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  1. You guys should of given them Warsaw, not Polyarny.
  2. Speed, the current armor system is broken and useless, it's something they are working on.
  3. Aesthetically it's really nice, flow of the map is also decent, performance is bad and imo south team gets an unfair flanking advantage.
  4. Yup, it's the vegetation and the lack of optimization, it totally destroys anything lower than the recommended specks, it actually destroys my r9 290 and i7 4770k at 4.5
  5. Yeah bro, you are a fookin Unicorn-Griffon hybrid lol. Smolensk has the worst performance in the entire game, but good to hear its good on your end. For my Polyarny is only slightly better.
  6. Lol, dude If I played Smolensk to get introduced to this game, I would never touch the game again. Ridiculously bad performance.
  7. It was common sense, most of the community even agreed to have base maps in free-weekend. Performance right now is terrible on Polyarny, I have a bit above the recommended spec and I cannot run ultra on that map, without putting every other setting on low-med, even then I get 30-45 fps with highs in the 50s. But oh well, review bomb away steam kids.
  8. I really hope you didn't take this advice from Bigfry, the dude that complains about running objective to objective being tedious, but spends his in time on B1 in Polynary just hip firing for kills.
  9. I ask for the devs to extend the free-weekend and to unlock the base maps. Much better performance and smoother gameplay, most of the negative reviews on steam are due to bad performance on Polyarny. This should have been done with Warsaw or Berlin.
  10. Well they could have done any of the original maps which are well optimized. Polyarny has many problems with performance and map balance, so going for pretty and new vehicle was a bad idea.
  11. Many players are new now, it will take time for them to get used to it. But if a team has even 5 experienced members, preferably in a squad, the other team gets rekt.
  12. In my opinion, a big mistake was making the f2p map Polyarny, people already crying about performance. The entire community pretty much recommended Warsaw, no idea why they went with Polyarny, maybe just because of the snow.
  13. Calm the fuck down, its not that bad, they actually improved sound in many areas. Like with tanks, they now sound much more realistic and tanks overall feel better. Although I agree that static sound is kinda of too much.
  14. They completely nerfed RPGs what are you talking about.
  15. Yes I am right, It doesn't, but then I opened up to the idea of having extra races with expansions or later content when we get non-caucasian teams or where diversity is realistic and applicable. In what way does that contradict? And now you are trying to connect me saying races are not integral to gameplay to me later agreeing that it would be fine if later teams had their own racial models? Dude, you make no sense, I tried to speak with you reasonably, but quite frankly I am tired of "entertaining the clown," good bye.
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