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  1. We're planning on merging regions together before 1.0. If we can't do it by then, it'll happen a bit later, but it will happen for sure.
  2. Najważniejsze jest wg mnie dobre nazwanie lokacji, żeby ludzie na VOIPie mieli łatwiejszą komunikację.
  3. Thanks for the report, this is on of many problem with the new lighting
  4. This is a result of us changing the map for future patches, it's not intended and we'll fix it soon.
  5. That patch will be only available for those that participated in Technical Test, we'll send emails to all of them with a code - if you didn't play back then, I can't really cheat like that If you're testing on the PTE though, you will still get 2 patches that will soon be exclusive
  6. Right now our goal is to deliver a stable 1.0 that works well with the intent of supporting it in the future with more maps, game modes and other content - and we're pretty happy that BF is going to be later than expected, though this doesn't really change our plans much.
  7. Hello, Soldiers! We're currently working on 0.8 patch on the PTE, with our newest Breakthrough game mode, but there are some things that the current live version could benefit from, namely fixing the problems with replication of players (resulting in missing markers or having wrong marker color) and, of course, performance. We have a few fixes coming your way, so let's dig in. Update 0.7.2 Patch Notes [DEBUG] Added TeamManager debug printing on server and client side to find more problems, [BUGFIXES] Multiple fixes for team replication (missing markers, wrong team colors), Changed how actors replicate to reduce server crashing, Fixed a server crash related to debugging data, Fixes for audio occlusion and spatialization, Fixed destructible objects not having particles at the start of the match, [OPTIMIZATION] Fixed OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() hitches on the render thread, Fixed hitches on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters, Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced hitching), Disabled ticks on multiple actors, Disabled DoF calculations for remote vehicles.
  8. We are well aware that there's an opening, we're still working hard on making the game as good as possible and we're nearing 1.0 version. The focus is gradually shifting to bugfixing and optimization, there's a lot of cool new stuff coming, so I'm personally pretty calm about 1.0 being awesome ^^
  9. No, we had a Technical Test stage even before Early Access started that you had to sign up for - those patches are for those people. I think we can go with additional one for everyone that played during Early Access and one for PTE players, sounds fair.
  10. Zrobię co się da, żeby zdążyć przed 1.0 z tym
  11. If it's missing, this means we'll be sending codes for it to the people that were in alpha tests. Right now it was unlocked for everyone and that's not good. We'll have one for EA supporters as well. That's Early Access, not the other one.
  12. We'll take care of this before release, the alpha tester patches will be sent as codes to people that registered and got into the alpha tests. We'll have something for Early Access players as well
  13. You can work around this issue by level design and some other clever methods, but those take a lot of time and could negatively impact play for 'human' players.
  14. Good to know, we're working on it right now, so it's good to fix stuff while you're at it.
  15. I don't really know the genesis of those, that's on the level designers and artists, I strongly doubt there's any real meaning behind it, but I might be wrong.
  16. The chat is being reworked as we speak, so expect new bugs with the new one, but this one should be fixed
  17. Didn't notice them tbh, can you post a screenshot? Got over 1kh in the game since it is on Steam, but I didn't see those
  18. Yes, we're waiting for all the texts to be finalized and in-game so we can send them out for translation in bulk. This was is most efficient, though it results in some misspelled or missing stuff (though it's not just the Russian translation, all of them are messed up, even English and Polish ones).
  19. There are some TDM maps in the works, we'll go back to the big maps and carve those up after 1.0, so we can add them quicker and with more reliability. Some of them were also tested and didn't work very well, so keep that in mind.
  20. We're not currently pursuing adding Ai to the game, and Ai controlled vehicles would require a big revamp to the levels and how we build them. Also, having the UGV play for itself would make it one of the best strikes in the game. Love the idea, loved the auto titans in Titanfall, but it's not possible to do for now without major reworks.
  21. We've decided to split the funtionality of SD and Quadrocopter, and make SD a dedicated inti-vehicle weapon and Quadro an anti-personnel one, so this is intended. The damage values will surely be changed, but that's how it should work.
  22. I'm not really sure if this is possible with UE4 without major reworks, and while it's a pretty cool idea, the number of players that would benefit from this is lower than the number that would benefit from, let's say optimization or bugfixing, like @nubbits said. It's definitely not in the cards for the short term future.
  23. This feature was always planned, but it will probably not be here for 1.0. We're using Zeuz.io as our hosting provider, and those guys are a sister company go G-Portal, which is a very well known hosting service for custom servers - so it's very possible to work with them on this feature. But first, we want to have the game done and ready, so we can start parametrize it, add an API for communication and start building tools for admins. This is going to take a lot of work and time, so it's not being worked on right now - but it's not forgotten at all.
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