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  1. Yes, but probably after 1.0. We have a limited anount of time and resources and we plan to use them to benefit the most amount of players, and better optimization is one of them. If you really want to stress your machine, once we fix the resolution scalling (thanks, Epic), you will be able to run the game at 8k on 1080 monitor in glorious 5fps
  2. This is related to how we're spawning and closing down servers on demand. We try to always have 1 game ready for each combination of gamemode + map, bo with currently limited amount of machines (to save costs while the playercount is low), sometimes not all options are possible. This will be fixed in the future, but for now there's a simple workaround: load into an empty server, exit it immediately. This will end that game and spawn a new one from the list. Eventually it will open the one you want. I know it's not ideal, but this is currently the only sure way of doing this - as I said, it will be remedied when 1.0 hits.
  3. We're planning on updating BRE this week, it should be a bit different, let us know what you think, your posts are always high quality
  4. We don't want melee to be a viable way of fighting people, people are not knifing each other normally (apart from some very specific instances, I'm well aware of the dude that knifed 5 people in a cave, no need to send the article). Additionally, having an instakill button is not something we want. DICE had the same problem, so they added and anti-instakill button later. The basic idea is, you have to melee someone 3-4 times in the front to take them down or 1 time in the back. The hit window is very small (which is going to be fixed up a bit), but that's also going to fluctuate a lot with ping. If we make it too big, people with good ping will melee others from miles away (you've seen it in other games for sure), so we decided that the best way is to just keep the melee as useless as possible. Btw, that flying off is a bug we're intentionally leaving in for now, because it's hilarious
  5. This is absolutely helpful, the designers and testers are working on that 30mm bug (can't reproduce for some reason), so we can definitely use your help in this.
  6. Zdaję sobie sprawę, że to dziwne, ale nasz kod nie może tutaj mieć nic do rzeczy,b o nie jest odpalany w żaden sposób, coś musi być nie tak ze Steamem albo to jakiś obskurny bug, który się nikomu nie pojawił do tej pory. Ewentualnie, bo byc może Steam słabo to pokazuje, brakuje miejca na dysku. Zeby zrobić aktualizację gry potrzebne jest prawie 2x tyle miejsca - więcej info tutaj (nie do końca o tym, ale wyjaśnia to wymaganie): https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10709-dlaczego-aktualizacja-zajmuje-tak-długo-czasu/
  7. Ragir


    Publikujemy posty na Steamie średnio co 3-4 dni, ekipa nie zmiejszyla się, a powiększyła od premiery w Early Access, wszystko idzie zgodnie z planem, nie ma stresu. Polecam poczytać nasze cotygodniowe raporty na stronie: https://worldwar3.com/news/
  8. We've seen this issue a few times before, it seems to be a problem with Steam reporting server list to you. We're displaying everything we get from Steam, and we've seen some players having problems with this. To validate this is indeed the problem, please do the following: Open Steam (duh), Go to View -> Servers, Click "Change Filters" on the bottom and select WW3 in the "Game" dropdown, See if you get at least 60-90 servers on the list:
  9. Ragir

    IR lasers

    We've had some discussion about this feature and it's being considered, though probably won't make it in before 1.0 if we decide to do it.
  10. All of those are being considered
  11. Ragir


    We are reading them and we are implementing changes based on player suggestions. The map rotation is currently in 0.7, but it's not finished, we're tracking down the issues with it. As for the Heli Drone, it's been nerfed to the ground and will be balanced back up rather than the opposite. You can read more here:
  12. Obawiam się, że to jest błąd Steama lub uszkodzony dysk, nie jesteśmy w stanie nic zrobić po naszej stronie, jako, że nasz kod działa dopiero po zainstalowaniu gry, wszystko, co się dzieje przed - nie mamy do tego dostępu
  13. Since we have server rotation now, we'll let people join when this message is displayed.
  14. Ragir

    true pharaoh

    All this means is that making games is pretty complicated and you never know what will come out of it - which is why most big publishers release the same thing year over year
  15. That's what makes me think it's the latest optimization work
  16. Tutorials will come and are already planned, some are being done, both in video and text versions - the problem is that we have to have the game finished, so we don't have to waste time on redoing them if something changes.
  17. Ragir

    true pharaoh

    Anthem from a well established studio took 7 years to make, making games takes a long time and even vastly more experienced developers with more funding and people than us can't do it faster - that's all.
  18. As you can see, the round timer is frozen - this is a good indicator of lost connection. This might be on your side or the server crashed - if it did, we've got the crash report and we'll fix it. Thanks for the report!
  19. There are some performance improvements in the current 0.8 build on PTE compared to Live version. Sometimes the change in performance is related to less stress on the servers on the PTE (there's more than 1 game on each machine). Sometimes it's the player count - number of players is the biggest FPS change in the game right now, so if someone is playing with less players on the PTE and then comes to Live, it might change a lot. That said, as you say it's on an empty server, we're constantly working on optimization and it might be some of this work showing in the 0.8 patch.
  20. Map rotation is in, just so everyone knows
  21. We've got some other ideas on this, so hang tight!
  22. Zobaczymy jak po zmianie systemu animacji to będzie wyglądało, wszystko jest ustawiane na nowo, więc pewnie będzie lepiej ^^
  23. Oh you're much better at it than we are, we're always sure it's ok and then we get millions of 'nope' from you
  24. I'm fairly sure those new additions are not yet fully done, that's why we hid the shotgun (it has some bugs and obviously balancing). Don't worry, they'll be here as soon as we are sure they work ^^
  25. Ragir


    We can't force anyone to play the game or be interested in it
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