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  1. We're happy with the current TTK, but balancing is a whole different game - there's a lot of variables when it comes to weapons and attachments, but even though we just had a quick balance pass a year ago it's still holding up ok. Once more weapons are in and the game is more finished, we'll have another balance pass to make sure things are ok. We didn't want long TTK so you can't just tank bullets and use your aiming skills to win every fight, positioning and good movement are also a big part of it. The idea is that even the best player in the world will get rekt if they just move badly and get jumped. This means that people that aren't so great at pure aiming can still hold their own in a fight and be useful in matches.
  2. Ragir

    Hardware ID ban.

    We can't really talk a lot about how EAC works to make sure cheater creators can't go around the security measures, but it's not a simple IP ban and AFAIK HW bans are just the tip of the iceberg.
  3. I don't think we'll be sharing the internal documentation, mainly because we change a lot of stuff, so I wouldn't count on getting a link to this one, but creating a copy might be something we can do, since this data is public anyway - I'll ask around.
  4. Ragir

    [Map] Metro

    We've always wanted our game to promote smart play and playing as a team and if you do that, you can really change the course of the game, I don't think a stalemate in one corridor is something we're interested in, but this doesn't mean we won't have some spots like on Metro - for now Breakthrough is probably the closest you'll get and sometimes it is an absolute meatgrinder
  5. Ragir

    [Map] Metro

    I don't understand, you want us to steal the map from Battlefield games?
  6. I actually don't know fully how the system works, so I'll summon @Shimpo so he can answer your questions
  7. Unfortunately, I can't answer those two There's a lot of content planned for after 1.0, with 9 maps being there when 1.0 hits and more being added after the full release. There are not current plans to implement flyable aircraft, this is mainly due to how maps are constructed and the fact that we don't feel like this would really influence the gameplay in a positive way. Yes This is to be seen, we've added a new one last big patch and we'll be changing and balancing how many and which vehicles there are for free. There's a few things we want to change in BRE, but overall it's mostly done. Changes will be centered around clearer instructions and tweaking timers, spawns and point locations mostly. We have an option to make singular and triple points as well, we'd like to play around with this. The Metagame will be changed so it's easier to use and works mostly in the background. Before 1.0, we're working on it right now. We'll merge the regions together and all servers will be seen by all players. I don't have anything to say about this one, but it would be weird to have just one dude clone running around
  8. Just for some context, this is a PhysX bug that we've been having off and on for about 2 years now (we can't fix PhysX itself, we have to work around the issue). The main problem with finding it is that when the program stops and we catch it, all we get is a list of vertices, we don't know which collision mesh causes it. First time it happened was the character collision with one specific rock mesh on Berlin, second time was grenade collision hitting stuff weird (that's the technical description :P) and third time it was something on the Anders. For the first two we've had to create tools that help us find it, for example a character that teleports every frame randomly until it crashes and reports what it hit. Second one was a character that throws a grenade randomly each frame until crash and third time we had to rebuild Anders, so we're back at it and we'll get this one again. There are some steps we're taking to fix it forever, so hang tight
  9. We've been tracking down the server issues and we've got some crashes and disconnects figured out, so here's one for the weekend. There's still at least one client crash that we've found, but without proper testing we don't want to risk pushing it to Live, so expect those issues to be resolved later. Update 0.8.5 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed deploy screen not showing up sometimes (especially on TDM), Fixed the death fade to black sometimes happening again after respawning, Fixed a crash in the challenge system, Fixed a crash in the HUD, Fixed a crash that occurred on changing cameras in vehicles, Fixed a reload widget crash that sometimes happened when reloading vehicle weapons, Fixed vehicle ammo replication bug - now the ammo count should synchronize properly, [IMPROVEMENTS] Small improvements to hit replication on the character, Disabled lowering replication rate while dead (should remove unstable timer and low refresh of the deployment map among other things), [MISCELLANEOUS] Removed holiday flair from the customization menu.
  10. Ragir

    Banned by EAC

    It's more of an instruction on how to act and handle things for others ^^ Closing it up!
  11. Ragir

    Banned by EAC

    Awesome response, we need more people like you in our community. Everyone makes mistakes, it takes real strength to apologize, unbanned! As for people that are TKing intentionally, PM me here or on Discord and we'll take care of them. Let me know if you want me to delete this topic
  12. Ragir

    Banned by EAC

    What I got from it is you trying to make fun of both The Farm 51 developers and homosexual people, which is why the ban was issued. If this wasn't the case, please explain, because I don't know why would you change your name to this one. I don't see any good reasons for this name, is there anything else than just trying to get someone angry behind this?
  13. Ragir

    Banned by EAC

    Just explain this and we can take it off:
  14. First one after the break! The biggest problem right now is the random server disconnects which should be fixed in this patch, but we can't be sure as this is a bug that isn't manifesting in internal testing. Let us know if 0.8.4 helped! Update 0.8.4 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Possible fix for disconnects (needs further testing), Fixed a server crash, Fixed F5 crashing the game, Fixed Scar-H rail not accepting attachments, Fixed client vehicle ammo not reflecting the real value on the server (reload bug), Fixed other players rubber banding shortly after respawning, Fixed text messages overlapping on the Breakthrough HUD, Fixed incorrect widget position of Squad List Widget, Fixed missing vehicle HUD for 1st person on some vehicles, Temporary fix for death markers (skulls) being left on the map indefinitely, [IMPROVEMENTS] Switched drone and air vehicles to new HUD system.
  15. Yup, they are modders, their games were basically made to be modded and yet the newest one STILL (over a year after release) doesn't support mods. This only shows how complex this topic is. Most of us devs here are all for modding, but remember that the mod scene was biggest back in the days when games were coming out and that was basically it. No patching, maybe a big expansion, not to mention early access. Just imagine having to redo parts of your mod every 3-4 weeks because we changed something - how long would you keep it up realistically? Or what if we changed something that's crucial for your mod to work and it's no longer possible to do something? Let's finish the game first, give it some time to get patched and made better and then we can work on modding. It's always been in the plans and we've been actively developing some tools in the meantime, but we don't have anything concrete to say about this at this time.
  16. Dzięki za opinię, już wyjaśniam co trzeba Taki jest plan, nowy system potrafi dynamicznie wyznaczać miejsca do przeskoków, dzięki czemu nie musimy ręcznie rozstawiać na mapach miejsc, które mają tą funkcjonalność. Spowoduje to pewnie parę ciekawych bugów, bo będzie można się dostać do dziwnych miejsc, ale stopniowo je załatamy a w ogólnym rozrachunku zaoszczędzi nam to dużo czasu. Wszystko, co wypisujesz powinno byc o wiele lepsze. Mamy w planach przerobienie fizyki pojazdów, natomiast ciężko powiedzieć kiedy, bo to kolejny duży system. Nie jestesmy zadowoleni z tego, jak pojazdy działają do końca i na pewno będziemy próbować to zmienić. Tutaj wszystko się łączy z tym, co pisałem wcześniej, aktualnie pracujemy nad poruszaniem się żołnierza, bo jednak większość graczy większość czasu biega i strzela, natomiast Strike'i (pojazdy / naloty / drony) są w kolejce do poprawek. Będzie poprawione To byśmy musieli sprawdzić, bo nie jest to wg założenia. W WW3 dźwieki kroków maja priorytet nad innymi, więc w teorii powinny być słyszalne nawet ponad eksplozjami, zwłaszcza od tyłu. Błąd może polegać na tym, że klient gry nie renderuje postaci za kamerą (dla wydajności), natomiast nadal powinien mieć informacje o pozycji i na jej podstawie odtwarzać dźwięk. Sprawdzimy. Respy w grze multi to zawsze problem, staramy się cały czas je poprawiać i zmieniać. W zeszłym roku wprowadziliśmy system, który sprawdza, czy w okolicy obszaru spawna są przeciwnicy. Jeśli tak, to wybiera inny. Problem pojawia się, kiedy wszystkie obszary danego punktu mają w sobie przeciwnika (o co dość łatwo, np. na B1 na Warszawie, gdzie często przeciwnicy są po prostu dookoła). Wtedy system jest zmuszony do wybrania losowego spawnu, co powoduje, że można się pojawić komuś przed lufą. Jeśli chodzi o dodatkowe spawny, to są one tylko opcją - nikt nie każe się spawnować tam, jest respiarka, są spawny na liderze i baza, więc po 4 śmierci w jednym miejscu, jak ktoś dalej się tam spawnuje, to czyja to wina? Wiemy, że spawny dalej są takie sobie, także w przyszłości pojawią się kolejne możliwości wyjścia z takiej sytuacji To akurat powinno byc w krótce poprawione. Jeśli chodzi o rotację, to w związku z tym, jak działa WW3, nie mamy technicznie gier, które stoją cały czas, tylko zamykamy proces i otwieramy nowy. Od technicznej strony więc, rotacja polega na tym, że tworzone jest party wszystkich obecnych na serwerze i wysyłane na kolejny, co jeszcze nie do końca działa (wygląda jak błąd Steama, ale nie będziemy na razie rzucać oskarzeń :P). Będziemy poprawiać, ale ogólnie nasz netcode jest bardzo solidny a dużym powodem tych problemów jest niski TTK i duża rozbieżnośc pingów na serwerach. Liczymy na to, że wraz ze wzrostem popularności ta druga część zniknie w większości. Dzięki za ciepłe słowa, zrobimy co się da
  17. After some time on the PTE, we finally got one. It's still not perfect, there are some bugs, but nothing is game breaking and it should be a lot better than 0.8.2. Let us know and happy shooting! Update 0.8.3 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] New Icons for Ammo, Equipment and Med packs to increase visibility, Added Spawn Warnings (Suppressed/No space) for Deployment Widget, Added Markers Objectives Border to ignore progress color, Added new HUD animations and information for Breakthrough, New altitude widget sliders in Heli Drone, Suicide Drone Layout improvements, Static part for tilt widget in Heli Drone, Added new animations for Breakthrough messages, Changed some HUD layouts: (strikes position, inventory widget, player status widget), [BUGFIXES] Leviathan should no longer crash the game, SCAR-H should no longer crash the game, All TPP and FPP vehicle HUDs are working properly now, Anders is back after extended maintenance, Fixed detonation timer not working properly on Breakthrough, Fixed not being able to plant charges on Breakthrough, Fixed opacity on capture point display on the map, Fixed progress offset for capture points, Fixed opening ESC Menu with opened scoreboard allowing you to control the player, Fixing repair station (out of battle zone) placement on Moscow Warzone, Deleting problematic blocking volume and fixing boundaries of battle zone in east side of Warsaw on Warzone, Removed an option to change role on Breakthrough, Fixed Mini Drone icon on the map being visible for all players on the server, Fixed character leaning too much when next to a wall, Fixed suppress effect not working correctly, Fix for Commando not dealing damage, Stop peeking location of the pawn to spawn on, when character already spawned, [MISCELLANEOUS] Added holiday flair to the main menu, Added holiday sweaters to customization, Customization - Added missing flag thumbnails, Customization - character skin thumbnails rework, Added challenge modifier for killing enemies with shots in specific bones (no new challenges yet, just an option for us to add them),
  18. Another one. Some minor fixes for things found yesterday! PTE 0.8.9 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Changed time left to detonation from calculation to replication (on client side) to synchronize them better, Leviathan should no longer crash the game,
  19. Sunday patch time, we've got just one fix, for crashing servers - but it's a big one. Please give some time for the servers to restart! PTE 0.8.8 Hotfix Patch Note [BUGFIX] Fixed servers crashing due to misconfiguration of challenges.
  20. Sprawdzić, czy plik stronicowania nie jest przepełniony np. Jak masz ustawiony na 'kontrolowany przez system', to powinno być ok i to raczej nie to. Generalnie to raczej nie będziemy sprawdzać kompów, programiści to nie IT, więc w sumie nie mamy takiej wiedzy, tylko próbujemy się domyślić
  21. Yes, spawns, aps, ammo, armors, movement, blocking etc. We have a full strike pass planned.
  22. Ragir

    Say Hello!

    Welcome to the community, we're small at the moment, but it will get a lot bigger for the release!
  23. After HUDs we'll get back to fxing spawns and strikes for 1.0, so this is when we'll get around to it. It broke some time ago and we're aware of this, but unfortunately with the amount of people we have, we have to do the work in chunks. And yes, we're constantly looking for more people, but last time I heard we had like -20k programmers in Poland (so 20k vacancies that can't be filled because there's not enough programmers) - but we're still looking!
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