or Warzone for now (map issues), [FEATURES] Daily Challenges added - this is still an early version!, New VOIP system [Default: hold “~” (tilde - next to 1)], New Unreal Engine version - 4.21, Replication Graph implemented, New lighting, New KIll Screen, New Vehicle HUDs - still Work in Progress, Sight profile preview in the menu - you don't have to play inside a match to see how it looks, [IMPROVEMENTS] Changed FPS counter to ON/OFF from Toggle (it will also persist between play sessions), Added VAB - a Mobile Spawn Point variant, so it’s different for each team, Added synchronization status on loading screen for debug purposes, Added location debug info on screen for better bug reporting (community suggestion), Added Vehicle Kill Assist (community suggestion), New Equipment meshes for UGVs, Added smoke for damaged vehicles, now every vehicle except Mini UGV and Mini Drone will smoke when HP is critical, A lot of adjustments and improvements, Per attachment camos now have icons, [BALANCE] Increased Heli Drone Rockets Battlepoints cost, Decreased Heli Drone HP (600 to 450) - now it’s 1 tandem RPG hit, Decreased Heli Drone rocket PODs' ammo capacity, Vehicles speed, acceleration, turning and HP rebalance - now the differences between vehicles are more noticeable, Attachment prices have been adjusted to better fit the progression system, Attachment modifiers have been reworked to better reflect differences between individual attachments, Weight difference between barrels of different lengths has been increased, Weight difference between magazines of different capacity has been increased, Additional changes coming soon, including a horizontal recoil multiplier on grips, Moved resupply packs to between capture points, [BUGFIXES] Fixed shooting between rounds on TDM, Fixed rebinding X button, Fixed default ammo for all turrets - there should not be a situation where tank has only 1 shell, Fixed direction prioritization when exiting a vehicle, Hundreds of other bugfixes.
  9. I'm afraid it will, people still don't get the linked points mechanic or that you can press X to give/request orders, it would result in a lot of reports saying that vehicles are broken. We'd have to add levitating markers that show you where to get in each time you look at a vehicle and additional information on the screen that says you can't get out on this side etc. IMO it's not worth the hassle, it would be better to just improve how you get out so you don't get ran over (also - don't get out of a moving vehicle :P)
  10. What if the vehicle is next to a wall on the left side and can't be entered/exited?
  11. Now I don't feel bad I voted for Tactigamers video in the contest
  12. You'll see why it's not an issue in a few months, but I can't really spill out any beans atm
  13. 2 and 3 are already implemented, 1 will be at some point, 4 is probably not a good idea with 5-man squads and the fact that servers close down after each match and open back up.
  14. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. topic I'll let the design team know about this
  15. Ragir

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    Nie wyłączaliśmy serwerów na weekend, także nie wiem dlaczego ich nie było w razie czego - następnym razem dajcie znać
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