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  1. If the game is "TOO" hardcore for you stick to BF or COD then, This is the game play that I was talking about for years and only WW3 has captured the right mix between all the shooters I have played along the years , BF is dead to me and I was a big fan , this is a fresh start and I see this game a AAA title in the near future with the right tweaks here and there and ofc the addition of some new game modes like search and destroy capture the flag , vanilla fights without rewards or killstreaks , TDM etc ... In short don't try to change the game to be like any other , just my opinion ofc ! GL / HF all
  2. All vehicles deployed in the base should be locked to the player who spawned them , some troll took my tank and gave it to the enemy's team this should be mitigated because after you work hard for the points a troll comes by and ruins all the fun , thank you
  3. Match making is one of the worst ideas in a pc game , in console maybe a good idea but for a pc game I want to have a stable gaming experience . I have made many friends on line because believe it or not we met on a daily basis on the same server :D , and ofc another trivial issue , my latency I need a consistent game play ,I want to choose the best ping when I am looking for a game World War 3 is a very good game and it has a lot of potential , please don't ruin it , Listen to the community we don't need a battlefield clone .
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