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  1. Goddamn, you're doing an awesome job, keep em coming, we're listening!
  2. We're basically in-line with this thinking, but before we commit to it, we have to make sure we don't have things that are easily fixed and are still in the game before we present it to another batch of fresh players.
  3. That's true, we have to be careful not to go overboard and make the game unplayable, because everyone is trying to melee each other for a whole day or RPG kill infantry.
  4. The main reason for free weekends is to let players try the game out and see if they like it. With current performance problems, adding 20 players more onto the map would drop the FPS significantly and show the game in a worse shape than it really is. The ideal way would be to just have everything available for players and that's it. Overall, we don't want to scare people away, since most of them don't realize that the game is still in development and is going to get a lot better, especially when it comes to performance, that's why we have to be careful with free weekends. 0.6 was a big step up from 0.5, but with 0.7 being mostly a backend update, there's not enough new stuff to show. Once Breakthrough is in and polished a bit, we might go with another FW
  5. Sounds like a good idea, we do have plans to expand the communication options between players, like requesting airstrikes and armored support, so this could be one of the ways.
  6. I know about TZoningSoft, he's just passionate about the game and wants to steer it in a certain direction. We're not agreeing with his design, so it's hard to come into an agreement, though he is kinda aggressive about it. He can always spend his few million dollars on his game and decide - all I want is for this event to be a fun thing to move some people into NA and have some fun matches there. I've played NA a few times and it's totally playable up to ~150 ping - maybe not competetively, but certainly for fun.
  7. You'd still be talking after respawning But yeah, remember that we're not native speakers, so some stuff might sound better to us than people that speak English daily - there's going to be some revisions to this for sure, and discussions like this one help to guide us a lot, so keep it going!
  8. Ragir


    We are still not optimizing the game full time, that's something that's done just before release, when most if not all of the content is locked and there are no changes. Release version will work much better and will have less drops - for now optimizing it enough to be playable for most players is the best compromise, because it takes a lot of time that can be used improving the core game - if we optimized it fully now, it would get worse as we add more stuff and we'd have to do it all over again.
  9. That one is actually very important, you should react by backing up and waiting for your leader to respawn on you to not loose your position by a squad wipe Overall we'll reduce the amount of barks in the future for sure.
  10. I think there were some changes, but reports like that are very important for us, especially when it comes to sound, so I'll tell the audio guy what's what
  11. Actually, TDM is more about not getting killed as much as possible, and sadly people don't realize that
  12. It's a known PhysiX bug, we're figuring it out, thanks
  13. Let's not antagonize people, just figure it out on the servers We're all in this together
  14. This is probably going to be soon replaced by a new HUD altogether and I know the whole lower strike bar is redesigned, so it's probably not going to be need to be fixed, since the new HUD is coming very soon.
  15. Global challenge sounds like fun! We have some big things planned for the whole system, with long term challenges, per weapon ones and two additional progressions (a bit like a prestige, only you don't loose your stuff, only gain levels harder and harder and have to complete challenges to level up), so this could easily be something we're implementing alongside.
  16. Breakthrough is 10v10 mostly because when 20 players get on one point, you really don't need more players. In Warzone you have 30 people spread over 6 points, in Breakthrough that's 20 players on 2 points - it's much more crowded and chaotic then Warzone (and even was, when it was bigger). As for TDM, we think it might need a bit more spicing up, as it stands right now it's kinda simplistic, so we might add something to it at some point. We're also heavily deliberating the 5th gamemode and with Recon and Warzone baing big modes, TDM and Breaktrhough being smaller, there's a place for something in between those or something even smaller, like 5v5. There's no concrete decision yet (though we do have a few solid designs for game modes, we need to decide which one is best).
  17. That's the main problem IMO, the short range is kinda long, and I agree it needs balancing. I think it's now set to 60m, and that's basically most of the engagements in the game, I'd say 20m is even too much.
  18. W ten weekend w sobotę atakujemy region NA/SA. Aby pomóc nam w zwycięstwie, trzeba wybrać NA/SA z listy opcji po kliknięciu PLAY w bibliotece Steam - nie działa z jakiegoś powodu z ekranu pobierania (Gaben plz fix). Pingi nie są najgorsze, ale pamiętajcie, że nie będziecie mieć swoich kofigów ani kasy!
  19. Hi there, this Saturday night we'll be invading NA. To do this successfully, select NA/SA from the options shown when clicking PLAY on WW3 from the Library (doesn't work on the Downloads page for some reason - Gaben pls fix). The pings are not that bad, but remember you won't have your customization!
  20. They only have higher damage on close range, and the damage drops off quicker, so it looks kinda like this (this is really quick and dirty): It's more of a gameplay decision of "will I shoot short range or long range more" rather than anything else. As for the other suggestions: ADS time, reload time and other variables are also playing a role, but to make those balanced it's not enough IMO - I'm not saying that this is perfect by any means (and I still agree that shotguns are OP), but it does help with balancing the different roles. As I said, with shotguns, it's still the problem of long barrel being a sniper barrel and short barrels making close quarters combat heavily favor guys with shotguns. It doesn't matter what the reload time or ADS speed is when all you have to do is drop two shots from point blank from hip fire to win a firefight even against a 7.62 LMG. If we tried to balance it using only other stats than damage, the spread from hip would have to be 180 degrees (just random chance to kill someone), reload would have to be laughably slow etc. BUT! That doesn't mean that we won't try to strike a balance here with less damage diferences and more of those auxiliary parameters, we've just added separate horizontal and vertical recoil modifiers, so we could just make the short barrel kick more horizontally. Problem is, someone is gonna make a forum post explaining, that this is not how stuff works and we should just make long barrels do less damage on short distances
  21. The problem is, that tanks are threaded vehicles and MRAP isn't, also, we're taking into calculations the mass and center of gravity, so copying values won't work at all - those are two separate driving models. That said, there current model is not final, we're still testing different setups and we'll make sure it's well balanced closer to 1.0 - remember, this is still an Early Access game and we're still testing stuff heavily!
  22. The idea behind that is that you have a meaningful choice when it comes to your customization. If we went with longer barrel = more damage on all distances, we can just skip them and leave on in, there's no point in choosing shorter barrels at all. They change how spread works as well, but that's also always better to have it smaller, so, again, there's no point in having short or medium barrels at all. This actually applies to all weapons, though with rifles shorter barrels also increase the rate of fire, so the choices there are also making sense. In general, we wanted the barrel to make the biggest impact on how the weapon works and while we know this is not 100% accurate, the idea that your customization can make your weapon better in certain engagements than the other player's weapon and that you can prepare and suit the weapon to your playstyle is more important than realism, which was never the goal in WW3 - we've always called it "playable realism", with gameplay being in the front and realism trailing behind to keep the game world authentic enough. This all means one thing: WW3 will never be a milsim and some gameplay mechanics are strictly arcade, so the customization is meaningful and not just cosmetic, so there's no clear "better" attachments, just attachments that fill a different role and good choices will give you an edge over the enemy.
  23. It's called suspension of disbelief and it's required to play games IMO Aren't respawns also really weird? Spawning mid-air on leader? Injecting yourself with vitamins giving you health back? There's a lot of stuff that's very game-ified, and shotguns are legendarily hard to balance in shooters, so we have to find ways of doing it. That said, final balance is still to come, so don't despair too much
  24. Sup, we don't have any solid info on that one for now, but we are distributing in Asian markets via Steam. If you mean China in particular, that's a complicated issue and I'm not really an expert on legal matters, so it's hard to comment.
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