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  1. Honestly, the best thing you could do is make it so that weapon sway/balance when in anything but prone is increased by 50-75% to discourage the people literally taking a red dot on the TOR and running and gunning with it.
  2. Personally, I feel that considering the high risk vs reward system around AT mines, that damage wise they are just fine. HOWEVER, I do feel that a limit on how many can be placed at a single time should be put in place, as well as a two death counter that when reached auto de-spawns the mines a person placed earlier.
  3. Cool story bro. Now show me a video where the person shooting is actually hitting anything past 25M and not just shooting into a berm or downrange at thin air like every video you have posted so far.
  4. Oh common, did you really just use J. Miculek as an example of what average people should be able to do? Really? Honestly, did you feel even the least bit greasy when you did that, or did you just do a quick google search not knowing WHO you actually were posting?
  5. Honestly, I think what kit you are wearing actually makes a difference to a small degree. More exposed skin=clearer thermal reading.
  6. So, you die to it, alot from the sounds of it. Ever think about, oh I dunno, shooting it once you hear the very obvious warning that "a drone has been spotted in your area"?
  7. Not a cheat, but people "spawning" under the map and shooting people with the TOE+Ammo bag is getting really, really old.
  8. Here is my two cents: Vehicles: I currently feel that vehicles as they stand overall are slightly on the strong/OP side of the gaming spectrum. I say this not because I feel that they have no place or shouldn't actually be strong, but that they have a few mechanics that right now are very easy to exploit with that make them so. * Hard kill (Aka Trophy) systems need a much much longer cool down period then what is currently in game. Even better, would be to make it a limited use item with no cool down that needs to be recharged/rearmed like everything else. Using the T-72, with the top end system, this system has saved my ass way more then it realistically should have when I've overextended and made mistakes that should have gotten me killed. Combined with the high end RPG net upgrade, it really makes it hard to counter without using another vehicle or three or four dedicated guys kitted for hard AT to spam overkill it with RPG's. * Hard indicator on HUD that shows direction turret is facing in relation to which way the hull is facing would be nice. * Front facing gun shields for anyone riding 3rd party in the Cupolas would be nice. * Know you guys have likely done some homework when it comes to the vehicles, but here is an absolutely lovely read on the T-72, including pics and diagrams of some quality of life items that would be easy to implement, including reticles, optics, upgrades/modifications ect ect. Enjoy. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2015/05/t-72-soviet-progeny.html Personal Protection, AKA Body Armor: I've said it once and I will say it again, I am absolutely in LOVE with the armor system in this game as it actually feels like it actually a thing in this game and not just a lame HP modifier or extender. Do I think that it is perfect as is? No. Do I think it could use some TLC and fine tuning? Yes. * There needs to be a bigger/more noticeable difference in weight/movement penalties caused by the different armor types and vests then what there is currently. In fact, I personally would love to see you guys go the Escape from Tarkov route by actually having armor and helmets modify/restrict a players vision and hearing as well as movement. For example, if a player wears a non-visored LSHZ-2DTM VAH for say IIa, no penalty. Add the optional ballistic face shield to it for added fragmentation protection and actually have the player IC looking through the visor IG. Now say a player wants max overall head protection and opts to wear the massive and bulky K6-3 Spetsnaz helmet, made from roughly 6mm of titanium with attached ballistic full face shield with ballistic glass insert. In trade off for max protection (as this helmet can literally shrug off direct hits by various calibers) the player should have a slightly reduced FOV and muffled hearing/reduced situational awareness. People wearing full kit and people wearing a minimalist kit should also have pro's and cons as well as well as properly supporting different play styles. It is kind funny seeing someone in a LvL4 multi hit Ar500 kit with full head protection carrying a LMG and a RPG being able to parkour on the same level as a guy wearing a LBV and a boonie hat carrying a SMG and pistol. Just my two cents.
  9. Just going to have to wait it out for a big patch to hit.
  10. Personally, since this game is basically a "Cold War gone HOT" scenario, more Eastern Europe themed maps would be a welcome addition. The problem though, is that Eastern Europe is basically rolling flatland with only cities breaking and small forests breaking it up. As such, I can only imagine the design and balance difficulty a level designer would have in anything other then dense urban centers. Can it be done? Absolutely. However I just don't know how well it could be done. Maps I would love to see however: - Winter fighting in a dense forest or on the slopes of a mountain range. Limited visibility due to a snowstorm could also help in balancing out cover and concealment. - A coastal attack/defense of a Mediterranean port or city. - Desert delta with mixed/sprawled urban centers (think RL Tigris River in Iraq)
  11. ThunderCats Actual, this is Tactical Beard Actual, you are coming in broken and stupid, over.
  12. Recon


    Respectfully disagree. I personally like the amount of time currently placed in matches. Makes it feel like I actually have time to sneak around and go for true flanks on the enemy and properly set up ambushes and what not without the forced need to run-n-gun while racing the clock. As for the armor, I personally love how it currently works and look forward to them pushing it even further in the future. This is the first game in a very long time that I've played where you can actually tell/feel the difference that armor makes in the game, and it's a much welcome breath of fresh air.
  13. Respectively disagree. The absolute last thing we need is this game turning out like every other online shooter, where large open maps are absolutely dominated by dozens of campers acting like they are at a Camp Perry shooting competition because no other weapon system can compete with them. I personally would love to see the TOR add a negative speed penalty for ALL actions while it's equipped. IE, you run slower, jump half as high, slide for less distance, and take a second or so longer to bring up your sights when in anything but a prone supported position. The trade off being naturally, the awesome amount of hurt that it can dish out against ones enemies, but fleshy and steel versions.
  14. I'd enlist with you, but I prefer not to be in second place all the time.
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