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  1. Niestety (albo i stety), to jest bug z replikacją pojazdów, jeszcze nie jest naprawiony (o ile dobrze się domyślam, że Battle Robot skakał w górę i w dół - jak nie, to coś innego).
  2. There will be and it's been a struggle for years
  3. Forwarded to QA for testing, thanks!
  4. It's happening with all vehices, most of the time (though not always). This is a bug related to replication and it's on the list to be fixed, thanks!
  5. Yes, we've made it so barrels have much bigger influence on the damage over distance now. If you equip a long barrell, it will still have good spread on long distances, but it also reduces damage in close quarters. Short barrel does the opposite, naturally. Mind you, this is still going to be changed and balanced, so don't worry if some things are OP - we haven't balanced the game more than 'it feels right' and with some statistics of usage yet.
  6. It's known bug, we're going to be refreshing the chat and kill feed, so this is going to be fixed once we get it done, thanks for reporting!
  7. It's been as difficult as we planned, took around a year to make and it's still being finalized
  8. Dzięki za zgłoszenie, spawny nie działają jeszcze dokładnie tak, jak powinny, ale to wygląda na złe ustawienie obszarów, które blokują spawny, zajrzymy.
  9. It's not, we'll investigate, thanks!
  10. The zoom hitching is being dissected as we speak, we're aware of this issue. The lean toggle will also be reworked before 1.0
  11. Hi all, just popping in to tell everyone, that we'll be putting together a tool for anyone in the community to help us with translating into their language. The details are not finalized yet, but it should be a matter of weeks rather than months.
  12. I think this must be a regression, because we've fixed that once already, thanks for the report!
  13. Awesome work, this seems like a couple of bugs bundled together, we'll take a look at this, thanks for taking your time with this!
  14. We had it in one of the earliest versions of the game, so I'm not talking just out of thin air here. Instead of dying (if it was a limb hit), your character kneeled down and waited for help. Unfortunately it didn't really work and created a lot of weird situations and unexpected behaviors (at this time we also had 1 damage dealt when you got hit by a grenade, so people just ran around throwing grenades at fallen soldier, killing them before the explosion :P). After a few months we decided it didn't really fit the game well and it was making us design around it more than being an integral part of the game, so it was removed.
  15. It is possible to do, manually for now. You can PM the mods on Discord or someone from the staff here on the forum and we'll do that for ya. In the future we plan to give players an option to reset customization and the whole progress if they want to from inside the game.
  16. This is something we're going to address in the future for sure, it's not going to be left like this. It's also a lot more tame then it used to
  17. Generalnie to jest część, której my nie ruszamy, idzie prosto od Epica. Mozliwe, że niezłym pomysłem jest poszukac info o tym w kontekście wersji 4.21 albo 4.20 UE4 -> może inni też mieli taki problem. Ja u siebie potestuje jeszcze, ale można ew. spróbować fullscreen borderless albo w ostateczności 1080p, ale ze skalowaniem renderingu do 50%, wyjdzie na 960x540 co prawda, ale zawsze coś. 75% też jest opcją w tym wypadku.
  18. The new UI will show this a lot better, also, the current progression is not really what it's going to be at the release. We're planning to vastly expand it and give peopl emore ways to earn extra funds (like doing the challenges right now).
  19. I'd rather have helpful tips than this one, but I get the idea
  20. We'll think about that, there are some changes coming to the TPP camera on vehicles.
  21. No, I mean that people were complaining about the movement speed
  22. We have some ideas to fix this issue. We don't want to just straight up reward bad playing, though - imagine you're in the winning team and suddenly the game gives the team that has been playing badly a big boost and they win. Wouldn't you feel that the game took the win away from you? There's a lot of stuff that can help with this. First, and simplest, is removing K/D from the scoreboard and replacing it with Captures/Defenses for Warzone. Without the incentive of showing off 40/2 K/D, people might play a bit more of the objective. Secondly, we might have a strike that literally spawns a spawnpoint on the map. You'd have to go there and place a beacon, but it should help with the predictability of additional spawns. Next one, more options for defenders. Not many people realize that defending a point is frequently a much better idea than to capture another one. They provide spawns, and if your offensive fails, you get pushed back to the base. Lastly, if you have no spawns for a certain amount of time (like 3 minutes), the game could just end and give win to the team that pushed better, so you can try again. Those are just off the top of my head, there's a lot more in the works.
  23. This shouldn't happen. Once we're back around to Strikes, we'll take care of this one. This also happens when the drone is jammed, it also shouldn't keep flying.
  24. 0.8 will definitely come faster, it's actually pretty close to being released to the PTE, we planned to do it last week, but there were some problems with Live patch and we had to focus on that - we, unfortunately, don't have enough people to do everything at once
  25. Co do pierwszej sytuacji: jaki jest błąd konkretnie? Ja nie mam problemów z przełączaniem rozdzielczości osobiście, a ze zgłoszenia nie do końca wynika w czym tkwi ten problem. Druga sprawa, serwery: jesli chcesz zagrać TDMa, którego nie ma, wystarczy wejśc na jakiegoś warzone i wyjść. Mamy ograniczoną ilość maszyn i czasami jak kilka TDMów się skończy, nie ma miejsca na kolejne, bo sloty są zajęte przez Warzony - wystarczy zamknąc jeden, czy dwa i ruszy bez problemu.
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