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  1. This might be a minor detail, but the top-of-the-screen linear compass is not exactly easy to understand for some people (probs just me). An option to get a circular one would be really nice for those of us who can't use that weird line on top
  2. ^ Yeeess. I'd rly like squad lead to be opt-in rather then opt-out role Well, this one is a not reallistic approach. But here squadmates get extra points for following orders (and by extra i mean about 2-3 times as much as from doing random kills and objectives). And i love the system! (If your lead actually gives orders) Plus the leader gets point rewards when squad follows the orders, which encourages thinking about tactics rather then run&gunning. Esp since squad can respawn on their lead, i always found myself using recon drone sitting our of objectives providing both quick respawn point for my teammates and calling out enemy movements In fact score-driven approach to vehicles and air support is very well made. Getting enough score usually takes a while(and an eternity if you don't work with ur squad) and ppl care about their stuff, so you don't see that big of a clusterfuck you usually see in BF games. And it'd be not fair to take away this ability from squadmates. Just believe me on that.
  3. What would be great to have as a squad lead > Separate order and mark buttons. Sometimes i end up swapping team target while doing target callouts and it'll increase QoL when actively managing squad tasks (and using recon drone) > Objective selection cone. While the idea of "point exactly at point label and assign target" is great, doing so is not so great, greatly distracts from doing stuff esp when you don't exactly know where the center of the screen is (and going ads hides all objectives except current, good luck with that). So yeah, a bit bigger cone both for targetting and item interaction (go catch that small heli drone) would also increase QoL > More squad interaction. Quick orders? "Engage vehicle", "Rally up", "Attention %direction%", "Stay together", "Move to ...". Lack of in-game voice comms makes that kind of workaround mandatory > MAP INTERACTION (yes, caps, this one is important). Also relevant to previous ^ point. Just as i can assign objectives from map on deployment screen i want to do that from map in-game. Just so i make a command "attack a2" and not try to look directly at [a2] sign in 3d world. > Squad loadout item icons. Yes, the loadouts are up to my team, but if i can see on squad ui(which is there anyway) what they carry, i might as well work around their gear. Which icons? [Gadget], [grenade], [weapon types]. {ar/smg/shotgun/sniper/AT/pistol} Right now it's a big confusion. Do i have AT? Or any long range? eh... probably? + Assignning the point at which you are rn as a target is... looking in the air and trying to find the icon there. Just a poor choice of interactivity. Looking into the ground and pressing order button would be much better As a non-lead >Option to change lead, if there's no order in N minutes. Since many ppl just run and gun not even doing any lead-specific tasks. And forming another squad never works as people don't join. > Direction callouts same as for lead. "damn, there's something %direction%", as marking system doesn't bring attention, but rather just shows enemies if you have them on screen.
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