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  1. Oficjalnie stwierdzam, że obserwujemy, także LESGO
  2. Since we're using steam VOIP, there's no way for us to set things up for you. We will be reworking this whole system to work much better, we just wanted to have VOIP as soon as possible and then refine it over time.
  3. ASAIMS - as soon as it makes sense, changing engine will break the game for weeks for sure, so we have to have enough time between other big changes and features to fix whatever breaks. Also, we've actually taken some of the changes from 4.20 and 4.21 and implemented them into our version of the engine, so for us the jump won't be as big as for others.
  4. Ragir


    Hey there, we HAD servers in Johannesburg, but when the playerbase dipped we closed it down, as well as South American ones to save some money, since nobody played there anyway. Now, with the players coming back it might be a good idea to open them back up, but first we have to make sure people will actually play, we saw numbers like 2-3 people on South African servers before, this is why we did this.
  5. Heyo, we're still not 100% sure about when the animation rework will be finished, we've got it working 90% and we're redoing the animations now. The new system smooths out the camera a lot, especially during vaulting (it's weirdly smooth now) and when moving (you'll notice some weird camera movements after you turn or stop, jitters in camera when crouching and laying down etc.). It's now working, but we need some more time to redo the animations to use ones from the mocap sessions. Might be 0.7, might be in a few months, I can't say for sure, nobody knows.
  6. Hey there, thanks for playing the newest update and having fun! We've decided to quickly fix some of the issues we've encountered in the 0.6 Live patch, so let's go! 0.6.1 Hotfix Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed locking inputs (weapons and strikes) when game failed to open radial menu, Fixed a crash related to repair kits, Fixed a crash related to out of bounds timer, [TWEAKS] Land vehicles can't be damaged from environmental hit below 40 percent of health.
  7. We've got some redesigns going and we'll be updating all of the screens in the future, but it would be best to have most of the game done before we can do it well ^^ Keep the conversation going tho, we're listening.
  8. That might be added, but there's a problem. We let you set camos per attachment, so you can have white gloves with black overall camo. This is why for now we're thinking that you'd just create some premade camo settings and choose one of them in-game, but we'll see how it works out and change accordingly.
  9. This is a critical matter, especially for new players. Stuff like that doesn't really impact seasoned players, but those players need new bodies to train and shoot. We can't have everything geared towards the old players, because there would be no players at all then. So yeah, we have to take into account if it can be shown well on the UI - which is one of the main reasons people aren't playing now, along with performance and content. The lack of tutorials and understanding of how the game works really hinders the enjoyment of the game and we want to make it easier to get into and explain better. I don't know what are the plans for spawning exactly, so all I say is my concerns about the UI and how it would impact new players - and since we're trying to keep the gameplay good, not casual, we have to make changes in other places.
  10. The main idea behind the new customization is to let you customize the whole kit, not only 1 visual customization, so you'll be able to select a loadout with different camo per map and it will also work inside of the game (your prepared visual customizations will be selectable there as well). This is a better solution also because once the servers rotate maps, you'll be stuck with your choice - this way you can just do it in-game.
  11. There is no loadout delay, it takes 10s to respawn for everyone apart from the squad leader, who's timer is 5s. Spawns will be updated for sure, we're not happy with them still, so keep the conversation going. I can't say if making the respawn timers different for different spawn types is a good idea, it would be a bit confusing on the deployment screen, but it's certainly an option. As for the 'in combat' thing - we're thinking about it, but it's also hard to explain to the player without a camera feed like it was done in BF and that's not that simple to do. That said, there's nothing simple in WW3, so it's not a big problem.
  12. There are plans for tiered gadgets, so you'll take 1 pack and 1 of other gadget, but that needs further thinking through.
  13. Another one! We've decided to change some stuff again due to player feedback we got yesterday - we all want 0.6 to be the best experience, so one more day is definitely worth it. Some small, but vital changes in this one! PTE 0.6.8 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Sometimes another player icon was not visible, Heli-Combat Drone is now on cooldown so you can't spam one after another, Fixed level up screen, Marking enemies and vehicles on map was not working sometimes (again), Probable fix for auto spawn, [GAMEPLAY] Removed some additional neutral vehicles on maps, Limb damage reduced from 80% to 67%; hand/foot damage reduced from 60% to 57% - sniper rifles should no longer be 1-hit kill on limbs, Improved damage dealt by RPG and tank shells vs Heli Drone, Heli Drone HP decreased by 25%, Tweaking Leopard2 speed in reverse and custom turbo force, Tweaks in Abrams speed curve, Tweaking T72 speed in reverse and custom turbo force, Adjusting capture points to enable capturing by vehicles + minor vehicle placement adjust, Buggy and Quad cameras now follow the vehicle rotation, increased Quadrocopter's hitbox, [IMPROVEMENTS] Enabling option where buggy and quad camera takes vehicle rotation in FPP mode, Events for updating settings on ui while Quick Quality has been changed, Warsaw map textures update.
  14. Another fast one, this could be it. Make sure to report any game-breaking bugs you find so we can fix them before 0.6 hits live. PTE 0.6.7 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed crashing occuring when calling in strikes, Change damage out of battle zone to current health instead of fixed value, Disabled collision for leaves on trees (fix for rockets blowing up on leaf contact), Fixed UAV noise generation still running while UAV is leaving map, Fixed wrong vehicle icon for squad leader, AK derivatives ironsight fix, Fixed ragdoll not hiding after character is spawned and replication is paused, Marker positions fixed for resolutions other than 1080p, [IMPROVEMENTS] Slight improvement of Responses radial menu to prioritize the "thanks" command, Replaced smaller trees with destroypacks on Polyarny, Loading screens refresh, New minimap distances, Additional neutral vehicles added (BTR and T72), Soldier marker interaction distance is now 150 meters (from 30 meters), Low settings of Shadows is now 0 - means, that low will not display dynamic shadows, Added a setting to toggle fog visibility, Defended point will stay marked as an objective after it's taken by the enemy, Removed cooldown blocking system from repair kit, Weapon dropped on the ground now stays for 30 seconds, [OPTIMIZATION] Attachments are not occluders anymore, Lowered polygon counts on various meshes, Fixed vehicle proxy static mesh calculations while no static mesh present, Foliage cull distance setup, [BALANCE] SA80 recoil slightly reduced, Vepr shotgun close-range damage buff, [AUDIO] G38 toggle firemode sound, Fixed muffled sounds after dying, Vehicle doppler effect added, Fixed vehicles being too squeaky.
  15. Soldiers! We're proud to present to you 0.6 Live patch. This one adds two (!) new maps, one that you saw already in the form of a prototype and one brand new one. We've got a massive Warzone rework here, with mobile spawnpoints, the leader being able to spawn on their squadmates, helis flying over the heads, bullet penetration being set up on all levels, jamming and UAV improvements, more neutral vehicles on the maps and a lot more. New weapons, new customizations, and maybe most of all: stability and performance. We've focused on making this one as good as we can make it and it shows. World War 3 runs much better now and the instability issues were mostly resolved. This doesn't mean this is as good as it gets, far from it - we can still do a lot and will continue to improve on the performance aspect as well as gameplay. Let's dig in! 0.6 Patch Notes [CONTENT] New Outdoor Warzone map: Smolensk, New Outdoor Warzone map: Polyarny, New Weapon - M4 MWS, New Weapon - SA80 - British bullpup Assault Rifle, New Vehicle - Combat Heli Drone, New Vehicle - Ajax - British Armored Fighting Vehicle, New Vehicle - Typhoon BCV, New Uniform - British Soldier, [FEATURES] New spotting/ping system, Commo rose (radio commands are also converted to the radial menu system), Mobile Spawn Point - a special vehicle that allows all team members to spawn on it, Spawn system improvements, Warzone Overhaul, Bullet penetration rework, New localizable in-menu info slider, [GAMEPLAY] Bullet penetration multiplied by 2, Ammo count balance pass, Airstrikes now receive bonus BP for destroying vehicles, Tweaking all AFV speed and acceleration rates so each of them has its own characteristic, Some small tweaks in Ajax damping and handbrake action, Additional points for destroyed vehicles - exceptions for Quad and Buggy, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm bullets damage tweaks - they will score one hit kill only with a precise shot, Repair Kit is now regenerating main health instead of armor, Added quick options for performance changes, Adding optic mechanics to Lewiatan and Battle Robot drones, Beryl nerf (decreased accuracy, increased horizontal recoil), SA80 buff (lowered first shot vertical recoil multiplier), Shotgun buff (MCS and Vepr received additional damage for 15 and 10 meters respectively), 7.62x39 ammo damage nerf, SMG & Pistol damage buff, MCS damage buff, Limb damage reduced from 80% to 67%; hand/foot damage reduced from 60% to 57% - sniper rifles should no longer be 1-hit kill on limbs, RPG Frag warhead blast radius increased - should be more effective at wounding over a large area, Weapon weight tweaks, [IMPROVEMENTS] New on-screen tips, Added VoiceChat input to settings, Adding new destruction blueprint for Quadrocopter when shot down by player - it should no longer explode when shot down, Radial menu setup for all game modes, Neutral vehicle placement and balance - Warzone maps, BTK info added to every weapon, Fixed menu character scale, Moscow Warzone - fixed neutral vehicle spawn near C1, Changed blood impact scaling with range, Loading screens refresh pass, Added new map textures, Removed and reworked some props on levels to make gameplay and player movement more fluid, Buggy, Quad and Mini UGV's cameras now follow the body pitch and yaw, Various small improvements, Buggy and Quad cameras now follow the vehicle rotation, Increased Quadrocopter's hitbox, Added quality presets: Best Performance, Balanced, Best Quality, Added seetings: fog toggle, Low Shadows setting now disables shadows completely, [BUGFIXES] Hitreg fixes - removed desync between server ADS and client ADS, Hitreg fixes - server-side check fixed, should reduce dusting and head glitches a lot, Fixed aiming offset when changing to side optic while reloading, Improved data management. Should eliminate infinite loading screens and long loading times - more testing needed!, Fixed magazine funnels colliding with the drum mag on the AK15, Armor piercing info + minor SA80 attachment correction, Fixed a problem with Vepr's barrels, Vepr built-in iron sight correction, Cleaned some compatibility between attachments in customization, Fixed disappearing capture point marker while objective has been changed, Better refreshing for color and visibility of markers, Fixed markers update after settings changed, Fixed invisible world position markers, Fixed size of markers when visibility is changed, Fixed marker size when the texture is loaded, AK15 handguard name fix, Foliage for a low quality fix, High magnification scope flicker fix, Lod fixes on concrete slabs mesh (disappearing shadow on LOD), Squad leader border fix, Fixed battlezone leaving on the warmup, Fixed vehicle disappearing when replication is paused, Fixed phantom Battlepoints for switching team, Fixed battlezone leaving effect when spawning on RCWS, Penetration fixes - new building setup, increased its effectiveness, Fixed a problem with penetration for a very small objects (fixed RPG Nets penetration), Fix character stuck in the air when used remote drone, Fix character rotation bugging out sometimes after vaulting, Change damage out of battle zone to current health (you can no longer drive away in the MSP), Fixed 0 health bug after spawning at RCWS, Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use some gadgets, Jamming fixes, Fixed Osprey Chest textures on low quality settings, Fixed a bug that always kicked players after 6th punishment, Fixed a bug that made it possible to use gadgets, strikes and grenades as a passenger in the vehicle, Fixed a bug with incorrect player position while sitting at RCWS, Fixed a bug with being killed by touching vehicles, Fixed too big laser dot size, Fixed problems with a character getting stuck when deploying on vehicles, Fixed problems with spawning on vehicles sometimes sending the player to the main base instead, Fixed cooldown value visibility using Repair Kit, Fixed minimap chunks not updating when possessing strikes, Fixed marking enemies and vehicles on the map sometimes not working, Made punishing players from another team impossible, Jamming yourself no longer provides BattlePoints, Fixed icon showing that gadget is not available, Fixed character noise manager while team has been changed during the game, Fixed character sometimes being drawn after death, Fixed no AWOL message when being in RCWS, Probable fix for auto spawning, MSBS Emblem issue correction, Thousands of map collision, texture, mesh, lightmap and particle fixes, [AUDIO] Tweaks to player movement sounds, Nonverbal pain expressions, Turning footsteps fix, Player suppressors sound is now quieter, Moscow Reverb fix, Weapon mix, Snipers sounds, Forest Reverb, Death expressions, Low Health sounds, Abrams engine fix, Fixed audio for local character on health change, Hit notify sounds for armor types, Jammer noise fix, New sound for medkit drop, Vehicle repair station sound, Fixed available strikes radio command playing too frequently, Breathing and heartbeat added, Repair Station should play a sound when a vehicle is being repaired, Regeneration platform fix, Fixed bug with wrong materials sounds during movement, Some new outdoor sounds for weapons, RPG reload and equip sounds, Lots of minor sound fixes, Distant explosion sounds, RCWS 2D sound, Corrections for footsteps notifies, Better TPP foley, [OPTIMIZATION] Markers optimization pass, Continuous mesh, material and shader optimization work, User FOV setting is no longer saved each time weapon synchronizes, only when it's changed by the user, Added PlayerController caching, Removed unused log in tick, ESC and returning to previous option instead of removing the entire widget, Special modes for different wheels simulation while proxy meshes are enabled (vehicle suspension optimization), Character tick module loading optimization, Removed saving settings to file on BeginPlay() of PlayerContoller, Cached marker pointer, Disabled occlusion checking for restore component, Weapon tick optimization, Disabled calculating weapon targeting blend for simulated clients, Removed unnecessary meshes, Cascade shadow setups, Mesh draw setup, Streaming Layers Setup, Stationary light changed to static, Added loadout local loading, Removed spawning of particle effects on playable character for performance and to eliminate freezing on being shot, Fixed freezing when new player is loading in, Small animation system performance improvements.
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