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  1. Don't just take my word for it, though. There is only one true way to find out all of the pros and cons of each shooting position. Try them out, right down what you like and don't like, then post it in the forums for future updates. Making this game as real and fun as possible is one of my goals here and I'm willing to post data and research backing it up if necessary.
  2. There is 0 difference between the gas pressures and how they are released on a GI rifle in comparison to a civilian rifle. The one thing you definitely have right is that dust and debris sucks if you're laying down and rotate your rifle. But I think it could add a cool mechanic that most games dont have. Prone makes you more accurate but unless you choose your spot wisely, your vision will be obstructed by dust and debris with each shot.
  3. I have a muzzle brake on my AR-15 and it doesnt affect now the gun recoils in your grip. If it were suspended in Zero-G maybe it would, so long as you are holding your rifle, it doesnt change.
  4. The glitch is in this building. My guess is it is near the Hotel Nitrax entrance in picture one, near the rubble straight ahead, I have seen a player try to clip through the wall, and managed to succeed partially before I killed him. Then a few games later I am being shot by a sniper from a high elevation in the building, the sniper was located in the blown out part of the building somewhere. There were also bullets coming through the wall around the second floor, right next to the X on Hotel Nitrax sign.
  5. When switching to a secondary sight, in the current build, you bring your eye to the sight. This blocks out most if not all of the left hand side of the screen, disallowing you to see anything unless you lean left. I suggest altering that function by making the character rotate the gun to the left, effectively and efficiently bringing the sight to the eye, as that is how it is actually done. First picture illustrates my problem, cant see anything on the left, whereas the second picture provides clarity on the situational awareness. The new optic suggestion would be something along the lines of a Aimpoint T-1 or T-2 a nice micro red dot, Vortex would work too.
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