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  1. Yes I am right, It doesn't, but then I opened up to the idea of having extra races with expansions or later content when we get non-caucasian teams or where diversity is realistic and applicable. In what way does that contradict? And now you are trying to connect me saying races are not integral to gameplay to me later agreeing that it would be fine if later teams had their own racial models? Dude, you make no sense, I tried to speak with you reasonably, but quite frankly I am tired of "entertaining the clown," good bye.
  2. Lmao at the fact that you're the one telling me to do research https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_Russia Around 80% of Russia is ethnic Russian and over 90% of the Russian Army are Russians, now that one Asian looking guy in the video is most likely Turkic, their ethnic group constitutes around 5-8% of the Russian population and is probably the largest minority demographic. So sure you can have a Turkic looking dude in the Russian army, and it might be slightly accurate although it is a bit of a reach since they are still less than 10% of the total population and even smaller demographic in the military, but yeah, they are acceptable. But you're trying to put actual Japanese, Thai, Chinese people into the Russian roster... So as anyone would see, I am arguing over accuracy, not "racism" as you would think dear Manchild
  3. And what did those 28,000 US troops being stationed in Korea have anything to do with anything I said, or that you served in Korea? Nothing... "the fact that you don't want other ethnicities in the game." - Except that is not a fact and I have said otherwise many times, nice try though.
  4. Yes, see you're a lefty, at least you show symptoms lol, ( I'm just joking, not sure if you're a leftist or not, but you ignore my argument nevertheless) you're already trying to condemn me of racism when I have said nothing racist. As I pointed out, I don't have anything against seeing other races in WW3, I only had a problem with unrealistic representation of races in teams they don't belong in, for example black people in the Russian army, which I pointed out more times than was necessary, yet the point went right over your head. Also let's get this straight 1) I agreed with more ethnicity/races, like with the addition of Asian races when Asian maps and teams are added to the game, or even Black/Latino models for US and UK. 2) The point I disagree with you and to a point I considered you a left, is when you said everybody should be able to play their own race when playing this game. I disagree with having unrealistic and proportionately false amounts of a certain race in certain factions, like having black people on the Russian team, which would constitute lower than 1% of the racial background of the Russian army, therefore making it very unrealistic, even if only 1 squad member of 5 was a black character. Whereas in the USA or UK, there are tens of thousands in the military and it would be accurate and realistic to add them to their army. It's funny I even have to explain myself, 2019 what a year.
  5. I say yes, because there is plenty in store now and the actual progress is already in sight with the given roadmap, so when you pay your 17 bucks on steam, you know what you will be expecting in the next few months and it will be totally worth it. But if the game is regular price 28 bucks, I don't recommend purchasing it, I myself don't regret purchasing it as I am helping the devs. 28 bucks is more realistic after the engine upgrade and the animation system rework, in it's current state it is like a modified roblox on UE4 with some FPS features. Progress the team has made: Optimization - Old maps have pretty good performance now and the 2 new maps are being worked on Content - Plenty of weapons added and are continually being added, nice maps updates What's Next - Engine Upgrade which will give better graphics and performance, animation rework for smoother gameplay 9 maps promised (currently have 5) and over 40 weapons promised (currently like 26) and even more vehicles than we already have which is a fuck ton of vehicles, more than any other FPS I could think of.
  6. No, I think a fair amount of the community is also tired of artillery and airstrike spam.
  7. *Finds 3 black dudes in the Russian army,* oh really? ....Oh well, I guess you got me and I am completely wrong, we should have full black guy squads in all teams. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro-Russian There are less that 50,000 Black-Russians in all of Russia, but they should be represented in the military because a handful of them have served in the army, no I simply disagree. I am Armenian, where is my representation? We have served in Russia, USA, maybe even China. I think it would be more realistic and logical if the teams are accurate, Russian Poland are less diverse than USA or UK, you can do black/asian and any other characters in those teams because it is proportionally accurate.
  8. You're so dense, I don't want your lefty politics in WW3, that's it, I even told you I agreed with Asians on Asian teams, Blacks in African or Multi-Ethnic teams like USA or UK. My only problem is with seeing black players in Russia/Poland, it wouldn't make any sense, or perhaps white people in an Asian team is equally unrealistic. You think I am paranoid and miserable off of a joke, you are projecting yourself now buddy, keep your emotions out of these conversations, no need to get emotional over a post. We were only having an argument, to a point at which I even agreed with you on some parts, but you never agreed with what I had a problem with, overestimation of or "diversity" of races in countries they don't belong. Lol, I was banned for saying less insults, hop you get a warning at least, leave that kind of talk out of the forums.
  9. You're the only one here throwing tantrums buddy, you want valid reasons? I said it wouldn't make sense for back or asian characters to be in the Russian team, since there are barely any Black-Russian especially in the army, or Chinese/Japanese/Koreans for that matter. Now give me a decent counter argument, and prove to me my point is only a tantrum.
  10. Yeah, maybe with a binocular a player can target an area, but then it would take confirmation from squad leader to use and overall score to call the strike. Devs have changed the recoil many times, the reason for this current recoil system was to force players to use burst more, apparently people were doing fully auto down range and they didn't like that. I mean they could have simply increased vertical recoil a bit, but that's not what they did, they added this left and right horizontal recoil that get's activated when you try to shoot fully auto. It makes the guns feel inconsistent and create even more inaccuracy. But it should be something that will be easily fixed and made better. The scope passed 2x are indeed really flickery and bugged, and that probably adds to the weird recoil.
  11. Well at least we agree on the grenades amount, and the tank squad was just an idea. Just from playing on my own and being squad leader while driving a tank, if my team controlled most outside objectives, then most infantry would run into the structures to cap their objectives, but when play cap is increased we could have the leisure of having a tank squad, one that follows the tank out side and defends/attacks objective, I think it would work better, with some infantry being available inside the tank crew, some on top, so it would be kinda bad ass imo, with a whole squad moving with a tank, like it is in real life, and that squad would have increased effectiveness in repairing/resupplying tanks with ammo.
  12. Looking forward to playing as a black paraplegic lesbian, the main white character makes my blood boil.
  13. But I guess devs want to upgrade the engine, increase player base a bit, then rework animations before they tackle all of these balance/gameplay issues. I just made a post on most of the things I think needed work, and yeah rarely when you get those close matches, it feels really good. But it can be so much better, oh well, it will probably take until next year to sort it all out.
  14. Ak-15 was a banger, now it's meh. I'm using g36 now and shredding, put on any 3x scope and go to down.
  15. There is no such thing as "scan data for errors" in steam properties. You can verify game registry, thats all.
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