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  1. If the dot is fine please scale it. The thing basically doesn't exist on my 4k monitor. And while your add it can you make all of the Ui scale with res? Almost all the text and buttons are too small for 4k.
  2. No vertical recoil only promotes semi-auto for bad players, every decent player will just full auto to victory because there would be zero reason to ever semi-fire if you can negate recoil by simply pulling down on your mouse. Your assumption that horizontal recoil will make players just spray and hope for RNG is just wrong. Hoping for RNG will always fail against semi tap fire at any range that isn't close range. Moreover players always favor strats that minimize RNG which is precisely why horizontal recoil makes such a good deterrent for full auto spam.
  3. I wasn't thinking of actual network traffic, but rather server resources getting consumed doing networking related tasks. I've worked on a couple UE4 projects in the past and have seen issues where there is superfluous CPU resources being consumed typically because of excessive and/or unnecessary use of variable/object replication because the programmers weren't aware of the costs of replication because the people over at Epic didn't bother to mention the serverside cpu hit of replication in their documentation. Now I obviously have no idea what your servers look like and can only make guesses based on what little information is available to me the end user. I did not mean to challenge your work, just sharing my experiences with the engine.
  4. No the game needs more horizontal and less vertical. Having recoil that the player can counter leads to balance issues because of the player being able to eliminate the drawbacks of various weapons by simply pulling down on their mouse. For example the AK-15 outshoots pretty much all the other ARs once you control the recoil which means there is no real reason to use anything other than a AK-15.
  5. The last gun pictured (the HK 416) is already in the game. But yes a G3 would be sexy.
  6. You can already use the editor. The game is built on UE4 and uses the UE4 editor which is a free download. You just wouldn't have the assets. Which for the record they might not be able to release depending on if they are using purchased assets/plugins from a third party. Which is a pretty common thing for indie studios to do. Moreover it doesn't really make sense. Allowing mods requires segmenting the player base as people using mods can't be on the same server as people not using the same mods. For a game like WW3 that has a small sized playerbase this could be disastrous.
  7. To fix the stuttering you need to determine which setting is primarily responsible for it. Stuttering can be caused by many different factor that vary from computer to computer so simply trusting someone else's advice on settings is generally not the best idea. To isolate which settings are responsible for the stuttering set all your settings at high except for the one you are testing. So to start set textures at low and everything else at high. Then play the game. If the stuttering persists then you know it's not caused by the texture setting, so set textures back to high and try setting the next setting to low. Repeat this process until you have to determined which settings are responsible for the stuttering. Be sure to test all settings though, as the stuttering could be due to a combination of settings. If none of the settings appear to effect the stuttering, then set everything to low. If the game still stutters even with everything on low then you should consider upgrading your system.
  8. The problem is not UE4 in any way. Both Fortnite and Paragon use the UE4 engine and those games are beautifully optimized. The issue with optimization is twofold. Firstly it's difficult for indie studios to get people that have lots of experience with engine and network optimization. Pretty much all the talent gets gobbled up by the big name studios. Smaller studios often end up having to figure it out as they go. Secondly in terms of netcode optimization the UE4 engine doesn't come with a lot of good documentation for it's networking features. I got the chance to talk to a couple UE4 engineers at a convention a year ago and they told me the reason there is minimal documentation for the networking related features is due none of the engineers that worked on UE4's networking features wanting to step forward and take charge of providing the in depth documentation. Additionally World War 3 is a game that features both large view distances, lots of players in a match, and lots of appearance customization. Those three things add up to a lot of draw calls which depending on how the levels are set up can result in a lot of CPU load as Draw Calls are CPU expensive. There are techniques that can be used to clean up the CPU usage but they either come with their own drawbacks either in terms of optimization hits elsewhere (filesize, RAM usage, VRAM usage, etc) in require a significant investment in terms of developer time. Porting to another engine isn't viable option in any form. The only things that would be transferable would be the mesh and texture assets. Everything else including all of the existing code would have to rebuilt from scratch, this would be enormously time consuming in and of itself, and that's without counting the time that would have to be spent training the developers on using the new engine. That said the rain on the Berlin map should not be causing 20 FPS drops. That's not excusable even for a low budget studio.
  9. Decreasing RPG radius would be a buff vs infantry, because it would allow RPGs to be used as a close quarters weapon.
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