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  1. files verified already twice..didnt help
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: so...before the last patch everything was ok...now when im trying to to go into game it fails.main menu ok, customization ok but when i tr to join through quick join, game trying to connect to the mp im waiting 20 minutes and then it fails and im back in main menu. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any): please help??
  3. still getting the same.yesterday was little better but today again. I7 2,7ghz 16gb ram ssd drive and GTX960m yesterday steam found 6 corruputed files and downloaded them again. i could play two games. today again steam found 6 files and downloaded them.still game getting crashed...
  4. im losing connection to the host...servers are down????
  5. Never happened before. Games just crashed. Now my tank on berlin is flying..WTF???
  6. Dear DEVS! Take it seriously please! Spawn camping is a very real and very easy thing to do in this game. There's absolutely no I-frames and the area at which you spawn is predictable allowing for many people to sit at a point just outside and shoot you. While this wouldn't be a huge issue they have made it so enemy vehicles can enter your main spawn and sit there shooting you with little recorse cause you die immediately upon spawning. While it does seem some maps have it so theres an "out of bounds" for enemy players trying to enter your spawn it only seems to be for the "east side". An argument could be made that there's at least 3 spawns when you entire team is pushed to a corner, however every map has it where a tank sitting on "spawn area 1" can see "spawn area 2" as well. If that wasn't bad enough there's a terrible amount of stuttering, causing freezes, that is almost equal to the same amount of time played in a session. It's so bad that a majority of your deaths can be attributed to you looking frozen at a screen, then BAM dead. It wouldn't be as bad except it most commonly occurs as you're staring at an enemy. I underlined this because this is a main issues other players and I have been experiencing which just makes the game infuriating. You can't play tactically when there's a chance your screen will freeze but for everyone else you just walk out of cover. At first I thought this was a prodoct of my just a lousy connection, except the stuttering started happening in the menu as well. To go along with this almost everybody I talked to has their ping over 150 while playing in their country and having amazing interne. Another issue is chat filters/ restrictions not being present causing many people to just spam whatever is the new trend and just being a donkey's behind. While normally I wouldn't have a problem with a game crashing once a day on early access, this game brings up a crash report UI, but has it so it's not even working, so we can't even help the devs with it. While I do like the idea of rewards for doing well, if you are on a losing team its almost like a snowball that turns into an avalanche as more of the enemies keep on spawning the rewards and your entire team is stuck in spawn cause the enemy just keeps calling in artillery or tanks shoot you the moment you run out. Squad gameplay seems to reward the squad leader too much points as it seems he get quadruple whatever his squad-mates get for doing the objective. This seems to be combatted with the game chaning the squad leader at random, but actually doesn't help as you'll either end up with a really bad leader who won't issue commands or one who is amazing and then switched w/o anyone realizing. Also there'll be times where I just can't spawn in my rewards and its not clear why.Meta Currently the "meta" that is running around with a rocket launcher and shooting people with it and then refilling the ammo with what you carry and shooting more rockets. Another "meta" is running around with the Tor (one shot sniper) and basically use it as a shotty since it one shots anyone at any range from my experience. Ways to Improve For spawn camping have players have some I-frames upon spawn and have more variety in spawn locations For spawn camping on the two major spawns, have it so that those spawn areas are out of bounds for the enemies as well as providing cover around the areas so tanks can't just shoot inside. Have some sort of chat filter introduced so people can't just spam word vomit or ASCIII Allow for players to send in crash reports Fix the exploits involving people spawning on other side of a wall and being able to shoot through it and if they're spawn leader have people spawn with them to attack point Since bodies tend to dissapear anyways maybe have it so players dont have to see a fully customized gun on an enemy (this shouldn't be applied to enemy apparel as it along with the camo can have a purpose). Have it so weapons that one shot are harder to gain ammo for, or have it where when refilling ammo for those specific weapons it takes a little longer to refill. The squad leader points should be reduced slightly while giving party members more ways to earn points from the leader. Don't change squad leader at random or at least have it so If a team hasn't gained many points for a while maybe have it so that they switch spawns with another team Have some counter to the snowball effect of killstreaks Show a clear reason why rewards won't spawn in Note: While I did try to make a list to help, I'm not a dev so I don't if any these things listed are easy to do or how long it'll take.
  7. From today progression and loadout are being saved
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