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  1. You don't necessarily need more than 4Gb to run textures which demand more, alot of that workload is shared by your Ram, although it is optimal for the video card itself to handle all the textures, it's not a big problem if it does not. I run MHW over 60fps when the texture pack apparently requires 6-7Gbs of Vram, when I only have 4Gb. The stutter in WW3 shouldn't really be there, it is an optimization issue.
  2. WW3 has some of the best anti-aliasing implementation I have seen in modern games. The difference between low and high is massive, on ultra, very few jaggies appear and the image is very crisp. However, this game lacks good tessellation and most textures are fairly low quality, hope that changes some day. The current "Ultra" should be mid-high setting, we need a minimum of 2k textures for "Ultra."
  3. Will the animations come to PTE next week?
  4. I think the animation and movement update should follow up with a free weekend, where not just one map is free, but the whole whole game is unlocked.
  5. New animations are by far the most awaited content since release.
  6. So 0.9 is going to be mainly the movement system and animations and further polishing and optimization? If so, does that mean Recon and other content would be pushed to 1.0
  7. Also the circular capturing icon is very low resolution compared to the square icons that show your captured points. Optics are also still very low res.
  8. You ***, the problem I am talking about is the fact those rpg nets rarely work as intended, have you used them personally,and know if they work properly or not? //Inappropriate language - Rozmo
  9. I feel like after 0.4 or 0.5, armor upgrades became somewhat inconsistent, therefor useless. Getting the best and most expensive armor in the game turns your tank into a bulldozer, which gets stuck on bushes, barrels and traffic cones. But even with those upgrades, you still die from 2 hits to your back side. I don't think armor works as intended currently.
  10. Also the circular objective icons are very low res
  11. Agreed, this hud is vastly better, it looks cleaner and prettier overall.
  12. When will the reworked animations make it to the pte
  13. Dear devs, don't listen to cry babies who criticize an aspect of the game in order to compensate for their laziness, I know this huge nerf was done to literally troll and show them what happens when they get what they wish for. In honesty, I really want the Heli drone to come back as a solid threat on the battlefield, it should take a decent amount of effort to kill it, not one magazine with an assault rifle. I'd say a decent estimate would be 200-350 bullets to destroy it, or 1 tandem and 2 regular rpgs.
  14. ... Um... Lol, where is the animation rework and the movement system? I thought 0.8 was mainly to rework the game and make it feel and look fluid, make it look pretty and engaging, like AAA games. I even remember a dev saying it will "sky-rocket" the quality of the game. I know this isn't the whole 0.8, but seriously where is the REAL good stuff and when is it coming? That's really what we've been waiting for now a year or so. I haven't tried breakthrough yet, it's still downloading, but I'd imagine it would be a solid mode when finished. But please guys get those animations and movements out on the pte.
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