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  1. Seems like it's definitive, we're looking at this right now
  2. Ragir

    Cheating discussion

    EAC is a good decision for more reasons that I can really tell you. It's not by coincidence that Apex came out with EAC as well, this is at the time the best anti-cheating software available for World War 3 and we really did our homework. Your personal problems and thoughts aint shit on the research and evaluation we did with inside info and code access into how those programes work. If there's a better alternative (and trust me, those companies reach out to us and we talk with them), we can easily switch. For now EAC is staying since it compliments our code very well - we take care of most of the server side checks and make sure we don't trust the client as much as possible, and they make sure someone is not tampering with the game files.
  3. For now the suggestion to switch to Squad [Default: Tab] is the best one, but please feel free to report players like this to hacks@worldwar3.com with their steam profile link or even better SteamID - you can find those easily by following this guide: It's made for reporting cheaters, but this kind of behaviour is also not welcome, so feel free to send them in. We've been banning some idiots like this. They get a 72h ban at first and after seeing no improvement, we ban them forever (which also shows up on their steam profile as an added bonus).
  4. Ok, so according to what I found out, you get kicked after 6 punishes and it resets each match. If you're 100% sure you didn't accidentaly kill 6 people, we will investigate this, but please be 100% sure, because this will will loose time and money and will delay other work for at least two people.
  5. We're checking this out, you shouldn't get kicked out after one TK for sure.
  6. Hey there, it's time to take care of this feature and we'd like your input on this. I know there's a few topics on this already, but let's aggregate all the ideas that were posted already and have a *civilised* discussion. For those that are not familliar with the term VOIP, it means Voice over IP, so in-game voice chat that's built in. There are some basic points that we need to establish first: WW3 is NOT a simulator. While we want people to feel the war, it's not supposed to be hardcore, We're strongly leaning towards having it opt-in, so it's not on by default, We want this to be a good teamplay addition, not something that is required for all players to use all the time. We have a few ideas on our own on how to handle it, but it'll be cool to have all of the ideas in one place, so we can fall back on it while talking over the design and implementation of this feature. Remember: we don't attack people, only ideas. It's not personal and someone saying something you don't agree with is not basis for bad behaviour. If you're getting angry, that's probably because you're wrong. Provide arguments, not insults. Posts that are attacking others personally will be removed with an attached warning.
  7. Hi there, starting today at 6pm CET and ending at 9am CET on monday, we're going to boost the XP and Cash gain twice. This is a great opportunity to unlock some cool stuff and get ready for 0.5. The proper times are: PDT: Friday 15th, 9am - Sunday 17th, 0:00 (Midnight), EST: Friday 15th, noon - Monday 18th, 3am, BRST: Friday 15th, 3pm - Monday 18th, 5am, GMT: Friday 15th, 5pm - Monday 18th, 8am, CET: Friday 15th, 6pm - Monday 18th, 9am, MSK: Friday 15th, 8pm - Monday 18th, 11am, CST: Saturday 16th, 1am - Monday 18th, 4pm, JST: Saturday 15th, 2am - Monday 18th, 5pm, AEDT: Saturday 15th, 4am - Monday 18th, 7pm. Currencies gain: XP: 200%, Money: 200%, Gold: 200% (not usable yet), Supplies: 200%.
  8. Ragir

    PTE 0.4.4 Patch Notes

    Important! This update is not meant to be an overall improvement, we need to test some changes before implementing them into the game! Hi there, a small one this time, we've got some backend changes to test before we can start testing 0.5 on the PTE. We've added some handling and improvements to the Steam invites, fixed a few crashes, changed the TTK some more (should be a small increase in TTK unless you aim for the head) and we've fixed some more stuff with autorotation. This is not finalized, so make sure to test it properly - seems to work better in our testing. PTE 0.4.4 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] PKP & UKM rof swapped, UKM recoil slightly increased, Limb damage decreased to 60%, Headshot increase to 225%, [IMPROVEMENTS] Added handling of steam overlay invites, Player will now show up in lobby only after the game is loaded, [BUGFIXES] Fixed another crash, Fixes for auto-rotation. Player is always in lobby to be available for overlay join, Improved hiding in game loading screen, Increased rate of demanding startup data, Fixed potential crash in resolving continent, Fixes to autorotation and matchmaking, Added TDM map to Moscow on Warmap, Added missing locale files for server browser errors (pl, en).
  9. ADS FOV changes depending on the sight you have, with some being x1 , some x2 and others even higher, I'm not sure how this would work, but we can take a look at this, for example only set this to work this way on low magnification sights - is that what you mean?
  10. We're on it, tasks had been set
  11. Why wouldn't I support open software? Anyone should, it has its problems, sure, but stuff like Blender shows that it could work really well if done right - especially now that everything is turning to subscription model, which I personally despise
  12. Of course we do, but we had a similiar design in the pipes for some time, the spotting is scheduled to be revamped (there's some more info on the ofrums on this for sure, I've answered this a few times), and I really like what Apex has for its ping system. That's why we're redoing the animation system from scratch
  13. Ragir

    Why PTE?

    PTE is really helping us to focus on making the game and not testing. We're not a big studio, our QA is not on the level of big game companies (some of them have QA bigger than all of us!). We can push an update to PTE that's totally broken and untested and nothing bad happens - if we need to check if a change will crash on other people's PCs, we can do it. It's a really good tool for us and has saved us a few times. The 0.3 patch was rushed and it showed, 0.4 went out in a much, much better state because it was on the PTE for a week, the first patch had really bad bugs (like vehicles not firing and loitering ammo going through them). It might not look like this from the outside, but PTE was a great idea
  14. Ragir

    non-disclosure issue in recon

    We'll be informing people that got in about all the rules and stuff this week. As for the development - this game mode has been in development since 2017, so this ship has long sailed away
  15. Ragir

    Strike bars in vehicles non-visible/usable.

    Can you use strikes from the open hatches? If not, maybe this is some sort of a compromise?
  16. Linux is always on the table, but this is mostly on Epic to make it work well. For now we're firmly into Windows version and it's taking all of the resources we have, with deploying and testing taking A LOT of time. With another version and testing setups it'd slow down patches a lot, maybe even double the time we need to deploy updates, so for now this is not really feasible. Even deploying dedicated servers is problematic with linux and UE4, and that's a big money save in Windows licenses for the hardware. I won't lie - there's not very much hope for this unless we really hit it off with WW3 and have spare cash just to make something cool, for now we can try from time to time and see if it's better. Epic supports consoles much better than Linux and - let's be frank - the potential playerbases on consoles make the work much more worth it. I know it sounds kinda grim and soulless, but at the end of the day we have to feed our families and while it'd be awesome to support open software (I'm a big fan of this concept myself), it might not be feasible (Linux has like 0.84% of Steam userbase, while Windows is at 96%). But, as stated earlier, if Epic steps their game up, we figure out some miracle (or someone else does) or we just sell to everyone and their mothers - there's hope.
  17. Ragir

    weapon stats values - what are they?

    We specifically don't put an unit next to weight, because it's our best balancing tool and we're 'cheating' with it. Weight stat is not to be taken literally, so if you know the AK weighs 3.5KG, this doesn't mean it will weigh the same in-game if the AK is proving too OP and we can just make it weight more and everyone will jump up one level of weight. As for other stats, we didn't do research of ALL weapons, so some of it is guess work, especially when it can change vastly even by changing what ammo you use. We're focusing on making the game fun and playable and not really trying to replicate real life weapons, because it wouldn't really work in game (you can't see shit in game compared to real life).
  18. Ragir

    Is the new TTK here to stay ?

    Yo, this is getting a bit heated Ok, so to answer the main question: no, this TTK is not here to stay. We changed a LOT with how the game works under the hood and did a balance pass as well, so the result is not tested well. We've already decided to lower the legs and arms multipliers down to 0.6 (just to test it again) and we'll keep looking for feedback like this glorious thread. The TTK will probably change at least 5 times until the 1.0 release and we'll get it right. This doesn't mean we will listen to one particular person, but we're taking into account the overall feeling that our players have and we have as well - we're also playing the game and we really know how it works. So, the main point of this TTK update was to reduce the randomness of TTK. There were instances where you could be sure that's enough damage to kill someone, but the armor and hands took most of the hits and it felt unreliable, which we didn't want. New TTK does achieve this, but it's a bit short and it does promote camping and just running like an idiot and being lucky to surprise someone. That being said, we are NOT a milsim and we can't go full hardcore, especially with low playerbase. I get people not wanting us to casualize the game and I agree with this wholeheartedly, but if the game is kicking you in the face each time you play - you stop playing. This is a balance we need to take into account and we're trying to not sacrifice gunplay to do this (claymores are a low skill way to get passive kills for example) - and we're doing really well IMO, the gunplay is for me easily the best part of WW3 and we won't mess it up
  19. Ragir

    Damage multipliers

    This has already been decided to be too high and we might also have a problem with some shots going through the arm and then hitting the body, doing more damage than they should.
  20. Ragir

    Reserving HDD Space

    Ok, so this is related to two things: 1. We can choose how we do our updates with Steam. One way is to redownload each whole pack, even if it has only 1mb changed in it OR only download what changed and REPACK this data. We chose the second one, since some people might not be able to redownload the whole game each time we make a change (and we had 5 patches in the last week - imagine that). Some people only have 50GB data caps for the whole month, so this is probably not a good option. 2. Our packs are not yet optimized. As you can see in the screenshot below, we've only separated a few of them. We can do this much better, but there are 2 problems: it requires the game content to not change much (so we need to wait) and will require someone that really knows where stuff is and how its linked together and will take a month or so of just 8hr a day clicking. We can't afford to have our best people to do this for a month right now, especially with this possibly being rekt by additional changes we're planning. So, this will get a lot better in the coming months, just not yet, sorry.
  21. Well the strike descriptions aren't really done well yet, so this is also on us. We're redesigning the UI to make sure all the information is better shown, with short animations and stuff.
  22. Yeah, with 2-3 people you can disable half of the map spawns and really easily get to some points that normally are well defended. And most people just give up once they have to spawn somewhere else, so this is a very powerful tool
  23. Goddamnit, back in my day people got one slider and were happy, now this I think this is doable, just not right now, we'd have to have the game a bit more complete, but I see no reason why we couldn't do this from a technical standpoint. Production standpoint might be different, though.