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  1. Yeah, 0.6.3 is really picking up the game, Polyarny in my opinion is an excellent map. It's brought back the fun and excitement that I felt when first playing during the launch of ww3. 0.6 is the Giga patch or Warzone patch, 0.7 will be animation rework, performance optimization and changing to Unreal Engine 4.21, and 0.8 will hopefully be stable enough to be promoted by the Devs and the community. While I got the attention of the devs, when 9 maps were promised, where those 9 individual maps, or 5 large maps and 4 of their TDM variants. /Please stop double posting weedtime
  2. Oh, that is weird, it seems the last one I saw was 0.6.2, the one that says there is only bug fixes. I somehow did not get notified about 0.6.1. Nevermind, I guess it was a problem on my end.
  3. There is carl gustav on the way, it should deal with pesky helis.
  4. So the only way of knowing when to test out new stuff is through social media? I checked steam and it didn't say I can try out the new maps on that day, I checked out the forums and it also didn't specify that. I figured it out through a community post.
  5. I think if you guys are going to do a free weekend, it has to come after 0.6. Although the content updates have been great, particularly warzone update, the 2 new maps are incredibly un-optimized, the current performance on them is similar to the base maps during patches 0.2 and 0.3. So after the maps are optimized, and the animations are smoother, perhaps in 0.7, a free weekend during that time would be a good idea.
  6. Lol, if the server can even handle 64 players right now on a badly optimized map in beta. Smolensk does look great, but it has a long way to go. It's optimization is as bad as the regular warzone maps during patch 0.2. They need to optimize the hell out of this one and Polyarny.
  7. wow nevermind, they dont say sht in the notes
  8. Wait how are you playing on smolensk? Last time I checked its not on the PTE yet.
  9. Why, I liked the new bigger dot, it was more visible.
  10. Also is it just me or is the dot smaller again?
  11. M4 and SA80 feel great, people talking about nerfing M4? Nonsense, it just a rifle, Ak15 is still highly viable, I'd still use it over the M4. I hope for each individual weapon to be improved and become more unique, sound and feel wise. All the new tanks, as well as the mobile spawn point are great additions. Performance is much better than before, the stutter is less, and has noticeable improvements since 0.3 patch. I can't wait to play on the finished Smolensk and the new snow map. The content came way faster than expected. Also, something I am wondering, back on the roadmap, 9 maps were announced, where those 9 individual maps, or where they actually 5 individual maps plus their TDM equivalent, I hope thats not the case.
  12. Holy shit, those vocals tho.
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