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  1. Wow i didn't expect the maps to be so accurate!
  2. If your getting bored of playing maybe this game isn't for you? .... Im 29 hours in to far and i have yet to play a game where im looking forward to the end of a match!
  3. New patch today according to Twitter.
  4. I was really hoping for some kind of VOIP where as you could only speak to the other 4 people in your squad but the squad leader and a separate key-bind for squad leader chat only so the squad leaders could also chat to each other. Obviously we would need the option to totally disable it if we liked and also the option to mute a specific player. I mostly use Discord/TS3 but sometimes do play alone so VOIP would come in handy then or even if there where only three of us on Discord/TS3 we could still talk to the other two random people in the squad.
  5. I dunno, as i said in WW3 pressing R reloads your weapon and holding R switches ammo, in Escape from Tarkov pressing R reloads while double tapping R performs a combat reload and i think in both games it works pretty well.
  6. Not a fan of this idea to be honest, it would leave you really vulnerable having to stop and open the map to give out orders, ive never actually had any issue with the current system. If anything it could maybe like the way you choose ammo types but you would obviously use X ..... Quick press on X would tag enemy or a 2-3 second hold you could tag attack/defend points maybe? ... At lease you could still do this while moving and looking around. Or even quick press X once to tag enemy's and quick double press X to tag attack/defend points?
  7. I dunno, if your enjoying a game its not really classed as "grinding", i am enjoying WW3 as it is but a progression system just adds that little extra too. I just hope you cant hit max level and have everything unlocked in like a week or two.
  8. Not sure how many people know about Memory Cleaner so i thought i would share it here, ive been using it a while mostly with early access/unoptimised games, you basically run memory cleaner and leave it running in the background while playing your game, i recommend you go to options and tick the top two boxes i have marked in the attached image, leave it running the the background and run WW3. My system specs.... GTX 1070 i7 6700K 16GB DDR4 Windows 10 Pro x64 https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/
  9. Now i love this game so far, love everything about it ...... Except the current game mode, im not sure if the devs intend to leave this game mode this way and im sure there are more game modes planned but the current game mode its just pure chaos and borderline team death match, if this game mode was something closer to Advance and Secure or maybe even Rush i think it would make a hell of a difference instead of people just being all over the place! What do you guys think?
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