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  1. Battlefield 1942 in 2002. STILL a great game. Wish they’d do a remaster or at least remake the maps with today’s technology and mapping. Imagine a true omaha or market garden, or any of those great maps.
  2. DanMc

    How old are you?

    27. Liking the “older” theme here. No annoying young ones so far haha
  3. I’d really hope they didn’t play the “limit” game on classes. Although for the RPG issue just allowing 2 rounds and no replenishing ammo for that weapon would force them to use it more tactically instead of just running around with unlimited RPG rounds.
  4. I’m just going to give BF a chance here because I haven’t played since 4. When I heard ww2 I was thrilled and looking forward to some real DDay ops among many others. But now we have this... but I’ll go along with it this time. CODs been dead to me since MW2 (pre-shitshow MW2 lol)
  5. I definitely enjoy slower based shooters, mostly for the tactical aspect of it. I like actually playing the sniper role in its entirety with a squad so anything that lets me do that I’ll try. Didn’t pick up Hardline or BF1 and not really sure how I feel about BF5, been kinda disappointed with BF I’m general so let’s hope WW3 delivers lol
  6. I’ve had huge issues with the .50cal. Getting damage hits of 15-40s on just about any part of the body, armored or unarmored. The only saving grace is the massive increase in damage after a certain range that all but guarantees a one shot kill (it’s a .50... it should be one hit no matter what plate you’re wearing.. unless I hit you in the fingers/toes) also there seems to not be a back plate, as I’ve never got a reduction from sniping someone in the back. I know some of you don’t want it to be OP, but as a true sniper, playing the objective and the role is something I’ve always enjoyed. Other quick notes: optics are garbage, magnification/reticles are trash, material penetration would be fantastic.
  7. How was Verdun?? But yea played most of these, ROE,PUBG, some world of warships. Last game like this was probably battlefield 4. I’ve been looking for another good shooter since. Hoping this game fits the bill.
  8. Band of brothers probably does it best for me, but I think saving private Ryan started the modern war movie realism. We were soldiers and black hawk down for two other periods of conflict.
  9. Huge fan of the Remington 700. So many variants and I love a good bolt-action.
  10. DanMc

    weapon stats

    Doesn’t hurt, does it do it with the LMG? That’s the only weapon I’d go for a longer string of fire.
  11. DanMc


    Yea I hear you. We actually use magnifiers and red dots on our rifles at work. It’s only a 2x but it does help a little. It’s nice for anything up to 300-400m but very comfortable under 200m which is what almost all the engagements in this game fall under.
  12. DanMc


    This is a known issue, it’s definitely frustrating.
  13. DanMc

    Dmg reporting

    The stomach/gut is just good place to shoot to kill. It’s not armored and is a large part of the body. I myself aim for that part of the body on the fly and it’s worked pretty well versus hitting their plate/helmet areas and not doing as much damage. Im also not sure if you can lose your plate, but I know for sure you can lose your helmet, I’ve shot off a bunch.
  14. DanMc


    The three sniper scopes for example have all appeared exactly the same... what’s the point you know?
  15. Absolutely need more verticality and just more openness of buildings. Now before I say this I’m fully aware this is early access: this feels a lot like COD, which isn’t a good thing in my opinion. Very close quarters fighting for the most part which is fun but there’s minimal medium engagements let alone long-range engagements depending on what you consider long range, for me it’s 500m+. For a game titled World War 3 I’m hoping for some large scale engagements which would undoubtedly be taking place. I could go on but that’d be for other posts.
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