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  1. Yeah the first time I killed someone with an RPG in a hallway I was laughing my ass off because I took no damage then noticed 90% of the players were using them like shotguns that match
  2. Having some kind of matchmaking would be nice, but at least atm I feel like there aren't enough players to have skill based matchmaking. I could be wrong though. Tue, you can take out the optics or APS with a sniper or something, but a sniper tank with HE usually beats a sniper with a .50 peeking around a barricade lol Tbh shotguns are bad, but the least of my worries. I have a lot of fun with them, and usually aren't a problem for me, I'd rather see the other stuff fixed first. Inconsistent for sure. Especially with strikes. I think artillery needs more splash damage or something, and RPGs need better armor penetration.
  3. Okay, I love the game so far, but there's a few things that make me really want to quit playing until they get fixed. Spawning is horrible. The spawn selection screen can be buggy sometimes, like not being able to spawn on the quad leader. But stuff like that is expected with EA so whatever. My main problem with spawning is getting spawn killed. There's no spawn protection, and sometimes I get killed before my screen has totally loaded in. I also feel like we should be able to spawn on any member of the squad, not just the leader. There's already been a bunch of discussion on this but I think it might help with another issue. One team, almost always, dominates the map. The only assistance the losing team gets is an extra base spawn on a side of the map as a flank. But it never works out. Getting all points taken from you, being pushed back to your spawn, then having pretty much no way of getting any points back feels terrible. I feel like being able to spawn on any member of your squad would help with being able to secure and defend points a lot easier. It could just be the losing team is way less organized than the winning team, which seems to be the case sometimes, when my whole team is sitting just within the spawn, while I rush by trying to capture the obj. But if I could spawn off the 4 other guys actually playing the obj, maybe we could get a couple and come back. Tanks are also really good. Especially when they have APS. If a tank has a skilled operator, upgraded armor, and APS, it's almost impossible to take out without a whole squad firing RPGs at the same time. There's been plenty of times where an enemy tank has destroyed my team, and no matter how many RPGs I put down-range, the tank was fine. (I'm also guilty of this, it was super fun for me but I kinda felt bad about it lmao) And finally, some balancing stuff. The RPG is way too good against infantry, plenty of posts about that already. Imo it's way too hard to snipe, but I'm probably just bad. Shotguns are the real snipers in this game, etc. I'm sure all this stuff will be adjusted in the future, since I've heard plenty of people complain in game and on Discord. Sorry for the long / rant post, but these things are extremely frustrating, and not hearing much news from the devs, on top of this, makes me want to put down the game. Let me know what you guys think, I really want to hear your feedback!
  4. I've mostly seen quadcopters and APCs limited, which is annoying. APCs are understandable, because they're a bit OP imo, but quadcopters don't really need a limit.
  5. I played a bit more, and saw it was limited, but the limit was removed later in the match. So I think you're right there, just need to wait for fewer vehicles.
  6. Golden Sniper RPG. (Use two of them with ammo pack Why_I_love_WW3.mp4
  7. I'm not sure if it was a bug / glitch or a hack, but someone was invisible in the last game I played. They also managed to get into a wall on one of the C points on Moscow, so my team was getting killed by a building lol.
  8. Sharkie


    I agree, it seems like squad leader spawn is broken too, since I can pretty much never spawn on them.
  9. Yep, saving for me and my friends too.
  10. I know a couple of the maps somewhat well, I can find my way around if I know where I am but when I spawn sometimes I get all turned around, which I guess is my main problem. Maybe if the map when you press M was track up instead of North up it would help better? Another part of the issue might be the point icons. Sometimes they're pretty hard to see, and invisible if you're far enough away, so I can't use those as a method of navigation.
  11. Currently the only time you have a minimap is when there is a UAV active. Because I'm dumb and can never find my way around, a constant minimap would be helpful, but only show enemy locations if a UAV is active. This would also give jamming another use, to block the minimap and UAVs, somewhat like Call of Duty. I understand the point seems to be you only have a minimap because there is a drone feeding the view to you, but its more of a GPS thing. What do you guys think?
  12. I hopped in an APC at the beginning of the round, got a bunch of frags with it, helped capture pretty much all of the objectives. (Let me brag a little I'm bad at video games xD) Eventually the enemy team got fed up with me rolling around and blew me up 6 times over lol I ended up using all my BP to get another APC, but when that got blown up I noticed my next available APC strike was grayed out and said "LIMIT". Does anyone know why it's limited? It also limited my quadcopter, but not reaper or JDAM. Is that a hard limit on how many vehicles an individual player can spawn per match? Or was it because there were ~2-3 other vehicles already being used?
  13. This is currently intentional to reduce server load. The devs will fix it Soon™
  14. The drone is slow and very difficult to control as well, but since it can't climb most stairs (despite having a small jump) it's pretty much unusable. Getting hurt by fire from far away makes sense, since it's pretty hot irl, but it does seem to have a good bit of reach in game sometimes.
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