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  1. Games that did sound design right are - Escape from Tarkov - Insurgency Sandstorm - Squad @farm51 if you can get there your game will be MUCH more immersive and feels MUCH more high quality
  2. best thing to bring up immersion would be better audio design... take a look at insurgency sandstorm... so much more immersive just because of well done audiodesign...
  3. i was switching from BETA channel to LIVE channel in steam... i verified file integrity now -> changed 7 small files... connection OK now ?
  4. first time i have the endless connecting to ww3 screen bug again since lauchdays....
  5. yes... games are too short.... TDM and Warzone
  6. smolensk is not coming before december....
  7. you can play the new map on pte right now... nothing special, just a small indoor version of warsaw
  8. its a new kind of objective based battleroyal experience... (thats what they said)
  9. or make it more realistic.... higher weight of the gun means higher time to ADS (could be applied to all attachments in a way)
  10. https://steamcharts.com/app/674020
  11. on BF i mainly use the minimap to farm spotted/marked enemies.... its not helpfull for navigation at all.... so its a great idea only having it with the UAV buff enabled
  12. Weapon pickup from dead bodies confirmed (in fact it is working right now, but you have to be superfast and your picked up weapons seems to be superbroken ^^)
  13. We are going to get a mag retention system probably (love it)
  14. hell yea... best decision.... dont forget the fast reload option (throwing away the mag)
  15. you could copy the ammo system from insurgency sandstorm (persistent magazine, quick reload with doubletap r key) THAT would be GREAT!!!
  16. maybe you missed it up there in my post
  17. SAUCE SOURCE Vepr nerf: Voipchat add:
  18. yea i feel like the suppression system is okay in this game (maybe just a tiny bit too much, only maybe...)....
  19. +1 for this awesome post... we are definately ready for a roadmap and a patch ETA till the end of this week.... ?
  20. Here are some infos i could find from the devs answers in this forum about the upcoming features: - HK 417 will be added - VOIP Chat will be added - Somnelsk (New Map) in the next Major Patch [ETA soon released] - Recon (squad based objective oriented Battleroyal gameplay) in the next Major Patch [ETA soon released] - Vepr will be nerfed probably - Progression/Unlock System will be reactivated in the next Major Patch at the latest
  21. in the steam options you can enable an FPS counter as overly (no need for separate software)
  22. nobody has significantly more than 120fps here ^^ not even with a 1080ti and an i7 8700k so how should your rig reach the 200fps mark?
  23. yeah thats right... vaulting needs a bit of an overhaul ?
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