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  1. The Spawning is abit of an issue right. Now one with spawn positions on flags and then the main spawn getting spawn camped. Like spawns need to change on flags if there people attacking it. I don't really have any solutions though so some input is very welcome. Maybe the ability for the losing team to parachute in behind enemy lines. The extra spawns that become available are great. I think we need more of them though more often. Maybe spawn beacon on the leviathan or apcs like allowing the whole team to spawn on them instead of just squads. Also some added transports in the spawns. would be great having armored cars. Like the ability for a squads to spawn in a armored car. Maybe even if its a score streak. Could really help break out of spawns camped by snipers. Also just an extra comment the flag locations aren't balanced in the sense they aren't symmetrical. So easier for one side to capture and choke point objectives as well as spawn camp. Not sure if it has a major effect. But it does seem to have an influence. So maybe just something to look at.
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    Will there be South African servers?
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