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  1. If any of the development team are interested in solving my issue, they are more than welcome to contact me and I'll provide them with any information they need to fix this issue.
  2. But I don't want to be funny, but each time a update is released, it's like they fix A problem but create C, D & E problems. I had no issues (besides making sure I played on EU servers) till the last big patch came along, now I sit in loading screens forever. It's frustrating...
  3. I'm still having the issue. So are 2 of my friends. We both from ZA.
  4. After the latest HOTFIX - I tried again to play BERLIN TDM Just loads and loads and then stops, then I must try again, stops. Very frustrating I tell ya.
  5. Hi all, Hope you are all well. I have an issue with WW3 (0.3) where when I try (and I'm specifically trying to do this) to play BERLIN in TDM it just loads and loads and never stops loading. I have a fast fibre connection 200Mbps up and down and the network is dead (no activity) Have done the verify on Steam on all 3 devices When I do manual server selection in Steam (not just PLAY) the following is a result; EU/AF: Just loads, I can hear music, I can see the 3 dots moving (bottom right) but it just never stops loading. NA/SA: Just gets stuck on "Connecting to WW3 network" AS/OC: It loads up into the map but it's like it's completely different, I was welcomed as if I've never played the game, supplies are less and I can't select BERLIN TDM, I must distribute my supplies first. I have 3x computers where I play this game (not all at the same time obviously) 2x computers and 1x laptop - on all 3 devices, same issue - 2 devices connect via LAN cable, the laptop connects via WIFI so that can't be the issue and all 3 PC's play the game normally pretty well, no issues with FPS or whatever. If any other information is requested, I'll gladly post it as I'm a big supporter of WW3 and would like to see it's success through fixing of issues.
  6. Bud, I think they should add the WORLDS army and special forces etc... But I don't think it's as easy as we all think. Permissions etc are needed.
  7. I think it's been fixed - I'm sure I saw people Tweeting about it on Twitter that it's been fixed.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can include VOIP etc but I want it OFF by default. I can't tolerate playing with kids... I make them... I don't need to play with them. The way some people go off in games is insane - the racists comments etc. You know what would be classic... you know how TWITCH holds the streamer accountable for what the viewers say/do - imagine that same thing happened with WW3 and AREA 51. VOIP feature - NEVER TO BE ADDED! hahaha.
  9. Currently, as it stands, from what I know - is even if you make changes, as soon as you quit and come back, it restores to default. Fix is coming.
  10. Just had a match - 7 vs 13. Auto balancing is needed badly Spawn camping was a serious problem.
  11. medicnick83

    Say Hello!

    Hi all, I'm "Nick" or medicnick83 from Cape Town, South Africa. I stream on Twitch and I'm not super popular but I'm not worried. I am a big fan of Battlefield games and was hoping BF V was going to be "this" but it wasn't and now I'm happy there is this "WW3" I have not really played much of WW3 since I got it (day 1 purchase) because of the issues but I enjoyed what I did play and am looking forward to playing this way more, especially on stream. I'm personally hoping to grow the ZA community for this game (South Africans)
  12. So long there is a option to turn it off and I think it should be OFF by default. I don't want peoples TOXICITY in my life in this game. I've only managed to play 1 round of the game and because I shot a team mate (accidently) I was called horrible names by 1 player. I know that's normal, but still.
  13. Top right of menu once in the game. Easy thing... YES OR NO options please.
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