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  1. 0.5.3 brings a lot of the bugfixes we are trying to prioritize, with crashing issues being number one. We've made some progress, but we need your help to detemine if those fixes really helped. We're going to host a get together this Saturday at 9PM CET for an hour on the PTE- focused on finding more problems and crashes for us to fix next week. We've also added the French localization and made more changes to the TTK, so make sure you check it out and let us know how you like it before we push it to live. PTE 0.5.3 Patch Notes [GENERAL] French localization, TTK Tweaks vol 2, [FEATURES] Added version checking, Scalable Warzone HUD, [BUGFIXES] Fixed destroy pack crash/desync, Fixed another destroy packs crash, Fixed crash on player spawn, Fixed 3 another random crashes, Possible crash fix related to skins, Possible grenade OnContact crash fix, Possible crash fix for OnItemDrop, Penetration fixes, Heli drone shooting in front, Ammo in mag bugfix, Chat fadeout after entering empty message, Fix for guided projectiles, Healthbar fix, Ammo display in heli combat drone, Fixed destroy packs not being damaged by explosions, Fixed floating dead soldier markers, Fixed vehicle not synchronized, Fixed a bug that causes mouse to disappear after looking on scoreboard, Weapon country code fixes, Fixed small letters on post loading screen status, Fixed grenade display in combat drone, Some suppressor sound fixes, Customization compatibility fixes, [MISC] Added descriptions for Heli weapons, Heli stats for guns and ammo setup, Heli menu display.
  2. Hey there, we also think this is a big problem and we've started the weekly reports precisely to combat this. We've started with small and easy to do updates and plan to expand them and add more and more information each week. This week's report will be out in a few hours once we've got the translations done and it's a cool one - worth waiting for! For anyone not sure how to get more info, subscribe to our newsletter, we're sending the reports there first. Well that's not true, but you wouldn't know this, because we didn't say it officially, so it makes sense that some people seem to think we've given up - which couldn't be farther from the truth, as we're still hiring new people and we even taken over another floor in our building. We're now gearing towards fixing the crashing and bug issues we have and then we'll be beack to adding new features. As I wrote in the last week's report: As for the low player base - we think this is related to the amount of technical problems mostly, which is why we wanted to change our development to make sure stuff is fixed before we start on next thing. After the game is fixed, we have a lot of promotional plans. Problem is that people seem to think stuff like this can be done overnight - and it can't, it takes a lot of time. Good thing we gave ourselves the 12-15 months in Early Access to figure this stuff out then, right?
  3. Some more PTE patch notes, this one has a new map overlay. You bring it up with M as usual, but it's see-through and using ADS while having it up will temporarily disable it so you can shoot and get back to map checking. We're going to add more visibility options to this map as well. Apart from that, more Heli Drone fixes, some VOIP UI added (for muting people) and other improvements. PTE 0.5.1 Patch Notes [GENERAL] New mini map and map overlay (optimized and more reliable), Added VOIP UI under [TAB], Server browser improvements: added colored game modes, fixed checkbox click area, [GAMEPLAY] Time to kill tweaks, Combat Drone: weapon balance pass, Artillery damage tweaks, Added pitch and tilt widget for air vehicles HUD, [BUGFIXES] New features for Combat Drone's movement, Fixed impact zone placement in air vehicles, Fixed aiming offset for Combat Drone machine guns, Correct shell particles for Combat Drone machine guns, Removed one extra ammo when reloading for Combat Drone rockets, Potential splash damage fix for RCWS heavy cannon and grenade launcher, Added some missing translations to the server browser, Correct widgets net role check - should reduce map desynchronization problems, [TWEAKS] New materials for Heli supply drops.
  4. This update introduced a server crash, we're reverting and fixing it! Hey there, we've got another one of the stability patches, another batch of crashes is fixed. We know this might not be the most glamorous patch, but we're still making changes for 0.5, but we are pushing stability fixes to live as we go. This is most likely last of the stability patches for now, next one should be 0.5. 0.4.4 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed a bug that allowed players to use the drones to spawn in spots they shouldn't, Fixed another batch of crashes.
  5. Well up until around the mid of february we were fully geared towards making features and worrying about fixing them later (apart from the crashing, that's kinda outside the whole thing). We are rushing to finish up new features and there's always something else on the roadmap that's behind and has to be finished up quickly - this is where all the buigs are coming from. And this doesn't mean we won't have new graphical content like maps or weapons, outfits etc. This means no new programming features for some time mostly, some content will also slow down (for example, combat heli drone required new mechanics, that wouldn't get made, brand new weapon types that require coding - either). If the player count continues to drop, we'll rethink this and see, for now we have to decide on something
  6. In this week's report we're asking you for help: what should we focus on in the coming months? When you add features to a game, things break - which is par for the course when it comes to Early Access titles, and we knew this is going to happen, but we noticed not everyone is happy with this. This is why we’ve decided to ask our community: what should we focus on? 1. Slow down, fix bugs and optimize 2. Keep going fast and unstable First way is going to slow down updates, but result in more stable and reliable game until we reach 1.0. Second way is making sure we develop content and features as fast as possible, but also doesn’t give us a lot of time for polishing and bug fixing - those would be done at the end. Join our newsletter to get weekly reports straight to your email inbox! Have other thoughts? Leave them here!
  7. I need the steamid64 and if I can't find it, we won't be able to get you in sadly
  8. Hey there, we've decided to get some more people in to get some fresh eyes on the game mode and see what comes out of it. Due to a lot of confusion we had last time, please make sure you read this post very carefully. Reply in this topic (even if you did in the previous one and didn't get in), Make sure you know your SteamID64, this means a number like this: 76561198050043123, it will be useful later, Make sure you know your DiscordID (with the number after the nickname, like this: Ragir#6666) - it helps with communication as Discord has all the info first, Signups will close in 48hrs! YOU DON'T HAVE TO REAPPLY IF YOU ALREADY GOT IN, READ THE FIRST POINT AGAIN UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND
  9. Hey there, we're still hard at work on fixing bugs and crashes, optimization and overall quality of life stuff, so the 0.5 patch is taking some time and this version is still missing some stuff. We're predicting this patch to be in PTE testing for a bit longer than normally, but we also think it'll make it better. Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not. For now, here is the list of changes for today's patch on the PTE. [GAMEPLAY] Added proper item modifiers for Heli drone turrets, HP reduction back down, grenade and sniper rifle damage tweaks accordingly to this change, Heli flight model improvements, Zuni secondary ammo fix, Proper ammotypes and ammo capacity setup for Heli, Mobile Spawn Point setup, MQ8C stats update, Heli Drone guns' point of crossing tweaks, Increased Heli pitch range; speed at angle; FZ233 and Hydra RoF, [LEVELS] Warsaw: Mall main entrance, budex cloth collision / invisible wall fix, Warsaw: Collision fixes, Warsaw: Penetration fix for small kiosks, Warsaw: Props penetration fix, Warsaw: Max draw distance tweaks (low spec PC friendly), Warsaw: Removed broken grass-foliage actor. Repainted grass on the whole Warsaw level, Warsaw: Vertex paint fixes, Warsaw: Draw distance fixes, Warsaw: Additional grass fixes, Warsaw: Fixes for level streaming from drone/heli perspective, [BUGFIXES] Possible fix for GameObjective-BeginDestroy crash, Crash fix for OnItemEquipped, Probable fix for crash during [REDACTED - Recon specific], Fixed crash related to occluders, Potential fix to crash of PhysX, 4 more possible fixes for crashes, Heli rockets ammo display, Resolved a bug with ThermalvisionWidget showing incorrect status, Fixed wrong grenade icon, Fixed people on quad not getting a flashbang effect, Fixed uv for German flag (it was flipped), Fixed an issue with the Monster Grip, Customization tag fixes for the [REDACTED], [TOOLS] Added customization data to crash reports to see correlations between attachments and crashing.
  10. Yup, plan jest taki, żeby grę najpierw skończyć, żeby nie było za dużo krytycznych zmian, które mogą dużo namieszać. Nie wiemy też jeszcze jak to będzie nawet wyglądać, czy uda się zrobić np. system wewnątrz gry do wynajmowania serwerów przez klany, czy jakiś dostawca je będzie wynajmował, czy udostępnimy aplikację serwerową każdemu, czy tylko niektórym - nie jesteśmy jeszcze na etapie, na którym możemy takie decyzje podjąć.
  11. Szczerze mówiąc, to ja też nie wiem, bo nie zajmuję się robieniem map Z mojego punktu widzenia lepiej mieć dwie mapy na Moskwie niż tylko czasem mieć okazję zagrać na 'drugiej mapie'.
  12. Kept ya waiting, huh? We've got some more stability changes in this small update, in line with our focus on fixing the crashes as the first priority. We think that most of the crashing issues should stop after this update, but some still might lurk under the surface, so keep vigilant and keep sending us the crash reports. They not only let us fix them faster, but also let us know where the most frequent problems occur, so we can prioritize better. We're currently in closed Recon testing and we've just came back from IEM 2019, both of which took away some of the time. Now we can focus back on crashes, bugfixing and - last, but by all means not least - optimization. Patch notes might not look very appealing, but this update does make a difference in game stability. As usual, please don't hesitate to send us your feedback and let us know if you're having issues after the patch. 0.4.3 Stability Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed a few crashes related to object serialization, Added a nullptr check that otherwise resulted in a crash, Fixed one garbage collector crash that occurred due to bad variable UPROPERTY setup, Fixed a few other crashes.
  13. Warning: Recon is being tested with a closed group of community testers, it will be available after testing is complete! This time we've got a weird one, we're pushing a part of the patch to test Recon, so not eveything is available in this build. We'll keep you posted on next week's proper 0.5 PTE patch. Some new features are included in this version, however, like Heli Combat Drone or Warzone warmup.
  14. Hey there, we've had some sad news hit us last week about one of our most dedicated content creators passing away suddenly. Kris was a very chilled and happy person and we talked a bit on his stream and played together, so those news really made an impact on me and everyone at the company. We wanted to do something without overdoing it and our great community came together and decided to organize a special Discord event in his memory. It will be hosted tonight on our Discord server, we will have some special rooms for those interested in joining and to keep it separate from the normal Discord. The rules are simple: we play with a gold G29, nnellow's favourite weapon, talk a bit and have fun in his memory. The event is planned to start at 8pm Central (timezone breakdown below) and last about 3 hours. Thank you Kris, keep fighting wherever you are! Timezones breakdown: 6pm PST 8pm CST (Central Standard Time) 9pm EST 2am UTC 3am CET 5am MSK 10am CST (China Standard Time) 11am JST 1pm AEDT
  15. Well sometimes people will run under your tank and you shouldn't be punished for that. More than that, some people do it intentionally to kill you and steal your vehicle
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