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  1. I'd like better lean against the wall mechanic.. either standing or crouched.
  2. Enough destruction to prevent camping. As of now there are many spots where you can hide and lean out safely. BF destruction kept me on my toes as you can never stay in place, saw a tank run. In older games you would go meh he can't kill me.
  3. Its on the devs to do list.. must have read it on the FAQ.
  4. there are not enough players connected to the server. Ive heard one team would capture most if not all the locations and when the other team is connected you are fighting a losing battle. BF has this where you can freely run around and stuff but you are not gaining anything until a set number of players connect.
  5. I agree that when a flag is being captured you cannot spawn on that location and kill that player or squad of players. This is literally what BF is like and its irritating.
  6. All good ideas but for 5 would jammers okay against a good squad since you always have it on?
  7. I would like gore to be in the game. Perhaps have the player decide if they want gore in options/presets.
  8. It would encourage camping if there is no revive coz people are scared to take risks?
  9. On the world map there are some cities on the night side, maybe im jumping ahead of myself but playing at night would be awesome.
  10. I can hear people running around above me if Im in a building.. I think it depends on what headset you got.
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