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  1. We might do something like this once we have the time to implement it. This game was never really mean to be a pacifist endeavour, so there's no way to disable shooting for us We are testing the patches in this way internally as well, our QA is doing it before the patch gets to PTE and we prefer for people to test the game as it's supposed to be played. Also, since most of the time is spent shooting, this will change what people can and cannot test as well.
  2. There's a few benefits of having the PTE up: Lets the QA team focus on fining reproductions to hard bugs, Lets people a taste of what's coming earlier and potentially make it better for all the people, Speeds up development (since we don't have to test internally which takes a lot of time out of every dev day, we don't have a massive 200 people QA dept.), Lets us find bugs that are very hard to catch with more congested servers. There is also a negative: Costs us a bit more money to keep dedicated machines up for testing environment, But overall, this is not delaying patches, but speeding them up and it's an opt-in - you don't have to do it and it doesn't affect you if you don't. So IMO this is awesome
  3. We're fixing it already, thanks for reporting!
  4. It seems that we have a problem with player profiles corrupting, we're investigating.
  5. That was a mistake on my part, it's set up properly now, Closed Test members had it set to 20mb per file and 50 overall per message, it's now also the case for normal memebers.
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    Try restarting, but that's on Steam's side, we can't do anything about how Steam handles updates.
  7. This can be related to corrupted profile (which doesn't make sense on a new one). I guess you verified and stuff, right?
  8. Żołnierze! Uruchomiliśmy Publiczne Serwery Testowe (PTE) w celu przetestowania aktualizacji zanim trafią na globalne serwery gry. Aby wziąc udział w testach, należy zapoznać się z tym tematem: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4406-instructions-how-to-get-to-pte/ Zaktualizowana lista zmian w PTE 0.1.1 jest dostępna tutaj: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4407-pte-011-patch-notes/ Oczekujemy, że testy potrwają przez weekend i zakończą się zaraz po nim. Aktualizacja zostanie opublikowana na serwerach globalnych kiedy upewnimy się, że wszystko działa.
  9. Soldiers! We've launched a Public Test Environment (PTE) so we can test patches before they go live for everyone. This is an opt-in process, you can learn how to get in in this topic: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4406-instructions-how-to-get-to-pte/ Updated PTE 0.1.1 Patch Notes are also available here: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4407-pte-011-patch-notes/ We're expecting the testing to go over the weekend and end soon after. Patch will be live after we've made sure it's working.
  10. Hello! We bring you both the Public Test Environment and a new patch together. We're still in the process of fixing the backend, but the rest of the team was working as usual to bring you much needed changes and fixes. We also decided to ask for your help testing the changes on our newly opened Public Test Environment (based in EU, so have that in mind when switching). If the changes are ok, we'll push them to Live next week. Instructions on how to get into PTE are in the link below. Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] - Those will be fixed before going onto Early Access live servers MGs have wrong ammo caliber displayed in the menu (this does not affect their in-game performance), Weapon customization descriptions still not final & bugged, Sometimes respawning on Warsaw can result in death, Sometimes sprinting is stuttering, [GENERAL] Opened up the PTE, [GAMEPLAY] Reworked pistols to make them more varied & useful, Vepr lowest damage reduced from 9 to 7, tresholds max/min reduced to 35/50 meters. MCS damage increased by 1 per pellet at medium/min thresholds, medium threshold moved to 35 meters to match Vepr, 7.62 Soviet damage curve fixed to properly add medium-range damage, Global sniper rifle damage increase by 20 on all ranges to assure 1-shot headshots, Pistol-caliber ammo velocity increased (used by Pistols and SMGs), drop reduced for pistols (SMGs stayed the same but with higher velocity). SMGs and Pistols were underperforming on open spaces, this change should make them a more viable option, SIG & Vityaz camera shake tweaks. SIG and Vityaz camera shakes were increased to make them feel more powerful (currently the shakes were almost non-existent), SIG accuracy increased, recoil slightly reduced, G38 recoil slightly decreased, Single-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 30%, burst-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 20%, Armor rebalance: All armors had their durability unified to 100 HP (was all over the place), armor absorption values rebalanced to (from HDPE to Steel): 25%/40%/60%/75%, Helmet rebalance: Durability capped at 50 HP (was 100), new helmet absorption from lightest to heaviest: 20%, 35%, 50%, Bullet penetration diversified per caliber & type: Previously all bullets had the same penetration values regardless of caliber (5% HP, 10% FMJ, 20% AP), now penetration varies per weapon class as follows: Pistol calibers stayed the same at 10% FMJ, AP 20%, HP 5%, AR calibers FMJ 20%, AP 40%, HP 10%, Rifle calibers & .338 FMJ 30%, AP 50%, HP 20%, .50 BMG caliber FMJ 50%, AP 75%, HP 25%, New explosion particles for RPG special ammo, now it’s easy to see what kind of warhead did the player use, Friendly fire damage reduction increased from 60% to 80%, [WARZONE] Warzone score income doubled, Warzone time limit changed from 45 to 30, Warzone score limit changed to 3000, Warzone battle point income rebalance, Soldier respawn time changed from 20 to 15 seconds, Point capture reward from 200 to 400 , Leader objective point captured reward from 300 to 800, Leader order followed 75 to 150, Order followed 75 to 100, Squad member spawn on leader 10 to 20, Enemy marked by radar 10 to 20, Squad member objective strike use 100 to 200, Enemy drone disconnected 30 to 50, RCWS assist 30 to 50, Awareness drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 3 (uav, jammers etc.), Autonomous drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 4 (quadrocopters, leviatans etc.), [HUD] Added stats in menu for majority of items, Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike, New sticky grenade icon, Weapon icon added to kill screen, Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation color, Names of your squadmates are always visible on their marker, [STRIKES] Fixed a bug that prevented vehicles from firing after reload, Strike drop flare now changes color depending on relation to the strike owner, New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping, Default heavy machine gun for every vehicle's driver, Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV, Fixed Mini UGVs' operational range, Fixed Mini UGVs' handling, Fixed strike masks on Berlin, UGVs' wreckage no longer disappears after destruction, Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit, [TWEAKS] All turrets rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted, Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration, Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration, Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar, Lowered the spawn height for UGV, Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades. Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration. [EQUIPMENT] Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo, Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty, New camera shake in Grenades and C4, Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack], [BUGFIXES] Damage indicator stop rotating after death, Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map, Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed, Equip grenade type icon displayed on HUD properly, Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on HUD in Leviathan / Battle Robot, Additional/offset sights now automatically rotate weapon when targeting, C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them, Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed, Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget, Better material on See Through SAO sight, [MAPS] New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance, New summary screens, Additional visual destruction on Moscow and material fixes, Streaming fixes, Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large, [LEVEL DESIGN] Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas), Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow, Unlocked tunnel passage on Warzone small (Warsaw), Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping center),
  11. As of PTE 0.3.1 this is no longer needed. You can now just download the PTE version from your Steam library! Important notice! Test servers are based in EU region, so have that in mind when switching - you might have high latency! The number of slots open on test servers is limited, so expect connection problems during peak hours! To take part in Public Tests, follow the steps provided below. Goto World War 3 > Properties > Betas > Enter the code: VUM27KStMgAPCNKK and select open_tests Then go to Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Files Once file verification is complete, launch World War 3 and select Play World War 3.
  12. Edit: We've isolated the corrupted player profile problem and it seems that on top of that, some people are experiencing "Lost connection to host" errors. This is happening despite this problem being temporarily fixed on PTE. Because of that, resetting player profile will not help with this particular error. We know it's not related to the profile because we tested affected accounts on different configurations and they work on some computers, which leads to believe it's linked to configuration or background software. We're testing this right now, Please stand by! If you can't load into any match on one of or any region, let us know. This is a sign of corrupted player profile and we can reset it for you, contact support@worldwar3.com with your steamID or link to your Steam profile.
  13. Soldiers! There's a small, but important patch being deployed now! It's not the big 0.1.1 (we're still testing that) but we've decided to push the new Master Server patch earlier. It's live right now and will require you to update the game. This is the last part of the ninja patches we were pushing for the last two weeks, marking the end of the old Master Server. Patch notes [GENERAL] • New Master Server, [IMPROVEMENTS] • Vastly improved connection times. As always, keep us up to date on any problems this change might introduce. We've been testing the new backend for a week now, but we tested the last one as well. Happy shooting!
  14. Player most likely has either RGB fusion or ASUS Aura software active. The issue with RGB Fusion / ASUS Aura is that it's using an old exploitable driver. Specific to anti-cheat, this driver allows users free access to all of the system’s memory and by extension all code it runs, it can easily be used for free access to read and modify the game process as well. Sorry for the inconvenience but as long as the software uses that driver we can't support it. So, the currently solution is to disable the software.
  15. This error is mostly related to Insider Preview versions of Windows. EAC is adding support for those version as they come in, but it will always take at least a few days for them to implement, push update to us, and us to patch it into the game. There's no way around that other than what EAC suggests: The easiest way to avoid these errors is to opt-out of the Windows Insider Program and revert to the previous Windows version outside of it.
  16. Error 10011 is typically caused by the antivirus falsely blocking Easy Anti-Cheat as a threat. To fix this start by performing a full-system scan and then temporarily uninstalling the antivirus and any similar software. Proceed to repair the service by running EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe located in the game's installation folder as administrator. After the repairing procedure verify that the service is not disabled. To do that open the command prompt and execute the following command: services.msc. In the opened window locate Easy Anti-Cheat, double-click it and set the Startup type to 'Manual' if it's set to anything else. Launch the game to verify that it starts properly. If it does, you can install your antivirus software back and add the game directory to the exception list. If the game does not start, perform a 'cold reboot' by running the following command in the command-line as administrator: shutdown /s /f /t 0 After the restart close all programs not related to Windows that are running in the background before launching the game again. If the error persists after that, please collect a process monitor log and send it to us for analysis. The necessary instructions can be found here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/ww3/guides/logs/ Please uninstall your antivirus software for the duration of the recording.
  17. Those were removed and will not be in the game, so don't worry
  18. Start a different topic for this, we've gone off too far Here's a shot to keep it on-topic:
  19. It's fixed And we won't make a list of what's coming, since if a weapon doesn't work well with the current game, we'll remove it, it's better to loose some time and money than to mess up the game for everyone. Just imagine smoke grenades in this baby tho
  20. It's one of future weapons, it's not done yet and might not be in the game at all, we have a lot of those ?
  21. It seems that a few people have problems with loading the game, so here's an explanation and what we'll do with it: Game can take up to 10 minutes to load for the first time. This is related to two things: We're loading all of the customization at first. This is not intended and we will be changing that (explanation below), The engine is compiling shaders specifically for the machine it's running on. This is a one-time thing and should be faster after the first time. The solution is actually in the works and it was tested by us and is speeding up the loading by up to 95%, but it could potentially break a lot of stuff, so we decided to keep testing without this fix and let you play more. If we decided to implement it now, we'd have to skip at least one of the testing phases. This decision was backed by our tests, that showed about 20-30s load times on an SSD and up to 2 minutes on an HDD. Turns out on some configurations it takes a lot longer. Tl;dr: it just loads, give it time, and we know how to fix it, will be fixed after EA launches!
  22. We told you it's insane and you didn't believe it! It's really cool to see people liking this, keep em coming!
  23. Good to know it's fixed, I'm moving this to know issues as it'd now ok and might help other people :)
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