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  1. Why are we doing a public test server? Isn't all early access test until a game hits 1.0 for final release? Just seems that some of your Battlefield guys are splitting up what is already a dwindling population.
  2. Game is already over run with snipe happy people, why not add heliwhores to the mix too.
  3. Haven't even played lately but have checked out a few streams always checking to see progress of game. Most times person is sniping enemy has all the points but look how good I am camping with my rifle doing absolutely nothing effective for my team, lol. Yes it's starting to look EXACTLY like another Sniperfield. The fact that they put in a rifle capable of destroying a tank should tell you more than you need to know about this.
  4. Haven't run into a lot yet and is painfully obvious when you do. I know you say you take hacks seriously but unless you jump on them right away and squash them meaningfully with the likes of a hardware ban I'm afraid this will just end up another EA game killed by be over run with hacks. I really want to see this game succeed as am tired of what's out there now. Keep up the good work!
  5. I don't mind people sniping but Battlefield did turn more into Sniperfield and when people are then allowed to run around with a sniper rifle and an rpg it just completely ruins it for me. This based on weight thing just doesn't cut it and can guarantee that it will definitely run off the player base as they get tired of it.
  6. I'm sure they will lock this thread. Heaven forbid anyone names and shames, but let these A holes run rampant in our games. Don't seem to have a problem with that.
  7. This is why it's so hard to enjoy PC gaming anymore. If everyone would take Blizzards stance of hardware banning there would be a lot less of it.
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