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  1. im not so sure i agree with the sentiment that tanks or underpowered.. unweildy may be a better term as the turret speed and reload times are brutally slow but at the same time ive gone on rounds with 40+ kills with like 1 death all due to a tank. I am not a extremely good vehicle player yet i somehow dominated because of a relatively equipped tank. maybe make the price lower or the speed higher but as for armor and damage i dont think i would mess with those values too much. also if you want to increase the optics health that could help the issue as when i see an enemy tank i just take 2 shots at the optic and they are forced into retreat.
  2. just a quick list of bus ive run across during the pte 1. strikes dont save customization, atleast the abrams and the wolverine reset to default configuration after changing armor turret etc.. 2. i dont know if this is a bug or if there were simply no players on but i could not get into a match with more than 2 players in it, a server browser needs to be priority otherwise you just join on empty lobbies which is never as fun as a full one. 3. scar foregrip does not show on the model atleast in the customization screen 4. scar magazine, the 20rd mag is for some reason lighter in weight than the 10 rd mag 5. scar, extra ammo didnt seem to work in game i could not switch to AP rounds 6. just had a crash nothing seemed to lead to it but i was on smolensk driving around in an apc 7. strange glowing platform on smolensk at c2 (see picture) 8. there is a massive amount of glare at A1 (see pic 2) 9. in the strike load out menu at-least the Wolverine and the Abrams appear as extremely expensive (15000) but in game they are their normal values 4000 and 5800 respectively will update with any more bugs i find as i play build, PTE : 50962 pc specs gtx 1070 intel i7 6700k vengeance ram, 32gigs ssd (game is loaded on ssd aswell)
  3. @TENb yeah that is the same type of issue i had when the game launched, my cpu would run at 30-50% and my gpu wouldnt even hit 60%, keep in mind i have 32 gigs of vengeance ram. so for you it is either a ram issue or a software issue, again i suggest upping your resolution scaling to 150 as this is what solved my issue but it could be in your system such as temps(it didnt look like this from your screen caps) or another factor. general trouble shooting, update your graphics driver, update windows, make sure the game is on a ssd and not an hdd if possible(this shouldnt effect the fps too much but it can never hurt). if these dont fix it then ive got no idea but with your system you should be getting 100+ frames for sure
  4. makes sense, that may be the right call for balance sake. but if you did implement it a similar trade off more so on the shorter barrel side it would have quicker ads/equip speed as it does at the moment i believe, but maybe faster, because it would be a fair amount lighter promoting a run and gun style play essentially converting a AR into an smg such as ar15 pistols in the real world or SBR's but the draw back would be decreased damage as you know based on gas expansion efficiency. the biggest reason i say this is because i am a huge fan of SBRs in the real world and i love SMGs in fps shooters, so it would be really cool to see something of the sort implimented into the game. thanks a ton for your response i understand why yall are making the choice best of luck!
  5. I'm sure you guys know how barrel ballistics work but would yall think about implementing longer barrels doing more damage because the bullet will be leaving the barrel at a higher velocity compared to shorter barrel? and based on the kinetic energy equation more velocity = more KE edit: not sure if i made it clear enough. what i am suggesting is damage doesnt necessarily depend on range with the barrel lengths but raw damage from the start
  6. when i was having a similar issue my cpu wasnt running at what it should be, crank resolution scale to 150 and see what happens, also run task manager look at your cpu usage during play, figure out your bottle neck. i get 100+fps with a i7 6700k and a 1070 @TENb
  7. not sure what youre getting at i run a sig on all my loadouts and get plenty of kills against ARs at close range as much as i would love a buff to my loadouts i dont think they are underpowered
  8. get gud scrub.. jk i agree to an extent but at the same time i like the way it feels let me explain. although i may not be experiencing the same netcode issues you are the inaccuracy of weapons and the more sluggish overall feel is apparent especially in the heavier weight class. after the PTE i almost exclusively play in the lightweight class and i feel like a butterfly on speed. as soon as i switch to my medium or heavy tank buster classes i feel like a fat kid who just left little ceasers. but this is in my opinion a good thing. it gives a penalty for trying to be the terminator and equiping a 50.cal sniper and an rpg with level 4 armor which by nature should be extremely overpowered but you move like a slug through quicksand, so people dont do this all the time. i really enjoy running a smg with a lightweight sniper rifle. sure i cant kill in .2 seconds (more like .215 for me ) but i really enjoy the movement and the overall nature of the game from the lightweight perspective. as to accuracy im not sure what happend but before the patch i ran a g36 with attachments and it felt like a laser beam. i would go 30 and 10 just because of this weapon, now it is much much less acurate, i dont remember seeing a direct change in the patch notes but again this is for the best. real guns arent laser beams they are hard to manipulate and under rapid fire difficult to control (not saying the game should be 1 to 1 real but it helps for immersion to be somewhat accurate) i find the balance is generally better for the weapons and who knows maybe change up your loadouts and you might find that you enjoy a certain setup very differant from your previous? all the best edit: btw thats gotta be a badass rig, very nice
  9. build 48460 after running into my loadout bug not 20 minutes ago i started playing with my bugged loadout only to be caught by a invisible man. i dont know if he was hacking or glitching but thought devs might want to know it appeared as if his gun was on the floor "shooting" while he was invisible somewhere else hitting me from all sides.i even deployed a uav to figure out where he was yet he was completely invisible to the eye side note i also caught a video of the invisible wall in the crater i saw someone else post about.
  10. heres a video of what it looks like and here are my loadouts
  11. build id 48460 (PTE) hey i am currently online in a game afraid if i leave it will corrupt my profile again wanted to tell about a bug. logged into what i assume was another patch as my character loadout reset and the game acted as if i had never logged in before. i created 2 loadouts detailes down below, in the first and second loadout slots. i jumped into the game to be met with the instant kill bug, (killed my explosion) had to respawn and my loadouts were very strange my first loadout turned into beryl 762 with sig as secondary, (the beryl appears to only have a 30 round mag instead of the 60 )but it is not the sig that i had just created in my other loadout, it appears to be a sig from a previous loadout before my loadouts reset my second loadout is a sig with a rpg this time it is the sig i created and a rpg( not the one i had just created) changed my first loadout to sig with reflex sight monster grip long barrel a laser on the side(the small one dont remember the name) with a tochnostwith swat scope and a monster grip ............................ changed my second loadout to beryl 762 60 round drum monster grip a medium sight( dont remember which one) the short angled style forgrip with a rpg with the giant square looking reflex sight and tandem rocket all kill streaks are default ....................... (all this is below in the videos) @Ragir
  12. also works very well for me i see those dang 15 shot magazines were the killer?
  13. definately not full theres all of 4 people on right now lol
  14. in the PTE i carry a sig primary and g29/tochnost secondary( i switch back and forth) before the PTE i carried a beryl 762 and sig
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