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  1. SSD is hands down better for gaming. If you use your games on HDD, then you have to accept an element of lag. I am NOT saying this is the cause of the stuttering, I'm merely talking about this retarded 'HDD and SSD should both work the same for games' because its simply not true. SSD is going to trump HDD every single time. Load times will ALWAYS BE FASTER on SSD than HDD. Always. Please, show me otherwise. To suggest otherwise is to demonstrate a lack of understanding of how the hardware and software works. https://www.gamingscan.com/ssd-vs-hdd-gaming/ P.S: I am NOT trying to say 'SSD will give you more FPS than HDD'. But games will always load quicker on SSD.
  2. I don't know who this 'we' is you speak of. You don't speak for everyone. That is what YOU and a handful of people want. Read my previous post; if a global conflict like WW3 erupted I guarantee you would see a multitude of weapons from the previous 50 years pressed into service wherever they're needed.
  3. You do realise barrel lengths & tolerances will affect rounds differently, right? So a shorter barrel is going to typically mean less velocity, more recoil, more spread, etc. ? Likewise different RoFs in some weapons will further affect them. So there could be 20 rifles in 7.62x39mm with varying barrel lengths and ROFs which would all still give different/unique performances. By your logic we shouldn't include a multitude of 5.56x45mm NATO rifles because they all fire the same calibre.. This is a game about WW3. This means global warfare. People will use whatever they can get their hands on. So no, I completely disagree with you, because to pretend the vast stocks of stored weapons across the world would not be pressed into use in an emergency (like a global conflict) is simply naive.
  4. The scoring speed is too fast. It means games finish far too quickly. I think optimum would also be 30-40 minutes per match and a scoring rate 2/3 of the current speed.
  5. People need to toughen up a bit, there's always going to be toxic elements. But running to the developer and expecting them to censor everything is not the way forward. I think the best approach as mentioned by some here would be for users to simply be able to ignore other users (both text & voice chat when its a thing) so those who take offence at something can simply block the person. The only 'bad word' censorship should be optional and left off by default.
  6. So what do you think has happened to all of the existing weapons of those types hmm? Do you think they all completely disappear and are not in service in parts of the world in 8 years time? In a WW3 situation people will use what they can get their hands on, and many older weapons that are left in storage will be used. So there's likely to be a huge variety of old and new weapons out there in circulation in such a crisis.
  7. Drones seem fine to me. I don't die that often to them, and if I see one its a rush trying to kill it before it gets close. I also sort of try dodge them by standing near a corner as one comes towards me so I can quickly move out of the blast. Its nerve wracking and fun.
  8. Its like you don't read or you lack some level of understanding here. I'm not sure why. Anyway; this is not some 'beta inside a beta'. This is simply a second testing environment that allows people to take part in testing without compromising the stable branch. Look at how ferociously pissy many people in the community were when the game's initial launch didn't work out? So what happens if they introduce a bug into the one and only stable access we have, rendering it inaccessible? People would be in here squealing in rage! This is a good compromise which will hopefully avoid any serious outages. You say you don't know of any devs use such a practice, and I just highlighted Squad which is doing so with V12. 'EA' is not 'one big beta' because the game may still be in an alpha state and then advance to beta and then eventually be released as 1.0. To try and say 'its all one big beta!' is simplistic and naive. Its like you're trying to make light or simplify something that is anything but simple. There's much more that goes into software development than you seem to understand. Re the valid arguments: I can understand your perspective, but I also think its wrong. I don't think your viewpoint is valid; you aren't even credible. You've come in here and tried to dismiss the cycle of development as all being 'one big beta' in EA and you've tried to put forward your definition of what early access is as being the right one. When its clearly not. When you come back with valid arguments and points that are steeped in fact and not solely your opinion acting as an authority, then by all means i'll listen and have a good discussion around it. Until then, I'll continue to disagree with you when you chat bullshit.
  9. Some of these have been mentioned already but here's my 'wishlist': (for now ) Pistols: Colt M1911 SIG P226 in .40S&W or .357SIG Tokarev TT-33 Glock 20 in 10mm Auto (10x25mm) Stetchkin APS HK-45 FN Browning High Power FN 5-7 Submachine guns: Skorpion Evo 3 (lightweight smg) Skorpion VZ61 (super-lightweight smg) MP5 series (inc. K, SD, etc.) CBJ-MS Personal Defence Weapon in 6.5x25mm FN P90 Assault rifles: Tavor TAR-21 Galil MAR, SAR & ARM SIG550 series Bofos AK5 + variants SA80A3 Battle / DMR rifles: FN FAL + variants G3 + variants SIG 542 in 7.62x51mm M14 + variants Galil GALATZ DMR (+ Standard Galil AR) 7.62x51mm SKS & Variants. Sniper Rifles: M40A5/A6 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare in .338 Accuracy International AX rifle in .300 winchester mag / .338 SV98 7.62x54mm SVD Dragunov + variants SVU/-A (Bullpup Dragunov) Tikka T3 SVK Anti-Material rifles: Lynx GM6 Accuracy International AX50 OSV-96 Machine Guns: FN MAG HK21E (7.62) & HK23E (5.56) FN MINIMI & variants (i.e 'Para') MG3 RPD FNUSA MK48 Pecheneg Grenade Launchers: GP25/30 series for AK pattern rifles. (And/or GP-34 which can be found here.) M203 for AR15 pattern rifles & many others AG36 for G36, SA80, etc. Milkor MGL XM-25 Light/Heavy Anti-Tank: M136 AT4 Panzerfaust 3 MK153 SMAW Carl Gustaf RPG-29
  10. I found the game difficult for a short while until I adapted my playstyle and figured out what works for me. You will die loads to begin with, but once you learn how to utilise the features and maps properly, and how to apply tactics to the game, you'll see its not so difficult. It just takes time and practice.
  11. Yeah I was thinking about something like this. The ability to host a map locally in a sort of 'sandbox' mode would be good for learning how things handle and work or learning layouts of maps and stuff.
  12. What is Early Access? Steam Early Access enables you to sell your game on Steam while it is still being developed, and provide context to customers that a product should be considered "unfinished." Early Access is a place for games that are in a playable alpha or beta state, are worth the current value of the playable build, and that you plan to continue to develop for release. (taken from https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/earlyaccess ) You're incorrect. See highlighted bits above. This game is in an alpha/beta state. It is playable. The devs are trying to ensure it remains playable, whilst letting people take part in testing the next version and removing any bugs before its released as the stable version. You don't have to play on one or the other if you don't want to. Furthermore, other EA games have beta programs for users to opt into built into them (bring up the properties in one of your steam games and go look at the 'betas' tab.) or some titles offer a separate testing version for users to engage in testing of the next version before its released as stable. See Squad's recent move to having the current stable build and also a testing version for V12. Look, I understand people are worried that number are dwindling and this will split the playerbase, but the playerbase will continue to fluctuate. Every time a version is released, it will spike again and users will come back and play. Then people will get bored of it or take a break and numbers will diminish, and some people will see this and panic and come on to the forums to tell a game developer that the game developer doesn't know what they're doing and is fucking up. This is going to continue throughout the games development. Once the next version is ready for release, a flood of people will come back. Then the community will have plenty of players again. And then it will dwindle again. And so the cycle will continue. You have to get used to it or you're going to be disappointed all the time. Regarding your thoughts on my toxicity; tough shit. Here's a link to the ignore page: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/ignore/ simply add my name in there and you can ignore me.
  13. Your naivety brings a smile to my face, and shows you know f-all about software development.
  14. x100000000000 Its 3 weeks since launch tomorrow. Its early access. Its got a long way to go. But some people just don't understand it or can't manage their expectations or are so used to getting what they want (and more) immediately that they act like spoilt children.
  15. Nope, you'd be wrong, and you'd waste a lot of time. You optimise AFTER you're happy with the features and content of the game and you're approaching v1 release. Otherwise you have to do twice as much work. In many games in early access, devs will periodically incorporate optimisations and improvements. But the bulk of this optimisation typically comes at the end of the development process. However, I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective; I suspect you're inadvertently comparing this to regular titles like BF and so on, which are actually final products. By the time you install a title like that, its already been through the whole cycle and (mostly) optimised. So you don't see the game in production. But in early access we're basically at the very start of the whole process. In other words; patience. Or go play something else and come back when its further along in its development.
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