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  1. If people purchased the Early Access version of World War 3 on Steam, will they receive anything when the game switches to a free-to-play model? https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/08/12/ww3-development-refocused-early-access-purchases-unavailable-from-13-8/?fbclid=IwAR1ehdq06k49RxEkJiNir16e1GVuZNr9idGNMjtcDT-Bh-MyZX-8v5A9ByA Looks like I called it on July 27...
  2. This early access game failed on launch and has never recovered. They might as well give it away for free. No one is going to play it now. Not even the players that bought it.
  3. You would think with everyone home escaping the COVID-19 virus more people would be here. All the other games have had a huge uptick in players. This is the only game that I play that has less players playing it this past month.
  4. Is it just me or does this game seem dead?
  5. exactly! That is what early access is all about. The community giving input to make the game better.
  6. First something needs to be done about the latency. 200 pings should not be a thing with half full servers. Region lock and ping kicker might be a plus here. Second, the frame rates are terrible especially when I am on a 1080 card and the old engine this game is running. Third, the blatant amount of aimbots is killing off what players are trying to stick to this game. Forth, no matter what, players should always be able to spawn on the squad leader and the squad leader should be able to spawn on their squad mates. these are the basics that have to be first first.
  7. I just tried and could not connect to any servers after 10 minutes.
  8. I would not game on anything else!!!
  9. Axlerod


    that only works some of the time.
  10. Axlerod


    Squad members should be able to spawn on squad leader anytime. Squad leader should be able to spawn on each squad member. Currently there is no point in having squads because they can not spawn on each other.
  11. Yes it looks like we need some region locks and a ping kicker. The lag makes the game unplayable. A server browser would really help because i think sometimes I might be playing in australia and I live in the USA.
  12. I really like this idea. The squad leader should be able to spawn on Squad mates I think.
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