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  1. Artaxiad300062

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    Yeah for sure, its gonna take time to iron out, sadly.
  2. Artaxiad300062

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    Yeah, but good new is they are nerfing the limb damage down to 60, and increasing head damage by 25%.
  3. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    You bought an early access game and are complaining? It's basically a gamble, the devs can shut down the game at any moment. They could even take all your money at launch and leave steam. These guys are still here and trying to make a good game, so your complaints are unfair. Triple A games like BF4, took a team of hundreds over at Dice, with several years of development, these guys are like 50-70 guys, working on it alongside our feedback. This way they build a game the community wants.
  4. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    This is a great approach, thanks for the feedback. And finally, headshot damage is getting buffed, and this is the whole head right, with helmet included, or is it just the face area? Limb damage down to 60 is another good idea, only 10% more than 0.3's, rather than 25% more in 0.4.1.
  5. Artaxiad300062

    Who's your nemesis and fav target

    I shit on um all
  6. Artaxiad300062

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    This game has never had high TTK, it was bad hitreg that made it seem like that.
  7. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    The ak-12, DMG, Scar-L and many others. It does seem like some weapons have a sweet spot, in which they have controllable recoil, like I tested the MSBS-K with the 2x red dot scope, and it seems to have very little recoil and the random horizontal recoil is not as prevalent. But this would mean, only certain load outs would make one weapon its max potential, meaning there would then be no use for using any other. I haven't tested the MSBS-K with other scopes recently, but it seems its just that particular scope that offers best performance. Even a 1x red dot on the DMG for example has ridiculous recoil. Basically, however you look at it, 0.3 recoil was better than this. I just wish 0.3 was improved upon, turned into something at least like Arma recoil, or BF3.
  8. Artaxiad300062

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    It has nothing to do with how humans work, adding steel plate to chest, compared to Kevlar, won't change your ability to carry more, unless you are a very small person. But my suggestion was out of the blue, not something I really would like implemented. How about this, lighter armors cover more of the body, and allow you to use lighter weapons (as is the case now) but heavier armors cover less but those parts covered are very resistant, to a point where you got to shoot legs, arms and head. And perhaps that would create a whole mechanic where you would need to use a binoculars to views enemies and know if they are light-medium-heavy. And perhaps, heavies can't carry a secondary, other than a pistol. Anyways, these are still just random thoughts and suggestions. But on the recoil, it doesn't matter if you can or are using fully-auto. I am talking about the core of the gun-play now, which is inferior to 0.3's. Sure if you are skilled, you can still fully-auto down a certain range, but there is still that weird horizontal recoil that kicks right and left, I would the 0.3 system to be improved, rather than moving the game into this new 0.4's recoil, which is not of my liking, or of many others.
  9. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    0.3 ttk was already pretty low. Now its just super low, so..
  10. Artaxiad300062

    Having trouble finding NA games?

    Low player count is all across the board, its shame because I thought the addition of the server browser would bring more people back.
  11. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    Well, that is what the devs marketed the game as, its not really a trend when you spent money to expect something promised by the devs. There was absolutely nothing realistic about Squad, the gun-play in the game was faker than cod, they added ridiculous amounts of unnecessary recoil, my grandmother can shoot an AR smoother than how you can shoot in Squad. Arma is between, it is more realistic than Squad and WW3, but not really on the level of BF3. In BF3, actually mastering each weapon's recoil was a real thing. Something like the AS-Val had to be tapped very fast and ADS'd to the bottom right, and when doing so you got great recoil but with much more effort. But this game in its current state, is just dumbed down gun-play, shoot straight until your gun loses control, stop firing, and immediately start firing again. 0.3 recoil was much more favorable, but not perfect, I believed they were improve upon that, rather than turn it into this.
  12. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    Yes, for suppression purposes and among many others, soldiers do use fully-auto, but for a certain distance. But my complaint is not about the vertical recoil anyway, its the horizontal, which just forces your weapon left and right, which is there to make you do more bursts, but people are already doing bursts. It is now, less about controlled and accurate skill-based shooting, but hip firing from 20 meter at fully-auto, and who's first to spot and burst fire past 30 meters.
  13. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    Your point actually goes against why they increased the recoil in the first place, they wanted less control down range and more bursts. But according to you, everybody was already using bursts. And I agree with that, past a certain distance, everybody was already using burst, especially on Smolensk. I know whether or not it is simple to control recoil or not, I get 60 kills in TDM barely trying, so its not that I am complaining about me not enjoying the game due to a higher skill level required now. It is because the recoil pattern is forced now, whereas before it was much smoother, more realistic, they could have changed it for the better, like ADS down right to control the weapon and make it accurate in fully-auto, but that mechanic is pretty much dead, you don't even need to ADS down left or right to control recoil, you just gotta stop pressing the triggering once the gun starts kicking left and right uncontrollably. Now that is what I have a problem with.
  14. Artaxiad300062

    Current Gameplay design

    I agree, the TTK decrease was something nobody asked for, maybe they can leave that for a "hardcore" mode like in BF games. But the larger problem is the recoil, it went from realistic, to random burst left and right. Get this, a professional soldiers in 2026, that can't operate an AR and fire more than 10 without losing control of his modern firearm.