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  1. Do you think this is my first early access? well .... NO. I have backed a couple games on kickstarter (Hell Let Loose was the last one) and I can say that this (WW3) is one of the slowest in terms of development and updates. A year has passed, the map rotation is still to come in the next patch ... That's something BASIC in ANY FPS game, but here we have this "feature" ONE YEAR AFTER the launch ...... And don't get me wrong, I paid for this game and I want to play it. One thing is PLAYING an Early Access with bugs, glitches, etc I can live with that because I know that the Earlys Access are meant for that .....But the thing IS that there is nobody playing this game, and this IS for the lack of updates. Not to mention the harsh launch with the servers. That's the way I see all this.
  2. There is no game without player base ... All servers in NA are empty ... I mean ALL of them.
  3. The last time I "played" and uninstalled this game was ... December 21, 2018 ... Now, reading this post and checking on Steam's servers, I'm pretty sure this game is doomed....It could have been a good game. *SIGH*
  4. I'm in the same boat, there is no sound at all coming from headset or speakers, just from the Oculus rift. This is the only game with this problem, the others works fine. Edit: I guess that this issue is not only for Rift users. https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/3104564981102215749/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/1744479698803088975/
  5. SQUAD have one of the best gun sound that I've ever heard in a fps game.
  6. As you can see I am NOT the only one saying almost the same. So if YOU don't have any problem good for you go and enjoy the game, I'dont know WHY always appears people like you trying to denied the problems of anothers players could have. Do you thinks that this is the first game that I play? or I bought the game yesterday? well NO. This IS an Early Access and these kind of problem are normal so like I said, If YOU are enjoyning the game fine, go and keep enjoining it but in the meantime we are here comenting OUR problems. Take it or leave it. Oh and another thing.....The match lenght is TOO short.
  7. I don't know if the netcode is "broke" or what but I've been playing on this last patch and I must say that this is CoD but with larger maps.... The TTK is AWFUL and the armor is useless, there is no reason to wear an armor when the only thing you got is more weight and less movement AND almost an instakill with any gun. The past build feels a lot more balanced but this.....IS Just CoD Style.
  8. You mean 2 different client/ branches right? If so...I agree with that.
  9. I've tried that and everything I can on MY side and still the same. Time to uninstall and PLAY other games.......
  10. Today I've been trying again but is mostly the same....I f I choose the first option "Play World War 3" I get Suck in "connecting to ww3 network" But if I choose EU I can reach the Customization/Quick Join screen but when I press "Quick Join" I get kicked back into the main menu with this... So I guess my profile GUID is corrupted, right?
  11. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/announcement/20-solution-to-your-connection-to-the-host-has-been-lost/
  12. Those files are missing since day one so that is not the problem, sometimes says 8 or 7 or even 6 files cannot be verified and it will be downloaded again. But is the same.
  13. My game now have the same issue of the begining ..."Connecting to world war 3 network" first time that I enter the game have no problem (just 300+ ping but I undestand this because the EU servers OK) then I press "quit" because the game doesn't save my gear (Yup same as before) so my idea was restart to try if this could fix that and then look for a new match BUT now I Can't connect anymore. I REALLY try to support this game but always appear a "new problem" that turns the game unplayable. And I KNOW that this is an Early Access and blah bla blah but let me tell you guys that this game has no more future ahead with these kind of failures, I consider myself as a person with good patience but this game.......Is getting me really angry right now. My account was in "private" and the last time that I play was Staff SGT (A week ago) so I don't think that the problem is a corrupted profile.
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