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  1. (1). Constant crashes to desktop happen randomly (many people I play with have the same issue). (2). Server will boot everyone out of round back to War Map at times. (3). Endless loading screen after deploying into game from server browser (seems to be random - others I play with have same issue). (4). Spawn bug - You re-spawned back to main or another objective regardless if you selected squad lead before hand. (5). Player counts - NA servers are dead, no one to play against - EU ping times are high for NA crowd to play on EU. (6). No master server for load outs & XP... Grinding for every server region is just plain stupid (everyone I play with feels the same). (7). Map size and max player count in game - Many of us wish larger map versions return with 64 player servers. (8). The dreaded "fucking" heli-drone - Now there's news of another one added in near future (Really? WTF!). (9). Overall quality of the textures have gone down hill - Sure, it's for performance reasons - but many things look bad now. (10). LOD has been reduced for distant meshes and textures for the potato crowd - People with higher end systems are stuck with the ugly because there's no way to turn up the LOD at those distances - It'll be argued that people with potato systems can't see things with higher detail at distance so it would be a disadvantage for higher end systems to have better LOD's... That said, the environment's, meshes, and textures at distance look like shit compared to other games in 2018-2019 (it just looks bad - first & last impressions). (11). The lighting is bad in many ways (more specifically, the eye adaptation - or auto exposure). The speed in which the camera adjusts from well lit areas to a darker one is slow. The result is a very visible "pumping effect" when the camera transitions from light to dark areas (even looking at bright or dark walls can trigger this). (12). Lastly - Content (not weapons and stuff, but maps). Many of us are just bored to death playing the same small 3-4 maps "day in /day out". New weapons and toys are great to play with - but - if there isn't a major push to add new maps, it's all for not (because it's become stale).
  2. LoL, Invite has been sent, and welcome to the server
  3. Yea, I didn't see your post in the game chat - but I'm happy you're in good spirits about it (you're sacrifice was a great benefit for the cause ?)... We shall meet in the field of battle again, and I'll let ya kill me a few times if it'll ease the pain... After that, it's on!!! ? PS: If you wanna send me a Steam Friend request, I can send you an invite to our Discord server (oh yea, a shameless TSA plug - I gotta put in the work or Pappa Prunk will roast me).
  4. Good Morning Majestec, Ok, none of the members in TSA (that I know of) use hacks, cheat engines, or other similar injectors... Yes, some of us actively look for map / level glitches to report to the Devs and will jump from PTE to live to confirm if the issue found on PTE is in the "Live" version... Yea, we'll sacrifice a few players (for confirmation purposes - ? ) - buuuuttt - no one is "hacking". That said, we're a friendly bunch of guys at TSA (a little nutty at times, but nice). So in the future, please come to us directly (or the TSA player in question) If you experience the odd death every now and then - We'll be glad to tell you if we were in game confirming a bug / glitch or if it was a legitimate kill. There's no need to open a Hack Report Ticket (that is unless you know for sure). Happy Hunting and have a great week. - Cheers.
  5. Are you a pretty chill person looking for a gaming group? Well, join the only gaming group that matters, [TSA] - Trash Squad Association - We offer a great place to hangout and play games (no drama, no BS, just fun). We vet our applicants so if you're interested, please contact Prunk or any of the TSA members for more information. From Our Founder (PRUNK): I'd like to take a moment of your time to discuss TSA and our new requirements for joining! First and foremost - You must be 18+ to officially join. We're not going to dig too deep into this so it doesn't become a hassle - but if we think you're underage, we may ask you to verify. Secondly - Applications will be done on a voucher system. If you would like to join - you must have three current and active members of TSA vouch for you. I'd like to keep us a community that moderates itself - so whoever vouches for you will be the first people that talk to you if you start to fuck up. They might even be the ones who decide to have you removed from the clan. So keep that in mind before you vouch for someone and keep it in mind before you ask someone to vouch for you.
  6. ZwierzaK [GiD]Today at 12:05 PM Note: This is a new post by him showing multiple vehicle bugs (different than video above)
  7. ZwierzaK [GiD]Today at 12:05 PM https://youtu.be/B-dUgSKa5A8
  8. Hmmm.... Maybe you should turn off the computer and go back to an abacus - Your fonts are all messed up... It's ok Korny, we still love you. ?
  9. ViteKuuu [GiD]Today at 5:39 PM -new Wszystko na mapie Smoleńsk. Kolizja broni z teksturami Scar-h -1, Szafki przez które można przechodzić -2, 3 dziury przez które widać skrawki mapy -3, Dziura którą widać tylko z jednej strony, a kule normalnie przechodzą przez nią -4. 1- ZwierzaK [GiD]Today at 8:49 PM
  10. Seryoso Hipster Posted on DiscordToday at 12:57 PM
  11. I'm re-posting all of the video's players left on the Official Discord Server (#Send_Tickets channel) because it was mentioned by Rozmo the support bot is broke. It wouldn't be fair to all the players who reported bugs and not seen by the right people. - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ViteKuuu [GiD] Posted on Discord Yesterday at 12:16 PM -new Przechodzenie przez płyty drewniane po drugiej stronie to samo - 1, 2 błędy na B2 na dole - 2, Zblokowanie się między schodami a sufitem i szpara między ścianą a sufitem - 3, Zablokowanie się między drzewem a skałą - 4, Palenie się na kamieniach, ogień przechodzi z innego pomieszczenia C2 - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - grzegorz75jan Posted on Discord Yesterday at 5:14 PM -new WW3 PTE 0.6.5 Blokowanie się w skałach na Polyarny przy A1
  12. Here are my bug test videos (starting with PTE v 0.6.4 and now on 0.6.5). Please don't disregard the videos for 0.6.4 because those bugs are still present in 0.6.5 (Thanks).
  13. Ok, they fixed it on the PTE servers so you don't have to wait to hop in game if minimum players required to start match is not met (great for testing - thanks again for this). However, I think they need to get rid of it on the live version too and here's why. (1) Two friends and me were on the NA server (about 2:30am).... There's no one else online, just us three... We hop in server and the time is locked waiting for another player to join.... After about 5 min of waiting no one else joined... One of my buddies barked "this is so fucking stupid, fuck this game", backed out, and exited game... Since there was only two of us left, we exited the game to go play something else (sigh). Given the player count is so low, it's ridiculous to have this timer locked waiting for minimum players... Hell, we would have had fun playing just the three of us (it's what we wanted), and maybe others would filter in later. Something has to be done about this in the next update... It makes no sense to tell players who paid for a game they can't play because others are not online (either because they're sleeping, working, school, etc)... Regardless of the rational behind this feature, restricting access is just bad policy. Look, I'm not trying to bash anyone here.. Many others & myself are big supporters of WW3, it's a great game. However, you guys need to need to stop limiting players from playing with each other... I mean, a multi-player game can be great... but.... If it's not easy to play with others, it's all a mute point and all the development effort is lost in a sea of player frustration.
  14. It'll be greatly appreciated if you would consider me. -Cheers
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