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  1. Small one, just some improvements to Breakthrough. We're still tracking down the lags that happen sometimes on Breakthrough and we're improving the HUD, stay tuned! PTE 0.8.2 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Invisible packs are back, we're aware of them and are working on this bug, From time to time the server is starting to lag for a while, we need more info on this one, After spawning on a Mobile Spawn Point you can get a low HP effect, [IMPROVEMENTS] Changed camera position and rotation on leopard 2 to make it work better with the new Gepard turret, Breakthrough: defenders can no longer go back to retreat zone after leaving, Breakthrough: Zone placement improvements, Breakthrough: minor spawn fixes, Breakthrough: Reversed C and D points on Smolensk, [BUGFIXES] Breakthrough: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented retreat from ending early when all defenders left the zone, Breakthrough: Fixed wrong Leopard version in the base on Polyarny,
  2. This time we've got a bunch of Breakthrough changes, from the core gameplay to the visual information layer, to let you know better what's happening. It's mainly focused on changes to Breakthrough, but we also have some other changes, too, including some performance updates. This one has two issues we're still working on, but there's no point in delaying it longer - we need more information on those two problems, so let us know if you see any pattern in when the server starts to lag and when packs disappear. PTE 0.8.1 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Invisible packs are back, we're aware of them and are working on this bug, From time to time the server is starting to lag for a while, we need more info on this one, After spawning on a Mobile Spawn Point you can get a low HP effect, [GAMEPLAY] Breakthrough: after a successful retreat, Defenders will gain points (10 * seconds left), Breakthrough: after a successful retreat, Attackers will gain the seconds left as additional time for next objective, Breakthrough: attackers can no longer get to the next objective before the retreat is over, Breakthrough: Radio Station will now blink and emit beeping when planted, Breakthrough: added new statistics collection: bombs planted, defused, radio stations destroyed, longest attack, longest defence, fastest plant, successful retreats, retreating enemies killed (not available from the menu yet, but are being counted), Breakthrough: moved point marker position up to no longer block visibility of the stations, Breakthrough: reversed Berlin point order, Disabled an option to skip Warmup on PTE for proper BRE testing, Disabled not being allowed to join when the match is ending, Napalm strike visual overhaul, Allowed joining to server when match is ending, Adding Leopard2 Gepard anti-air vehicle to BRE base spawns, [IMPROVEMENTS] Collimator glass is less dark now, HUD: new in-game chat window, HUD: new strike bar, HUD: hiding armor status icons if armor is not present, HUD: added current soldier weight class, HUD: changed inventory status widget, HUD: added laser/flashlight status icon, HUD: improved kill feed, HUD: added headshot indicator to kill feed, HUD: destroyed vehicles will now show up on the kill feed, HUD: changed icon resolution to sharpen them up, HUD: added plant, defuse and destroy icon notification to the Breakhtrough HUD (still work in progress!), [BUGFIXES] Breakthrough: fixed missing status widget on Smolensk and Polyarny, Breakthrough: fixed Radio Station collision, Breakthrough: fixed improper marker text colors, Audio attenuation and occlusion fixes, Claymore spawning fix, Fixed destroyable objects not having particles at the start of the round, Fixed some minor issues with mudflaps and other addons, Removed redundant markers on compass widget, Fixed RPG Nets issues of Leopard 2A6 Body Armor, Fixed wrong gib mesh in Commando turret, [OPTIMIZATION] Fixed OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() hitches on the render thread, Fixed hitches on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters, Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced hitching), Disabled ticks on multiple actors, Deleted empty skins to reduce hitching, Disabled DoF calculations for remote vehicles.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to add that Team GiD is giving away 3 GiD T-shirts on top of us giving away World War 3 keys! The rules are simple: All clips that get into the trailer are entered to win shirts, A jury comprised of GiD members and F51 devs will choose 3 clips that they like the best, 3 people get a customized, high quality T-shirt. Good luck!
  4. I'm saying that changing the fire mode by using B actually changes how the weapon handles. Tapping with full auto selected doesn't work like this, but chancing the fire mode actually changes how the weapon fires - this is done so firing modes actually do something, not are just there because weapons have them Also, since we've added the horizontal recoil slider that's separate from vertical now, we have to see how it pans out before making drastic changes, so let's see how it works after 0.8 hits Live
  5. Also, there is TK punishment system, but it was designed around matchmaking and applies matchmaking penalties, we haven't gone around to apply it to the server browser. For now we can just ban the person if you send the SteamID64 to us. Imma give him 48h to chill.
  6. I don't see people using burst and single fire enough, and that's a wrong idea, since weapons have actually reduced recoil and spread when in those modes. It's especially deadly if you have a good aim and play a battle rifle. Scar is a one-shot headshot in most situations and with single fire you can really use it on long range.
  7. In general, I agree that they could be more useful, but bear in mind that this means probably increasing the BP cost as well. For most it's not a problem, but we have to think about those first 5-10h of play as well, since this is the time that converts someone interested into devoted player. If you get strike like this easier - it's a plus. If you get under a strike like this and somehow live, it's a cool story. I'd personally go for just adding more strikes that are varied in their usage - leave this one like it is or slightly change it and make a copy with different stats that is a bit more expensive, but also more deadly.
  8. It's either this or slowed down animation, we can't have 60 round mags that reload as fast as others for balance purposes
  9. We'll see how you feel after the new movement is in, but in general we will not mess with your mouse if we don't absolutely have to. Heavier kits already speed up slower and every kit has some acceleration time. The other points I agree with to some degree, so we'll see how it works after the change, since it's a massive one.
  10. Well I've personally banned around 20-30 people for glitching and we've fixed them since then RPG spam is reduced, camping spawns is reduced (you have a 'mercy spawn' and the mobile spawnpoint), hit detection is a lot better, shotguns seem to be OP in TDM only, though they will be further balanced. Try it and then see, reading forums gives you the wrong idea, because people don't complain about stuff that's good, only things that annoy them
  11. The biggest problem with this is that every armor on every vehicle is different and it would have to be reflected in the texture. So you either create the texture programatically (which can be a hassle and will produce bugs for a long time) or make them by hand, that's number of vehicles * number of armors + all future additions. This is not planned for now (we've talked about it a few times), but it might be in the future.
  12. We're definitely against creating special mechanics for special cases, this is just a design band-aid, not a solution and it requires us to track and fix two systems instead of one. Drum mags will be balanced by their reload speed more int he future, especially because in the new animation system we have a lot better control over it. Right now we have to slow down the whole animation, so it can look weird, in the new one we can pause it when there's no hand on the screen and unpause, so it looks more natural, but will also let us balance them easier. Btw, I think people don't realize that short mags boost ADS speed as well, I run 20 round mags because of this and the quicker reloads
  13. Lemme stop you right there, that's a stipulation that has no real meaning, since you can't know that it's 100% true. Basing your argument on a flawed data is a very common mistake. I personally use only shrapnel because it has the big radius and lets me control a point for some time and clear it most of the time, it's not for killing, just crowd control. Same goes for the anti armor - it's more to scare a tank away and/or damage than to destroy it. That said, we've talked about the delay and a siren to let people know something's coming, it might be implemented at some point for sure - if we do this, the artillery can be more effective and deadly, because now it's your fault you didn't run.
  14. They might not tbh, this is something new and might be still bugged, we'll check it out.
  15. Makes sense to me. And if someone wants to blow this out of proportion, be my guest, more eyes on the game
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