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  1. Кал оф Дути каждый год выходит, что ж теперь каждый год под него подстраиваться?
  2. Могу вспомнить только Шанхай с такими ограничениями, но там все такие здания были тупо в панишь зоне по краям карты. А в ВВ3 много зданий посреди карты стоит.
  3. В этом вся сложность, т. к. придется переделывать карты, ибо изначально они не приспособлены к тому, чтобы можно было прилететь на любую крышу и засеть там с гранатометом или снайперкой. Уже где-то обсуждалось, идея хорошая, но маловероятно что её воплотят в жизнь. По крайней мере не в обозримом будущем.
  4. Попробуй в Журнале Виндовс покопаться, ищи что-то вроде этого
  5. Вопрос решился? В чем дело-то было?
  6. Видмио, килкама точно не будет на Варзоне. Остальное под вопросом.
  7. Nothing like that! Yesterday we played on PTE 26 against 26 players and there was no shortage of free space.
  8. There were was a lot of cheaters at Last night. One of them even admitted it in the chat.
  9. That's the meaning - to shoot without stopping.
  10. To do this, add ASVK "Kord" or "Kord-M". (https://www.defenseworld.net/news/17262/Russia_Introduces_Sniper_Rifle_With_2_Kms_Range#.XS3KaegzZjG)
  11. OMG o_O Fabulous nonsense. This system is suitable for something more futuristic than WW3
  12. I guess You misunderstood me. I'm NOT suggesting adding a training / testing map on the similarity of VR Training Area from Planetside 2 (watch the video below - there is available all the weapons and targets, but you can not play against other players.) I suggest to add ORDINARY MAPS for the TDM mode. Only very small. For a small number of players (4-8 players). Didn’t ever play a CS? ?
  13. Hi! It would be great to have a couple of very small maps in the game to practice aiming. Like of the maps from Counter strike. To can be able to call a friend to fight and compete with him in aiming skills. On such small maps will not need to look for enemies. They will always be at opposite, so the firefight will be the most intense and fun. But at the same time, it will be possible to test new weapons well and improve your aiming shooting skills.
  14. You don't like anything. What you capricious, however! But the record of the match and should not prove anything to the сomplainants. It is for moderators/admins. For those competent people who can make the right decision.
  15. Strongly support! Here is a living example of such behavior. Therefore, it is better to record a match or add an observer mode.
  16. А что должно эту ракету запускать?
  17. Разбомблённый Нью-Йорк очень такая интересная локация для сетинга третьей мировой, даже если бы не было в игре раздолбанной Красной площади.
  18. The more players, the more ping on Warzone(((
  19. - Are there any plans to recording the match? As in Battlefield 2 on some servers it was possible to download the file of the last round. Or add a Killcam (A camera that shows on behalf of the enemy how you were killed.)? At least for TDM. - When will the ping stop growing with the increase of players in the WarZone? - Will VSS Vintorez (or AS VAL) be added into the game? Yes, it is old and not for the army, but there is something charming and attractive in it))) - The management of air transport (helicopter drone) in the game are weird. I'am flew not bad helicopters in the Battlefield's, but here can't understand the control. And someone says that it is too simple. Will there be options/types of helicopter control settings? -Why doesn't a hit to the head with a rifle cartridge kill with a single shot? It's not realistic and not at all fun to die from an enemy, which you just blew his brains out.
  20. Not funny! And you yourself drew attention to it)
  21. With the advent of the 0.6 patch on the test server began to notice extremely frequent shots to the head. Usually on my head XD How to explain it? With the new patch, everyone learned how to hand out headshots? Honestly, I don't think so. More like something changed not for the better in the game settings. (Increased HitBox?) Definitely something has changed, because well, could not all players at once rather sharply starting to give headshots. I want to know if it's a mistake or a deliberate change. Thanks)
  22. Спасибо! Это ещё надо постараться по ним попасть)
  23. Моя нИпАнимать - руки ноги это не конечности что ли? А что тогда конечности, урон по которым снижен с 80% до 67%?
  24. Why red dot sight is "swiming"? It's not optics! It is very uncomfortable and pushes away from the game. Personally, I'm not going to play while the collimator sights work like this. Or it can fixed by in game settings? I found none((
  25. Будь моя воля, я б и шлемы сделал 100% пробиваемыми винтовочным патроном.
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