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  1. Shotguns are very good in TDM, you have no chance against a shotgun player in tight corridors, this is probably where this comes from. If you can't defend you feel like it's OP, but if you win a fight on longer distance, you don't feel it - so you only see a problem when you die from it.
  2. Another small one before the weekend, some fixes to bugs we found in Breakthrough, we're still figuring out the invisible packs (we know how this happens, working on a solution), but other than that it seems solid, lest us know how it works! PTE 0.8.5 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Throwable packs are still missing sometimes, If you press ESC while on a map, it will cover the ESC menu, [BUGFIXES] Possible bugfix for invisble players, Fixed laser not turning off properly, Fixed pausing Reliable methods when replication is paused, Disabled the ability to fire when interacting with objects using [Default: F], Breakthrough: Fixed a bug with not ending retreat when retreat time ends, Breakthrough: Fixed C2 spawn trap, [IMPROVEMENTS] Reduced explosion camera shake for tank shells, Breakthrough: Match timer will now pause during retreat, Fixed other player stutters when coming into player view, Gepard radars are no longer destructible, Gepard Shells + spread improvement, Decreased spread for Gepard, Improved vehicle LMG tracer visuals.
  3. That's an amazing idea! Btw, one of the guys here at work has a mouse with analog controls and has bound everything to it and plays (fairly well actually) with a MOUSE ONLY. So you know, could be worse And the X button is actually not that bad once you get used to it, but will probably get refined at some point.
  4. There are some things we're working on that could be included, but this is also something I can't promise
  5. Ragir


    No to się zgadzamy i do przodu, światełko w tunelu już widać
  6. It looks like it, but I don't like to promise stuff until it's 100% sure, because then people are complaing that 'you said was going to be ready' and the reality is that making games is complicated and frequently surprises you, so it's really hard to expect anything - that's why even the biggest companies sometimes push releases
  7. That's why the new HUD is so in your face, the information about retreat is planned to be a massive red vignette on the screen with a big, red 120px font RETREATING in the middle
  8. B is used for something I don't remember now, but overall it should be an option to rebind anyway, keys are not the real problem imo. And definitely it's something for after 1.0, but I've talked with the design and animation team and they don't see a problem, from a programming point of view it's very simple to do, only requires a HUD information of what happened, like red flash on ammo count for example.
  9. Once we fix the HUD scaling, it will work much better for those that don't like the look, it is a bit too heavy for my taste as well, but when it's at 50% scale it works much better.
  10. Ragir


    Moje podejście jest takie, że ludzi nie interesuje kto grę robi i oceniają ją i porównują do innych gier z gatunku, więc czasami warto o tym przypomnieć, że po prostu będziemy siłą rzeczy trochę wolniejsi. Ale dzięki za słowa otuchy, przydadzą się i mam nadzieję, że po tych dużych zmianach gra się odmieni całkowicie na plus ^^
  11. Ragir

    [Breakthrough] 15v15

    This was mainly because of the base layout though, this Moscow spawn has always been problematic, so we'll be doing some changes to it AFAIK. I know testing ont he PTE/internal are vastly different than live and we'll be testing more players on both BRE and WAR soon-ish, since the servers seem to be holding up a lot more. That said, there's an additional problem right now of the low number of players, which is also skewing the current meta and we have to take that into account - most of the players we have right now are very skilled and with 1.0 we hope to water this skill down a bit, and all testing we do now on Live will also be less helpful than it is now. BRE is not done yet either, we're still tweaking it and fixing stuff, some people might not even know where and when to move, so once all the improvements are in, the meta will shift again.
  12. We'll have the timer on the in-world marker as well as on the HUD marker and a few other informational features, like an impossible to miss information about retreating and a few others, we are aware the informational layer needs improvement and we're working on it ^^
  13. I actually really like the hybrid reload idea, I'm going to send it to the design team right now, I don't see any downsides if we make it a double tap on reload - it's an advanced mechanic for experienced players and will make ammo packs more useful, so the teamplay aspect will be improved.
  14. All points that have been captured once (so doesn't work at the start of the match), No available capture point spawns. Will stay for at least 60 seconds, so it doesn't disappear immediately after recapturing one of the points. So if you loose all points, to not get locked in the base, you have the mobile spawn point, squad member spawns and the additional spawn available - I think we all remember the base camping problem we had, I think it's a lot better now
  15. Hello there! We have some fixes to test on the PTE before we feel they're safe for Live servers, so anyone that can - send us your feedback! PTE 0.8.4 Patch Notes [OPTIMIZATION] Asynchronous loading of replicated objects is now working properly (stuttering from loading other players should be reduced), [BUGFIXES] Fixed invisible players, Fixed HUDs changing during Kill Screen, Fixed camera cliping while leaning against corner, Partially fixed auto exposure in thermal scopes, Fixed punishing after suicide, [IMPROVEMENTS] Small improvements in the team manager code, Breakthrough game code and replication improvements, Clamped sharpen to 0-1 range instead of 0-3, Added bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore flag to mark vehicles to which semtex and claymore should not attach,
  16. Generalnie EAC ma do tego API, z którego mamy zamiar skorzystać, coś w ten deseń na pewno będzie w grze.
  17. The idea was at first to make people shoot more carefully, but as it seems, people just spray and pray anyway, so no point in making the game annoying
  18. I think the best way is to get on our discord and ask the NA crowd tbh: https://discordapp.com/invite/ww3thegame
  19. Ragir


    I think the port range is 27015+, I'm not sure what is the upper limit.
  20. There are always people working on the optimization, on bugs and new stuff, with optimization being more and more important the more we close in on the release. Problem is, that very, very frequently, optimizing the game before the content is done results in having to optimize again after it is done, so we can't really dig into the optimization before most of the game is finished. We try to make it better each day, but the real optimization is scheduled for later (this is all devs working on it full time).
  21. Expect a complete rebalance of everything and changing on how things work in the system with the new UI coming, we've made some big changes to how attachments and weight work, it will be much more fun to customize and will require you to make choices, instead of 'always this sight, this barrel, this grip and some other stuff, whatever'. There's a lot to be done still, so don't hold your breath, but in general, it will be very different. Just so we're clear, we're not limiting the customization options and you will still be able to make triple laser monstrosities if you want, but each attachment will have good and bad, so you'll have to balance them out.
  22. we have some ideas on how to improve this without forcing people to change their appearance, so stay tuned.
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