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  1. If better quality is needed let me know. https://streamable.com/thhej
  2. Sure I try to make a video tonight. Edit: not possible at the moment because there is no Berlin Warzone Server available. Steps to reproduce: When you enter C2 through the Subway entrance close to C1. Go down the stairs to C2 (First stairway on the right side). When downstairs turn right and jump down on the tracks and turn right to the "dark end of the tracks". When close to the rocks jump on the rocks and walk a bit upwards. When you turn around you should have the screen I posted on reddit.
  3. What do you think about one Stinger or Javeline guided missile for like 1000 BP to get rid of Helicopter Drones? ( Javeline could also be used against Tanks) Also I would like the suicide drone too be as fast as the Helicopter. At the moment the Heli is faster than the suicide drone.
  4. I liked that the snipers had less dmg. Even if its not realistic - but u can,t shoot the .50 while straving and leaning precisly too, so what. I realized today on Moscow 2/3 were sniping. Dont make that game BF1 - 30 snipers and each team has 5 that do the objectives^^. PLEASE!!! Else, please make the scope of snipers move realistic while standing and moving. And when hit Snipers should not be abled to have a calm scope. For Example when they got hit scope should move for 10 or 15 sec´s hard then normalize or something.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): The bug / problem is, that the sights (it doesnt matter which one) on the rifles are shivering/stuttering slightly from left to right. That makes it hard to hit on larger distances for me. FPS between 60 and 90. Has anybody else the same problem? I tried different graphic options low -> ultra, v-sync on/off, ... usualy playing in 4k but also tried in 1920x1080. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3280991 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): --- can provide video of bug but due to resolution ~2oo Mb SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): GF 1080 GTX, Driverversion 416.81, i7-7800X, 32Gb RAM @ 2400MHz
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG On Moscow Map the Marder airdrop was stuck unter the Arm of the excavator. I could not see it on the Minimap for airdrop. Sadly the Screenshot is lost. location drop :) GAME BUILD ID 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Drop a Mardertank near/on excavator.
  7. Hi, first: Great Game! I like the Atmosphere and I especially like, that people cannot shoot fullauto precisly and run and jump aroung at the same time. For the MG´s I would like to be abled to place the Bipod while crouching/standing on walls that have the right hight. As far as I have seen it´s right now only possible while in prone.
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