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  1. The other one is even better, we had a nice laugh at the office :d
  2. We do have mod tools and community servers in mind, but that's after 1.0 release.
  3. You have to customize your loadouts first in the main menu and then you can change them in-game.
  4. Jak ktoś taki będzie, to zaraz dostanie robotę porządną a nie pisanie cały dzień Naszym celem nie jest komunikacja gracze <-> community managerowie, tylko gracze <-> developerzy. Wymaga to od nas dodatkowego czasu i robimy to po godzinach, ale warto, bo jest to unikalna sytuacja dla graczy Jak chodzi o moderatorów, to pracujemy z community i z niego się wywodzą
  5. Load time and RAM usage optimization is being tested and fixed right now, check out the Roadmap for more info https://worldwar3.com/en/development-roadmap/
  6. Ragir

    Gold Bars

    It's not a leftover, it's a currency we're planning on using as a community currency. For activity on the forums, Discord server, Twitch chat (once we start streaming) and overall being a positive person in the community, we plan on awarding this currency to people. You will also gain it by playing. Once all our systems are in place, uniforms and non-gameplay cosmetic items will be purchasable using this currency. It will also have some other uses, but that's a secret for now. At some point (after the game is fully released), if the community wants it, we could start selling it, but that's so far away that there are no plans yet, it's on the table since people that don't have much time asked about it. We will not, however, sell gameplay-related items ever, if this happens, it will only be cosmetic. Hope this clears it up
  7. Nothing changed apart from the names, EU was always bundled with AF and we changed the names because people from Australia / Oceania, South America and Africa all thought they don't have servers.
  8. Yes, and don't worry - everyone has. We are in the process of optimizing the game and it will get much better with time.
  9. Nie na tyle, żeby się nie dało zagrac, bez przesady, nawet w środku nocy w europie da się znaleźć pełne mecze. @WhiteEagle Pierwsze pytanie to jaki region wybierasz, potem jaki tryb gry i w jaki sposób (quick join, czy wybierasz rozmiar gry i mapy).
  10. Ok, so that's normal, we're still optimizing the game and it will run better soon™. The more players there are, the less FPS you get, which is normal - more stuff = more things to calculate. We're currently heavily bound by the CPU and if you run your 6500 stock (up to 3,6Ghz), it will drop below 50 on Warzone. I know, because my 4770k @ 4.2Ghz also drops down to 50-60. As I said, it will get better, we have a lot to optimize - which is also normal for a game this early in development, you optimize after things are done, not before
  11. Turn Effects to at least Medium in the settings. Effects set to low disable customization - this is lateg going to be moved to a separate toggle button in the settings, not coupled with Effects quality.
  12. There are two reasons this might occur while the match is going on: Players are loading in and more players = less fps, We have a memory leak of some sort. Please take a look at player count during play and see if this happens only when more players are joining in. Also, try TDM and see if this also happens there - then we can figure it out.
  13. Hello, this hotfix is aimed at fixing a bug with joining the game with a squad. Thanks for reporting it! [BUGFIXES] Fixed an issue that prevented people from joining a game when in a party.
  14. This helps us a lot either way, thanks for your time and effort, it will get fixed once and for all as soon as we can reproduce it on our side.
  15. Ok, this makes sense. My current theory is that because the game loads so long for some people, the connection is just simply terminated by the system. This makes sense in case of TDM, since this map is much smaller. One thing I'd like you to try is to turn everything down as low as it will go and try again - lower settings need less stuff to load and might let you in - this would confirm this line of thinking and would mean our load time optimization that's coming in 0.3 will help this a LOT.
  16. This is related to how Steam handles data unpacking. If we touch our content packs (which happens then anything changes on levels, with attachments, weapons or anything that's not pure code), it has to repack those archives. We could switch the update method to just redownload everything, but that's probably 15-20GB download each patch. We can mitigate it a little and it will get better, but since we're changing so much right now it's not feasible for us to set every file in it's proper pack so this happens less (it will still happen).
  17. This setting is enabling future frame rendering which splits the CPU load over 2 frames. This means your CPU is still bottlenecking you, even though you might think that's not the case. The easiest way too see what is the problem is to enable the fps counter in-game and seeing if the Draw component is close to GPU. If it is - draw time on the CPU is too long and GPU is waiting for it. Also, tak manager reporting lower than 100% CPU usage is not accurate. CPU will bottleneck when one of the thread (99% of the time it's the main thread) is running at 100%. This forces other threads to wait on it, resulting in lower overall usage, but that's still CPU bottleneck. We will be optimizing the game's CPU usage, mainly by improvements to collision calculations, level streaming and object culling, merging meshes and so on.
  18. This is very helpful, thanks for taking your time to do this research. If I understand it right, the idea is that because the game freezes during loading, the network adapter is disabled and this disconnects you from the server and sends back to the menu, is this right?
  19. If you take a look at the roadmap, we've got this beauty scheduled to go out by the end of this year: ASSET POINTERS (RAM USAGE OPTIMIZATION, LOAD TIMES REDUCTION) We're currently fixing bugs that this change introduced to the game (and trust me, it's a big change - we've redone how the whole game loads assets). After we're done with fixing those bugs, you will get to test this with us. From our tests so far it seems to drop RAM usage by at least 50% and speed up load times by 10 times. So don't worry! We know what we're doing Just keep playing and giving us feedback on the game, we will make it better and it will run well, there's still a lot to do, but with your help it could be one of the best shooters of all time - it just takes time to make it good!
  20. Problem with this is that there's a lot of really good players that can go 50/5 and they will also get banned by other people. There are glitches on the maps that someone might just fall into and start shooting from under the map - this is not a bannable offense (if it doesn't happen all the time) - this is on us to fix, so make those reports and let us know. We are working on a reporting function in the game and there's an email you can write, see those guidelines: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/5334-reporting-cheaters-guidelines/
  21. Hi! We hope you had fun with 0.2 over the weekend. We've found some bugs with it, so here's a small patch that should fix them for good. As always, let us know if those issues were resolved for you. [GENERAL] Improved matchmaking, [BUGFIXES] Fixed missing strikes after leaving the game, Fixed some TDM matches accepting up to 64 players.
  22. A small patch just before the weekend, focused on quality of life improvements mainly, so it's more fun for more people. [FEATURES] Added an option to choose game mode in quick join, [BUGFIXES] Fixed bugs with connecting to different map than chosen, Fixed a bug with broken minimap, Collsion fixes on Warsaw Shopping Mall, Fixed looped helicopter sound.
  23. Jest na liście, ale problem w tym, że u nikogo u nas się to nie dzieje z jakiegoś powodu, jak tylko uda nam się to zreprodukować, to będzie naprawione.
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