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  1. Yea thats the beauty of having the ability to rent a server and mold it the way you want for others with similar tastes to play and enjoy. Nothing is worse than liking a game but being forced to play in certain way which you do not enjoy. You can look at this problem in 2 ways really, 1 if you don't like it you can just quit, or 2 run your own server. I prefer option 2, not to quit and just rent a server with my own set of rules.
  2. We had a BF3 CQ Maps only (close quarter) Headquaters servers with no snipers and no camping rules enforced. And man it was always full and simply a blast, specially on that Donya map. All the bush wookies are slowly moving towards me in their proned position, I can sense it!
  3. This is pretty much a wash though. Old BF vets as myself rent servers and host them for friends with similar playstyles, thus holding onto a population. When they do not allow us to rent servers we simply go play something else, so population lost. You could look at it either way, and agree or disagree, all relative.
  4. The ability to rent your own server and set your own rules is by far the best thing for the community.
  5. Yea man I can imagine how it looks on ultra (im blind as a bat with kerotoconus in both eyes) so everything looks fuzzy regardless.
  6. Sure it can. Overclocking and if you are not running on ultra settings it can easily get 144 fps and maintain it. But if you plan on running on ultra settings on a 1440p resolution then mostly likely not.
  7. Any monitor thats 144hz or better with 1ms response time. Although to some 120hz is just fine.
  8. Run and gun is fun with the lmgs, but this prone thing making hotdogs is beyond boring.
  9. I like a bit of realism and fun when it comes to shooters. BF3/BF4 were a good mix of boh, not too real and not too arcady (dumb kill streaks and martydumb perks). Was joking about the vepr, its a retardedly broken gun and should be dealt with asap as it would give a bad look to new players trying the game.
  10. Its a bit of both it seems. I just use the railgun aka vepr for now since its retardedly op and fun.
  11. Added a new #1 that I have experienced from the winning side and the losing side. 1. Team Rebalancing as the match progresses. Far too often you see one side with max players and the other with half. Needs some sort of auto balance as it seems empty slots do not fill in with new players.
  12. Hmm in a semi-realstic combat type game, why not?
  13. I would love to see them add a FLIR/IRNV scopes for dark areas of the maps. BF3/BF4 and other games had them and they were fun.
  14. Some are bugs, some are balance changes, some are just suggestions. So many bugs or imba weapon mechanics atm that just make it hard to play more than a few matches in a row. Current bugs/annoyances and some suggestions meshed in 1. Auto Team Balancing. Teams will far too often get lopsided with one side having max players while one side has half and no server auto balance nor new players coming into it. 2. People shooting through walls (or bugged in a wall) 3. Spawning and falling through the world 4. Tanks (and/or other vehicles) floating around while still killing you 5. Close range rpg noobtoobing (put a minimum range on it) <--- not a bug, but personal suggestion 6. Restupidulously op vespr shotgun (long range sniping, needs range raped asap) <--- not a bug, but personal suggestion, anger has reached critical mass on the op range 7. Squad spawning needs allowed (SL spawning although nice, just not enough) <--- not a bug, but personal suggestion
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