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  1. I think this should be a pinned post @Known Issues and fixes Thanks again!
  2. Where can I report people exploiting game bugs, like shooting from walls on TDM Berlin?
  3. Just tried what you suggested - it works, I can finally play again! I selected stock weapons without any attachments, changed strikes and it loads now. Thanks!!!!
  4. One of the devs on discord confirmed that this problem may be connected with attachments, so maybe some player profiles are affected by this issue, not everyone.
  5. Probably it doesn't have anything to do with your system, it's a server side problem, I think that our profiles might be corrupted. I wrote an email to technical support almost 2 weeks ago asking to reset my profile. still waiting for an answer from them
  6. Tried to join a game yesterday and - same. Stuck.
  7. It doesn't matter which game mode or map, as long as I try to play on EU server. Game works fine when i try NA or Asia server, well, except for ping of course.
  8. As I already mentioned in your other thread, I have the same issue. My specs: Ryzen 2600, 16GB DDR4 3000 mhz ram, RX480 4GB When I try to play on EU server, it goes in to infinite map loading loop... everything is the same as for you, dots at the bottom right corner are moving, I hear BG sound music, but it just doesn't load. The strange thing is that I can play on NA servers tho without a problem (in terms of loading), the thing is that my ping is over 200 so... it's as good as EU for me, can't really play. No crash logs to provide, as obviously, game doesn't crash. I never had a problem before, even at launch. No crashes, at all. I did a fresh install of the game, deleted cache folder, did verification of files - nothing helped. So, I think that maybe our profiles are somehow corrupted or something.. because obviously it's not the problem with our client, but with the server accepting us...
  9. I have 16 GB ram, and everything was fine until new patch. Still same, no solution
  10. Same. Made a fresh install, deleted cache folder as some people suggested, tried to connect on EU server several times, it just goes in a map loading loop.
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