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  1. If ping difference is greater than 150, then there is no reg? That might explain why I don't hit players standing still sometimes when I'm unloading on them. Wireless doesn't seem to do well with this game. I never have a problem with other games, but this one frequently spikes me to 180 ping.
  2. Again, no, because you just program in a common animation, destruction, and mesh to avoid extraneous work. The example being that in BC2, the walls all broke the same way and structures collapsed the same. A dynamic physics based destruction, yes that would need a special engine. But, pre-defined destruction has almost no load comparatively.
  3. R6 consistent diamond. Anything but a camper buck-o But, my love destruction doesn't come from R6. It comes from BC2 where you could actually deform the terrain after enough hits to make cover or to get to MCOMs in Rush you could just blow out walls.
  4. Well no, I'm saying to do it before they get through their long laundry list of other stuff. I'm asking what they have planned since they did say there would be destruction in the game. Destruction in general wouldn't destroy performance. There are tons of easy ways to apply it that wouldn't put pressure on the server or clients. An evolving landscape is always the most fun for games like these. But, as I stated above, I'm not asking for whole building destruction, especially since most structures in the game are exceptionally large. With regards to explosives, you know RPGs are shaped charges right? They're terrible anti-personnel weapons. I don't know if the devs plan to actually implement a dmg modifier for armor vs flesh, but that would handily solve the issue.
  5. I think currently it doesn't work because the rounds are too long. The game needs to find a medium in time per match for destruction to be feasible. The current 45min games would be just too much and half the map would be gone fairly quickly. On the other hand, I'm not seeing rockets used so much (maybe I'm just lucky), so it may be less of an issue than I think. But, I would like to see dynamic maps; making new movement routes, destroying cover, pocket marking the landscape so vehicles become less advantageous, etc... The formula to approaching objs and engagement would be constantly changing like on a real battlefield.
  6. The engine can handle it if it follows pre-designated animations and surface fracturing. You'll notice that in BC2 all the buildings collapsed in the same ways or the walls would always break in defined sections. UE4 should be able to cope with that. Failing this, they may rebuild the game on a new engine much later down the pipeline, though I would hope not since it would be a lot of work on their end with no financial return.
  7. It's not that we mandate it, it's more we like seeing the battlefield change as it progresses and you have to take up new positions based on that. I'm not asking for building destruction (though small buildings like houses being able to would be nice), but I would like the ability to take/create cover or create new movement routes. Using C4 to open foxhole in no-mans land, blowing the edges off supports to collapse small sections of floors, or blowing out the wall of the windows people are shooting out of so their cover becomes much less and riskier for them are just a few suggestions. Not all would be good, but there are certainly features to play with that would accentuate the experience. With respect to BC2, it was a way more arcadey BF. There was the classic armored combat and all that, but the infantry fighting was super fast paced and you couldn't totally rely on anything for cover. Hide in a building? Blow the wall out. But, of course those buildings eventually become useless husks because there are no walls anymore, and I think that is why they then collapsed them in the game: creating new, limited cover. A lot of people don't know what made the game so special in their eyes; it just had some magic formula that no one knows yet. IMO, the maps were all memorable, RUSH was perfectly designed, and the dedicated servers made great communities. Everything just kind of went right for them (besides the server launch).
  8. So I see in the past that 51 said they'd have destructible environments, but would be limiting it to prevent gross imbalance of the game. I see it is already present at a lower level; you can destroy concrete barricades and a few other things. Can we expect the system to extend to all lower level assets like dumpsters, or will we eventually be given a list or some kind of indication of "hey you can blow this up"? Also, 51 did mention being able to blow holes in walls. Will this be a general asset or more like pre-defined surfaces? I'd love it if we could start making our own entrances or blow out windows/walls of structures people duck behind. Would different surfaces give different results? Like, a concrete wall would collapse because of shock forces, but would we just punch a small hole through a steel container? Would love to see different ways of applying this.
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