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  1. It might be a bug, I've sent it to the designers to check out.
  2. There's around 700-1000 lines of dialogue per voice, so it's a lot of work that has to be good quality - and I'm not really in-the-know on how this works, but if you create a thread and people can post some snippets, I can send it where it's needed
  3. Thanks, already sent it to be fixed.
  4. What is the resolution? It doesn't happen on 1080 for sure.
  5. Ragir


    He just wants it to be better, like we all do, we'll get there!
  6. Heli drone will be balanced back up, this was purely done so we're not nerfing it down, but boosting up - so it doesn't distrupt the whole game while we're doing it. It's not going to stay this way for sure, but it will also not be the best strike in the game. If it was my decision, I'd just make it as good as it was before and give it a 10k BP cost with 15 minutes cooldown and that would be it - they'd be rare, but also very powerful.
  7. Sadly, all I can say is "when they're done". We're currently done with all the coding, we're testing the new system, adding missing animations - we had to redo ALL weapon animations, that's for each movement (sprint, prone, crouch and so-called aim offsets) we had to redo the way the weapon is held and we had some changes that had to be done (like now we can use the right hand for animations, it was glued to the weapon before). Once we have those made, it's tested, all the outstanding bugs are fixed, we'll be ready to push it to the PTE, but we want the new movement to be awesome before we let you break it
  8. Ragir

    AFK players

    I think we have it disabled atm, it will come back with a timer of 7-10 minutes, sure thing
  9. Well, the RPG balance has always been a hard thing to do, in any game. You want the RPG to have power to take down a vehicle, but using it as a one-shot kill weapon with potentially highest DPS in the game is always something that people will do, it makes sense. So, what we're doing to limit this as much as possible (and rest assure, you won't be top of the board in TDM using RPG only, unless others are just triggered because your're using it): Long reload (painfully long I'd say), Reduced blast radius against infantry, Reduced damage against infantry, Having to take the grenade out before switching to other weapon. I think the RPG balance is almost there, but could use some work. The main problem is people using RPGs indoors, which nobody would do in real life and which is just annoying for other players. We have a few ideas, like adding flashbang effect if you're using RPGs indoors, increasing self-damage greatly when using it indoors etc. - we're certainly not done with balancing and you'll see some changes to this coming soon after the movement is ready.
  10. Since the start we specifically didn't want to specify who started WW3 in our game, the lore is basically "there was tension, fighting broke out on multiple fronts". We can see how Russians get the short end of the stick in most games, so we didn't want to go with the obvious - though not having a singleplayer campaign makes this easy. There's East / West, but nobody is branded the 'good' and 'bad' guys, at least that's the idea I'm a bit surprised by the one-sidedness of the new CoD, I also heard they were going for the more balanced storytelling, that's a shame tbh.
  11. Sprawdziliśmy, działa w edytorze i cooku u nas, więc albo jest już naprawione, albo coś się lokalnie źle ustawia u Ciebie. Jeśli Cię to interesuje, to możesz sprawdzić na PTE w 0.8, czy nadal występuje, a jak nie (zrozumiałe), to powinno byc ok przy nastepnej aktualizacji.
  12. Here we go again! After the 0.7 technical update, we can now start sharing content we've been working on during the technical work on the engine. Easily the biggest one is the new Breakthrough game mode, about which you can read more here. It's a very dynamic, quick-paced mode, with no time to stand around. Your split second decisions matter and one soldier can win the game with a good plant or last second defuse. It's available on all Warzone maps, some of them in the Large variant - so you'll be fighting in places that are normally not available in Warzone - like the school and train station on Warsaw or shopping mall on Moscow. Important: Breakthrough is going to have the Retreat mechanic expanded in the coming weeks to make it something unique and cool. Supporting this game mode is the new infantry HUD. It's not finished yet, the Strike Bar, Chat, Kill Feed and Score Feed are going to be refreshed as well, but it works a lot better and has a couple new features, like markers on the compass and animated icons with progress bars for gadgets. The respawns are also a lot better finally, but bear in mind that there's a few things coming to the respawning system during the time in PTE that will make this a lot better (like marking people that you can't spawn on and possibly people under fire being marked as dangerous spawns). Let's all test the new game mode, especially when it comes to spawn placement, station placement, possible exploits and overall balance for attackers and defenders. [KNOWN ISSUES] There's no warmup on PTE (so testing is easier) - this means that Breakthrough match balance will be skewed, If clicking Deploy on another player doesn't do anything, keep trying - this means that the game didn't find a suitable spawn for around them. If this happens on a point, report! PTE 0.8 Patch Notes [CONTENT] New game mode: Breakthrough, New Infantry HUD (WIP), Napalm Strike is in, [BUGFIXES] Fixed spawning in a wrong place when there's no space to spawn around selected player, Fixed being able to look inside a building with Mini Done gadget, Fixed lasers staying while throwing grenades, Other bugfixes.
  13. Let's hope there's a good archive of bugs saved so we can all have a alugh after it's finished
  14. It's a PhysX crash, we're trying to update the PhysX version in our engine and find other fixes for this, but it's elusive so far. We're working on it heavily, though!
  15. Goddamn, you're doing an awesome job, keep em coming, we're listening!
  16. We're basically in-line with this thinking, but before we commit to it, we have to make sure we don't have things that are easily fixed and are still in the game before we present it to another batch of fresh players.
  17. That's true, we have to be careful not to go overboard and make the game unplayable, because everyone is trying to melee each other for a whole day or RPG kill infantry.
  18. The main reason for free weekends is to let players try the game out and see if they like it. With current performance problems, adding 20 players more onto the map would drop the FPS significantly and show the game in a worse shape than it really is. The ideal way would be to just have everything available for players and that's it. Overall, we don't want to scare people away, since most of them don't realize that the game is still in development and is going to get a lot better, especially when it comes to performance, that's why we have to be careful with free weekends. 0.6 was a big step up from 0.5, but with 0.7 being mostly a backend update, there's not enough new stuff to show. Once Breakthrough is in and polished a bit, we might go with another FW
  19. Sounds like a good idea, we do have plans to expand the communication options between players, like requesting airstrikes and armored support, so this could be one of the ways.
  20. I know about TZoningSoft, he's just passionate about the game and wants to steer it in a certain direction. We're not agreeing with his design, so it's hard to come into an agreement, though he is kinda aggressive about it. He can always spend his few million dollars on his game and decide - all I want is for this event to be a fun thing to move some people into NA and have some fun matches there. I've played NA a few times and it's totally playable up to ~150 ping - maybe not competetively, but certainly for fun.
  21. You'd still be talking after respawning But yeah, remember that we're not native speakers, so some stuff might sound better to us than people that speak English daily - there's going to be some revisions to this for sure, and discussions like this one help to guide us a lot, so keep it going!
  22. Ragir


    We are still not optimizing the game full time, that's something that's done just before release, when most if not all of the content is locked and there are no changes. Release version will work much better and will have less drops - for now optimizing it enough to be playable for most players is the best compromise, because it takes a lot of time that can be used improving the core game - if we optimized it fully now, it would get worse as we add more stuff and we'd have to do it all over again.
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