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  1. This happens every time to me when using Razer synapse-I just have to the drop down tab in settings and click speakers.
  2. Should this not be in the polish section @Ryuk?May want to follow the template the admins have provided as well.
  3. I think they are aware of this as Weedtime has replied about this on multiple threads.
  4. I know my customization was not reset for my account as I had to get Ragir to reset it. @sightseeer try saving one loadout and then exit the game to desktop,go back in and see if the load out is saved. If it isn't then you may have to get yours reset manually by an admin. LC
  5. Hello Exiled,that is what I did.I posted the issue and put my steam i.d. # in the body of the Description. As previous post from Weedtime the Farm 51 team was busy over the week-end and they may look at it by Monday.
  6. Roger that,thanks for the quick response-Have a great week-end ?
  7. I have sent in my request to get my player profile reset but still can't save my loadouts.How long does it usually take @weedtime to get this sorted out?
  8. Thanks Weedtime- I have sent mine as well as this has been an ongoing issue.
  9. Tried to change my loadout to a shotty and an smg and will not change / show in game.Everytime I join the game I appear to have the msbs-k and an smg.
  10. hopefully sooner than later,had another crash last night right out of the blue.was running fine for about week,then the crash to desktop and error report screen
  11. I have to set up my discord but will try and get on tonight if there are enough slots ?,and if I can get it working.
  12. Had a guy that was glitching on Berlin couple nights back and had constant rpg refill ?
  13. Oh I know you Prunk,between you and Rice I constantly have to check every nook and cranny,lol. Fun games as usual-was hard trying to find you on steam but your avatar is the same ?. May have to add you on Steam
  14. Since the .3 patch,I have been constantly freezing up and not able to finish full rounds.Very frustrating to say the least but it is what it is,Devs are on holidays-hopefully they can get a fix in when they get back.And yes i have sent tin the reports with comments.
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