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  1. More active than any other thread, well this and the "what music do you listen to" thread.
  2. Oh, that's strange, never saw that report. It's taking quite a while, hope their progress has been sufficient, we've been waiting a real long time.
  3. So.... Um.... Any news, or is this classified information now.
  4. Yeah, I soon realized once I turn off both options, I get a wopping 27fps, and thats on the old maps.
  5. So whats going on with the weekly report?
  6. That's probably the case, but better late than never.
  7. They have been really quiet about it for a long time, in the meantime releasing random info. I remember them telling us the movement will be added to PTE "soon" but that was about a month ago. I hope instead of updating it to PTE, they will go ahead and push it to live. It's getting so old having to download the new content on PTE and then waiting for it to hit live, so you can actually play it with others... Also this region merge was a no brainer, should have been done 8 months ago. Instead they split player base into regions, and into a live and test build, all for not. Idk man, maybe my grand kids will learn when the update will launch.
  8. I mean, 10-15 would be fair, that would mean a large portion of the match found you being an inconvenience. This always worked in BF3.
  9. Dude, do you know how many players are on NA servers... like 15, and thats on a good day. Now let's say one of those guys has some social disorder, so he acts weird and somebody accidentally TK's him, now he may take that to heart, especially if the the guy killing him just acts up and doesn't apologize, so this guys with social problems starts Tking him for the rest of the match. Fine, he now gets a 24 hour ban, but weeks/months later something similar happens and it escalates, now he's banned again, and this happens until he is permanently banned. The point is, the amount of people that do this is very low, but to permanently get rid of these players is NOT a smart move, even AAA games don't punish their players this strictly! With less than 100 players, this game should NOT be handing out VAC bands to "toxic" players, but only to actually cheaters. This thing will hurt players on the long run. I have seen my fair share of trolls in WW3, but really, there can be smarter ways to drop these guys from the game, rather than taking away their right to play the game. If this happens like what 4 times in a year, once the guy gets a 24hr, then 48hr, then 72hr, and before you know it he has a permanent VAC ban by the end of the year. You can't say that, "Oh, I would never continue to be toxic after I got warning," because you are different from other people. We are not all the same person, some of us have many issues, and to me it is absolutely unnecessary to VAC ban trolls, I'm pretty sure many people will agree with me. Instead, I suggested a vote kick system that has been there since BF3 and maybe even older, where admin/host kicks a certain "toxic" player and it's put up to a vote. If the players in the match are truly tired with the certain player ruining their experience, they would vote to kick him out. This system has worked back then and it will ALWAYS work, and it is a much more fair system than what is currently in place. Chat bans and multiplayer bans should still be a thing for extreme cases, but not to the point where their steam ID is blocked from accessing the game, even BF doesn't practice this kind of BS.
  10. I mean even if some people have a habit of acting like a troll, whether in chat or otherwise, permabans is not how you want to do this. There should be a much smarter system implemented, with hosts/server admins kicking a player which is up to a vote by the players in the match. You can then ban them for 24/48/72 hours or a week, but why permanent ban.
  11. Weekly report #46 talked about some new banning practices F51 has introduced to WW3. Pretty much the entire community disagreed with the idea. Here are just a few comments: "Banning toxic players seems sketch. How is 'toxicity' measured? Also, these 'toxic' players probably have insights as to what should be done about the game (community engagement), they also point out the people who complain about the game without even playing." "This playerbase is tiny as is, permanent bans are just a dumb idea. They should go with temporary bans that get longer as the person continues with bad behavior, up to a week. Perma-ban on a game with less than 100 players... Jesus Christ." "VAC bans for "toxicity"?What the ♥♥♥♥ is this?VAC is an anti-cheat." "Ehhh not sure if you can afford drastic measures like that at this point. Guys, you seriously need reality check." "Vac bans for toxicity is that a joke? Game is broken servers are empty and you guys care about some ♥♥♥♥♥♥ toxicity i give up on this crap and going back to battlefield 4 at least this title have players." "Hrm. I understand no one wants toxicity, but threatening with VAC bans on user's steam profiles is absolutely the wrong way to go about it." "So, someone on a bad day has the potential to have their attitude cost them a VAC anticheat ban and their reputation? Why is this even important enough to post on the weekly report, with such small numbers of players to begin with. Whoever posted this report was right to include the part "sounds a bit scary", because yeah, it's real logical to admit that you're practicing scary consequences. Truly a mistake to have made here devs. I'd reevaluate that sort of thinking when it comes to getting your state of production news across to a small group of diehard fans." It's safe to say, most of the community considers the permanent bans for "toxic" activity to quite ridiculous. Even BF and other AAA games are not this punishing to trolls and people with bad behavior. I think most people would be fine with chat banning for a few days, maybe even a full week, but not allowing players to access the game at all just because of some mistakes they made? Some people may have bad days and may then spread their negativity in-game, but these people are either ignored or people simply have a good time laughing at how they make a fool of themselves. The devs should not take someones bad day as an opportunity to remove them from having access to the game, permanently. I'm not sure who came up with this idea, but once again, I will say I see very bright minds in the F51 team and some not so bright people, to put it lightly. How this got through to a weekly report, ask Jesus, maybe he knows.
  12. I agree with this, people were complaining because the game had pretty low recoil before 0.4, but for me it was fun and much more realistic. What they could have done is added the new horizontal recoil, coupled with more vertical recoil, and removing the "sway" which is 100% there. When you are firing your weapon at any range, after 5 bullets your barrel will start jumping like it's on crack. I'd say half the community despised it, while the other claimed it was good because it stopped fullauto at long range. What I have suggested is that a slightly higher TTK is brought back from 0.3, but the TTK remains the same on headshots, so if someone does try to cheese you fullauto at long range, simple burst 2-3 shots at his face, this would create a much higher skill ceiling. Players will then try their best to use special ammo like armor piercing or hollow point, or try their best to get headshots. In most of present ww3, headshots are rarely a thing, people are still spraying at the chest and maybe by chance getting a headshot. Limb damage should also be much lower, players shouldn't die from being sprayed into arms and legs. Some other things could also take effect, a certian amount of arm damage causing slower reload, or damage to the legs causing slower sprinting, which of course can be removed after healing.
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