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  1. material penetration already exists, you can shoot through the concrete barriers with AP .50 BMG rounds and one shot someone
  2. its a pretty simple workaround, make AP rounds do less damage to unarmored areas and HP do less to armored targets, with FMJ sitting in the middle in effectiveness
  3. as a tarkov player i cant stress how important stuff like this actually is, even in the chaos of a gunfight you can pick out someone sprinting, or even stepping on glass. being able to reduce the sound you make without having to crouch walk everywhere would make the game very good in terms of being able to get the drop on people properly.
  4. i would love to see the ak-101-105 rifles, the different calibers would add some awesome variety to the game
  5. if they made it affect your weight accordingly i have no issue with them, the rpg spam is what really annoys me, they should just make rpgs and GLs take more from ammo kits and it would be fine
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