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  1. I regularly look at the steamcharts and thats why I dont bother install the game again... When it reaches 500+ I would gladly try it out. But with 40-60 people its not worth my disk space.
  2. Yes the live version. I had sniper loadouts on 2nd slot and RPG with tandem on 3rd slot. They are reset to default (again now) )and I remember this happening a bunch of times. Also all cosmetics are reset.. The last 2 times I installed was december and mid january. Everytime I installed the game, either all loadouts were reset or at least 2nd and 3rd loadout (I never used loadout 4, 5 and 6). Also saving weapon builds (presets) was bugged everytime I tried. So when I have a weapon I want to use on 2 different loadouts, I have to build it from scratch and especially setting up the tank took a lot of time (3 loadouts, 3 times build full tank, everytime I reinstall, setting up the drones/strikes on specific slots everytime etc. for consitency.) I dont want to rant, but I dont want to remake them again, one more time okay, but then I want to save the file or you save it online I dont know, as long as it stays permanent. I actually enjoyed my last session, I upgraded my GPU to RTX 2060 and its running really smooth, but I am way to lazy to make the loadouts again if they are not gonna be saved permanently afterwards.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that I will not download 48GB again to "test" the game (in other words to come back to the game) just to see that you reset the loadouts again and I have to play wiht crappy default loadout again. I dont see why people should be bothered to equip their favorite gear over and OVER again just to try out the new patches. This might not seem important, but people like me are tired to experience this in a 2 digit amount soon. Please let me know when the loadout bugs are fixed so I might reconsider installing the game again. Cheers and in high hopes (It takes a bunch of times to remake the loadout, especially when the UI is so bad and we need to work around such messages as "you cannot equip that because its to heavy". Well you could message us that when we want to save it but not at the very beginning, trying to equip the weapon... Please crunch some use cases before blocking customization even before the saving of loadouts.) I want to play the game with customized weapons and not the default stuff.
  4. When I play I spawn only tanks and if that is not possible I use a mephisto. I like the quided missiles. I didn't enjoy the bombings because I never know what area it will cover and I misused it so often that I don't bother anymore. There should be some kind of icons to show what kind of bombing it is. The tracking of enemies is quite a waste because you know where they are with good game sense and looking on the map/captures. How far it extends, how long it goes, AT or AI, how long the delay is etc.
  5. So some playerA with 100/50 KD would be above playerB that has a 80/20 KD while the playerA is doing half as good as playerB. The thing about TDM is that every death is a point lost. So just sort by kills but make it count +1 for kills and -1 for every death that ocurred by enemy engagement. So with the above example: playerA with 100/50 KD --> 50 points playerB with 80/20 KD --> 60 points and playerB would be above playerA while having less kills.
  6. The weight system gives you more or less armor for less or more ammunition. Before the armor tweaks most people were playing ceramic plate without a helmet to be nearly as tanky as heavies without their disadvantage. Before it was not usefull to aim for the head because of the level 8000 helmet, now it makes sense. So I call the old system more trashy than now.
  7. I use flir for medium range and long range. You dont need to wait for the animation, just preaim on the target, press rightclick and leftclick at the same time. The moment when the flir shows the enemy he is already dead most of the time. Its really good to track targets compared to other scopes. When turning around the corners fast, I use secondary scope and when turning corners slowly while holding a constant angle I use flir too. Most of the time though, the other scopes will be better, as the common rule is still that the first who sees the enemy will have an advantage no matter what scope he has. For open areas, the flir-users have a disadvantage, as they have a really small FOV when scoped in. Imho, the flir is balanced quite good atm, but people should use combat lights and flares to distort its usefulness on different areas. So we would change the responsibility to combat flirs to the people not using them. For example people should be able to throw flares instead of grenades and let them hold like a minute or so. So people would force flir users to use their secondary scope if they have one. So to sum it up: Flir is better for tracking targets. Flir is worse on open areas. Flir is better for holding small angles. What should be added: Flir should work badly when scoping on light sources or making the image rendering even more delayed. Make light sources distort the usefulness of flirs. (Maybe add a battery to the flir and it has to be "recharged" with a full ammo bag after maybe 5 minutes?) Add flares as additional light sources that hold like half a minute or so.
  8. First of all I think that TDM is watering down the quality of that game. That said, I must admit that the KD is the important factor here. I would say that if a guy has X kills but 0 deaths, he should be above everyone else that has no kills but more than 1 deaths. That said. If a guy has no kill, he should be greyed out until he gets a kill and then he can get his placement on the scoreboard above the guy with 100 kills and 90 deaths. Sometimes when the game is close, I tell my teamates to camp, if they have negative KD. I dunno if that helps, but I win most of the games. People should see that TDM as a warmup, for example play a round of TDM and then get that conquest large map conquered if you know what I mean.
  9. I wear steel plate every time. Why not take that extra bullet just for fun?
  10. Your reward system is not helpful to make people play the game as it is intended. We dont get nothing for winning, the reward is always the same: 40% of the points you made. Suggestion: Let O be the objective points gained Let T be the total points gained Let Z be the difference: Z = T-O Winning team gets 50% T as silver. Losing team gets 40% of Z as silver and 50% of O. Explanation: With this, even if people join into a "dead game", a game where your team is so far behind that there is no chance to win, you get the 50% points ratio on all objective points, thus it gives an incentive to play for the "win" even if the game is not winnable. (Side note: the winning team gets maybe lazy and gives more chances to the losing team to come back). Additional suggestion: Objective points should be gained for every kill a defender does on own flags and a kill an attacker does on enemy flags. At the moment, nearly all squad leads I see are not very efficient, especically when the amount of BP we get is tripled with a good squad leader.
  11. At the moment, we can queue for 8 specific queues: Quickjoin. That's all maps and modes Moscow conquest small Moscow conquest large Berlin conquest small Berlin conquest large Warsaw conquest small Warsaw conquest large Warsaw TDM At the moment, the Warsaw maps have a healthy player population, but for example Berlin is pretty damn empty most of the time. You have split the playerbase too much for the small amount of players and you need to join the maps together at least. For example, I would like to queue for the queues 4 to 7 but not for the 8th (its getting boring after a few matches and every match consists already of up to 5 identical rounds. And when 1 team stomps the other team, the get 100% switched with new players and the matches go forever.) You need to add a filter to the quickjoin, such that we can tick off and on different maps and modes. Its fine by me if you make it the old quickjoin every like 20th game to "force" people to play stuff they may not know that they might actually enjoy. But the majority of games should be made on maps and modes people want to play and if people can only queue for a specific mode on a specific map, the games will always stay unbalanced with like a 6v6 on Berlin conquest large with one team starting with 2000 points to 0 because they ghostcapped against non-existant enemies.
  12. "dedicated control speed software" like speedfan? I have setup MSI Afterburner now. Its the Asus strix version and I usually dont go higher than 64°C so my thermal paste should be fine. (In the summer it goes up till 71°C) Just when the fans dont work like when speedfan doens't work, it goes up until the GPU crashes/resets and it could burn in the process. thanks for this, I use MSI AfterBurner now and hope they will not add this too to their anti cheat
  13. I lost my last GPU to idle Fan. So what Fan control software is allowed? Edit: just to be clear, my GPU already hit 89°C playing WW3 which could have easily burnt it already, just because the anti cheat think I cheat with a software, that is essential for the well-being of my hardware...
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): SpeedFan is controlling the fans of my GPU and it stops working after a few minutes of WW3. This is a huge problem, as it could RIP my GPU. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):Run SpeedFan and WW3 and see how SpeedFan stops working. I assume it has to do with some memory leak. I even use a program to track if SpeedFan has stopped working and it restarts it automatically. But this happens and happened only with WW3. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): i5 6600K - 16GB RAM - R9 380 -CRASH LOG (if any):
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