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  1. Most likely no, because that would just mean that people can in theory farm items in WW3 and sell them on ebay, which in turn means that farming = money, and that's cheater city for a game - if you can take money out of the system, there's an incetive for cheaters to buy copies as they get banned and that ruins the game for everyone.
  2. That's very simple, we'll be able to generate codes for money and items that we can give out as rewards in contests etc. No microtransactions here, don't worry!
  3. All help is always appreciated, we have been thinking about making the game as cheat free as we can since we started making it - this is something important to us, so I'd love to have people help. We're also going to introduce reporting and other tools for the players to help us moderate the game
  4. Hey guys, no need to get bent out of shape about this. We're planning on adding more ethnicities to the game, so don't worry. For anyone who's against it: it's just so people can have more fun playing the game, it's good!
  5. This is not possible to do, just FYI, no physical way for someone to install something that influences other player's game. 0%, no way, this is not how world works. And because we see a lot of reports about cheats that are impossible to do and we know how many of the there are, we can really easily see which have to be looked at and which are just misunderstandings, pure luck or a game bug. We're not taking cheaters lightly, but on the other hand, the amount of cheaters in WW3 is extremely low - lately possibly even zero, but we can't know that. We see no detections of suspicious behaviour and we are not getting clear reports - we haven't see anything apart from one persor that looks suspicious. It's possible that game bugs, randomness and ping are looking like someone's cheating, but it's most likely not the case - and again, this is not coming from the point of view that I'd like that to be true, but all the evidence we get points towards ww3 being fairly free if not 100% from from cheaters at this point. Our netcode is written in a way to make stuff like infinite health and speedhacks (there was one of those, that was a bug and it's fixed now) are not possible to do, since it's always the server that decides damage, positions and speeds - you can change whatever you want on your side, but it won't propagate to other players. The only two really big problems are aimbots and wallhacks, which are being taken care of by the EAC team and so far - it's working nicely.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II Your turn
  7. Ragir


    AFAIK they remove the stereo separation effect from the soundm, so it's more 2D, but I don't know it that's distance-based.
  8. Wait for the next patch, it will be much better ^^
  9. I'm happy to report that 99% of the issues you posted are being fixed, good to have you!
  10. That CPU is a bit old now and will have problems with WW3 at this point. We're still optimizing and it should work well at some point, but for now I think it's going to be a problem.
  11. Ragir


    No, for now we're not changing the damage or range, but it might change in the future, we're aware of how suppressors work and we know it's not really that accurate.
  12. Ragir


    You can have up to 6 claymores on the map at any point, if you spawn a new one, it will despawn the oldest one. They do exist after you died, with TDM they will despawn on round reset. The same goes for C4 btw. As for how they work, they have a timer of around 0.5s that triggers when enemy moves in front of it. You can disarm it by walking up to it from the back and pressing F. Hope it helps ^^
  13. Those happen on low quality settings only, so far it's not a big priority for us, but it will be improved later in development
  14. I know about 3 more locations that are planned at least, so even if those 9 are with TDM maps (which I don't think they are), 1.0 doesn't mean we won't be adding more of them.
  15. Ragir

    Soldier quotes

    Hey, nice to see people noticed our jokes ^^ We've got language specific jokes as well, a lot of the in polish voiceovers, since it's the easiest for us to make them. Once we add challenges and achievements you can expect a lot more of those And yeah, the claymore joke is just that - it's also a sword ^^
  16. It was 20v20 and I think it will be back to that at least, but for now it's not possible with minimal lag
  17. Don't leave the CP then. This is something we've thought about and we've decided that we prefer to leave it like that due to it being an important gameplay element. You can coordinate an attack that disables all of the spawnpoints for the enemy until you leave it and we'd loose or make it too OP by adding a timer like that. We'll talk about it some more though.
  18. Both customizations and the overall progress will most likely be wiped at some point. This is not something we do for fun, but rather it's required by the changes we make. For example, we've decided to hide TOR until we have the supporting mechanics for it. If we don't wipe customization, people with TOR will still have it in their loadouts - and you won't. Other example - we're changing what weapons are unlocked and locked with default profiles, because we've added a few weapons and want to change it up. You'll still have the old ones unlocked and the new ones locked, and someone that's just joining the game will have those new ones unlocked and you won't - again, customization reset is working well in this regard. So yeah, taking into account World War 3 is still PRE-ALPHA, it's actually not happening that often, we've only had 2-3 customization wipes, and remember - we could've locked the weapons back up and reset the XP and cash to 0 as well.
  19. 64 is a dumb number, it's never going to be 64 As for the rest, we'll see, it all depends on the CPU performance and how the games play out, 30-40 seems to be the best are for our game on the current maps. The real question is, what's with the playercount fetish, are you fighting those 60+ people at once? For now we cannot set it higher because of technical limitations, but once we overcome those, there's still the gameplay hurdle - we've tested bigger playercounts and they felt really chaotic and just like a meatgrind. Also, good luck with a tank with 10+ rpgs on the other side
  20. Just like @weedtime said, this is because those are the new maps and we're still optimizing them. We're sure we can get them to the same level we did the old maps
  21. Cała ta dyskusja nie ma specjalnie sensu, bo wzorowanie się na całej grze to nie to samo, co na kawałkach gry. WW3 ma elementy z Tarkova, Planetside 2, Battlefielda, Call of Duty a nawet z Quake'a. Plan na metagrę w przyszłości opiera się na usprawnieniu jej, żeby była bardziej przejrzysta i żuwalna - np. wspierać lokację dla swojej frakcji będzie się poprzez ganie na danej lokacji. Metagra to coś fajnego, ale zawsze miało nie przeszkadzać w graniu osobom, które nie są zainteresowane. Przez wprowadzenie server browsera jej ważność jeszcze zmalała, bo nikt nie klika w miasta - dlatego trzeba ten system przebudować tak, żeby działał lepiej i dawał coś fajnego dla tych, którzy się nim interesują. Z detalami musze jeszcze poczekać, bo nie chcę naobiecywać. A wyzywanie ludzi na serwerach od 'gay campers' to nie jest dobry plan, bo potem dostaję screeny i musze dawać 24h [EDIT] Szkoda usuwać, bo było trochę dobrej dyskusji, ale dla zachowania porządku machnąłem na świeżo, bez osobistych wycieczek proszę
  22. They're already really limited, only 2 MBTs per team and it's annoying if someone is good, they could lock you out of your tank for the whole match. We're going to have some cool fixes for performance, so it might be a non-issue.
  23. Shooting in the back is doing a lot more damage on all vehicles AFAIK, but someone from the design team should get in here, maybe @Kony or @Ryuzaki.
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