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  1. This game is unplayable because the movement is AWFUL. The player moves as if he freshly shit his pants. This game is UNPLAYABLE BECAUSE OF THE MOVEMENT - do it like Battlefield and everyone will be happy and the servers filling up. I really regret investing in this piece of shit that has this problem from day 1. And now thefarm is pushing their next alpha - moneycow before finishing one game. And what is the point of having an Alpha game and additionally a test environment. Complete brainfart bullshit. No wonder the game is dead like their upcoming trash will be.
  2. 1. How much Vodka is needed to create this game. 2. Why does the UE hate AMD so much, even my Intel IGP gets relatively (not absolutely) better FPS. In BF1 the IGP (i7 6700k) is 4-6 times slower than my r9 390 but in UE the factor 2 or so. Looks like the unrealengine is pure hate on AMD.
  3. The player walks like drunken. Please look into player movement.
  4. I am really happy that I tossed 25€ to developers that deserve support! I get wrecked a lot but it is fun and has potential, can't wait for the upcoming progress.
  5. That [-DX11] parameter seems to have fixed *somehow* the vRam memory leak on my end. When I quit out the game and launch GPU-Z than there is still >600 MB in use by the GFX card, With the dx11 option that reduces to ca. 100MB. Hmm.... Anyway that option seems to help. System: i7 6700k (@4,4GHZ), 16GB Ram, R9-390 (8GB)
  6. Thank you very much for your input. I will try it out just to see what my FPS are becaus it is running smooth on my 144Hz Monitor, so it is probably >75FPS. BTW I wrecked my Win10 installation with linux and now the AMD driver FPS overlay doesn't work anymore, too lazy to format and reinstall all the stuff... (I7 6700k, 16G Ram, XFX r9-390 DD blk edition with 8G vRam). Cheers!
  7. BTW is there an ingame - option or config file to show FPS? I don't like 3rd additional programs.
  8. Hello! Old fart (45+) reporting in for duty.
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