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  1. I play Escape from Tarkov, Heroes and Generals, and Warframe when I'm not on here, as well as mess around in other games occasionally for variety such as TF2, Verdun, and CS:GO. Surprisingly enough, I've never played any Battlefield game before, the closest that I've played that compares to WW3 is Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my old PS2.
  2. I collect a lot of WW2 stuff, so my list would have to start off with the MG-42, followed by the first variants of the FG-42 with the metal stocks. My next favorite would be the FN FNX-45 pistol, followed by a classic M14. A honorable mention goes out to the Kar98k, I've got an 80-year-old one and the action is as smooth as the day it was made and is one of the most enjoyable weapons to shoot that I've ever fired.
  3. My first FPS was Call of Duty 1 on the PC. It still remains as one of my favorite shooters of all time due to the story and how difficult it was on the harder modes. Keep in mind that this was back when Call of Duty had health bars and you were one-hit-killed by rifles on the hardest difficulty with no health pickups. I followed it up with Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my old PS2, which is still one of the best-written games I've seen in a long time. I actually can't remember which came first, so I will have to say both.
  4. I think the main problem that The Farm 51 will run into is that EU laws prohibit "large amounts of gore" (read as "minimal amounts of gore"). Heck, even bloodstains can't be too large or splotchy, and don't even get me started on the rules in Germany. While I do think seeing a pair of legs spinning away from a torso spraying blood after the guy gets hit with a 120mm HE shell from a tank would be pretty cool, I don't think it would be feasible with current EU laws.
  5. I think that your question depends on the armor the vehicle has, and whether or not it has an APS. I know that I've 3-shot the normal Marder/Wolverines with stock rockets, while it's taken quite a few more to take down a tank, or any other armored vehicle for that matter, with RPG nets.
  6. I think the HUD is actually very minimalist and could be just fine with minor tweaks. As for the direction that the game is going to head, I believe that the developers are trying to go for a spiritual successor to Battlefield 4, with some realistic elements. This is a good direction to head, at least from my perspective, as it makes gameplay relatively simple while retaining a level of skill and personal choice. However, there is always the possibility that that is not the intention of the developers at all, we shall have to wait and see what they say about things.
  7. True, I've really started liking the UKM lately, it's very reliable. My problem is more focused on the MG5, it's recoil is pretty serious if you aren't using a bipod.
  8. With a mounting animation I would support mounting on just about everything. The animation and inability to run away at a moments notice would really make LMG's useful and a viable choice over assault rifles in certain situations.
  9. This would be great, I've gotten killed quite a number of times moments after spawning by enemies that that are moving into the point.
  10. Can't beat the M14 EBR. As far as implementation, I would put it under assault rifles, with 10, 20, 30, and 50 round magazines, with large damage, high accuracy, but heavy weight and extremely high recoil. Make sure to get a hold of the selective-fire variant too.
  11. Here's an idea, perhaps make grenade launchers into a strike? For instance, at say 1000 points, you could use the M320 for one life with 2 grenades in reserve, and switch to it by hitting your strike key if you need to switch off, while for 2000 you could use the Milkor with only 6 grenades, with the same mechanic. Alternatively, implement UBGL's, but only have them able to fire smoke or AT rounds.
  12. I got a 6 man multikill on B2 of Moscow a couple days ago with a 10-round Vepr. The weapons are beasts in CQC, but I honestly think that's where they should be. I do think they need a small damage reduction at ranges past 30-40 meters, however.
  13. Inter-squad communication is key for games like this. Even having 3 guys coordinating smoke and flashbang pushes can clear an objective pretty easily. Of course, there should definitely be a mute button somewhere as well, for those who aren't chatty or don't want to deal with salty individuals.
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