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  1. Lol it's just a poor mix of bf and cod gameplay lol XD
  2. And i honestly don't agree with you, my opinion is that playing any shooter game on console with joystick is ridicilous, aiming is kinda ridicilous cuz' it's like your aim is just floating aroun,well that and pretty much everything else, where as with mouse and keyboard you have apsolute controll. On console for me sports games,racing games nad maybe games like Witcher 3 and Assassins Creed, those types of games are great to play on consoles but shooters-never...
  3. Holy crap,most of the matches i join are 4v4 or 5v5 on warzone,never more than 10 players total.On which server are you playing and what map/maps to find so many players?
  4. I don't know about you guys but i'm happy to say that since 0.3 release and HotFix for 0.3,i have finally been able to play both TDM and warzone modes on all maps.Before 0.3 i was able only to play TDM.Yes,there are some bugs but it's only 0.3,what matters more is that the issue preventing players to join anything else then TDM is fixed
  5. I think you're 100% spot on ^^ Now since the ramm usage is lower,loading time into every screen is somewhat decreased and and overall the game feels much more faster and smoother :)) Can't wait until 0.3 is no longer in the pte but in the game itself,it will be so much fun ^^
  6. Hey guys,just a quick one, I don't know about you but before this patch I was unable to play anything except team deathmatch. So, in PTE all of a sudden everything works for me,team deathmatch,warzone,and warzone large.BUT in the game (non PTE) which is still on 0.2 nothing works except team deathmatch. Since @Ragir was all the way with me trying to solve the issue that caused ,,Your connection to the host has been lost" error i wanted to say to Ragir and other developers,whatever you did with that patch 0.3,please leave it like that in the game when you release it,everything works now I hope those modes work also for everyone else who was also unable to play like me
  7. Hey Ragir,about infinite match loading and stuff,I don't know if this is a little bit of topic,but do you remember when I said I couldn't join any warzone match,only warsaw team dethmatch? I don't know what you guys did but after pte patch i can play warzone too. BUT since the game is still on 0.2 patch i can't play anything besides team deathmatch. But on PTE and 0.3 patch i can play both warzone and team deathmatch,I hope the patch stays just a sit is when it's released
  8. I agree with you,I'm the same age as you and have been in gaming since i was 8, and i support what you said.But devs have a lot of thing to work on first before they add server browser.Many players still can't play this game properly,as a matter of fact,i'm only able to play team deathmatch,there's also optimization, providing more servers and more stable servers etc. I'm 200% sure that devs will add server browser in time but priority should be those problems i mentioned above,many people abandoned the game because of that. Once those issues get fixed,more players will come back to WW3 (in that time I also hope WW3 with server browser)
  9. And thank you,and whole farm51 team for working hard on this In like 10 minutes i'm off to work,but as soon as I come back I'll keep digging to se what i can find and report back as soon as i find anything Cheers ^^
  10. So everything sett ot low,and then I should try also warzone,both large and small? On it Hey Ragir,update on the matter, I've sett all graphics to low,rendering resolution to 0, to the lowest, resoluton to 800x600 and i left cpu performance boost turned on but still the same,after a while on both warzone small and warzone large,i get the same ,,your connection to the host has been lost I don't know if team deathmatch is done differently than both warzones in terms of some coding or something like that (honestly don't know anything about that xD) but whatever settings i chose team deathmatch works and warzones don't,just wanted to let you know
  11. Well I guess so,I could try to run team detahmatch with Net.Tcp port sharing turned off or ,,stoped'' more sxcatly and see what happens. But I think it's defenitely hardware or software related as you yourself Ragir have said it, since smallest mode (team dethmatch) works for me while other modes,bigger modes don't work and show the same error ,,your connection to the host has been lost'' .I'll test team deathmatch with net.tcp port sahring turned off and report right back Hey Ragir,small update. Team Deathmatch works even without Tcp.Net port sharing service enabled. SO now I'm pretty sure that it's somehow hardware related,or related to some software stopping the player from playing bigger modes like warzone small and large (90% sure it's hardware related though ). So I don't know what magic you guys did with Team deathmatch but could use some of that on other modes .Hope this helps as it seems that those errors are not connected to network itself,but more like hardware connected.ALso there is some stuttering in the game,but i guess it's related to the server you're connected to,wheather it's in EU,AS,NA etc.
  12. I got the same thing today,it depends in which server it drops you,for exsample if you're in europe like me and you get thrown into SA/NA server, you'll get high ping resulting in the game kicking you back to war map. Joining the game is tricky,you never know where you'll be droped. I got lucky today,in 4 of 5 games i got into some server that's near,smooth gameplay
  13. Guys with some help from ww3 forums moderator @weedtime, i found a solution for the error (but bare in mind that you'll be able to play only team deathmatch,unfortenately ).And Ragir was right in his post when he said that ,,your connection to the host has been lost'' error is something hardware or software related since I was unable to play any bigger mode than team deathmatch.But still that' on the devs to resolve So in my previous topic i asked a question about a few things in task menager/services, specificaly about Net.Tcp port sharing service and how to make it run,beacuse for that and other Net.Tcp things it says in task menager ,,Stoped''...So weedtime told me to do this: click on start,then in search box type run.Once that window pops up type in cmd.When the next window opens type in netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt. and hit Enter. Windows will then do it's magic and once it's done it will say that you have to restart your pc for changes to take effect. Second thing you will do once your system is up and running after a restart is that you'll go again to Start, type in run and then services.msc In the list of services find Net.Tcp port sharing service.Right click on it and go to properties. Under the first tab named ,,General'' you will see a line that says ,,Startup type''.Click that and in the menu chose ,,Manual'', and then click Aply. All that's left is to click on Start,you will find that option just under the ,,Startup type". Once you click on start, widnows will do the rest. Once you go to steam make sure to just click on Play (not eu,as na or anything,just play),once you're on a war map select team deathmatch and that's it. Word of warning,as I said up there you will be able to play only team deathmatch and you can't know in what server you'll be droped in.I'm from EU and first match was smooth,but in second match i found ping was way to high,but hey, better to play with ping little higher than to not play at all :D. Hope this helps guys P.S: If you need images of how to do it just tell me and I'll atach them
  14. Thanks,I was hoping it might help with the issue,I'll give it a try anyway I saw Ragir's post that it's curently in testing and that instead of corupt player profile,the issue might be connected to certain hardware or software.Any progress on that?
  15. Same thing with me my friend,I created a topic with possible solution for the devs,found something in task menager that made me think that that's the culprit behind that error we both have :).Check it out,folow it and i hope Developers will see it soon and respond,so we can both get an answer :). Cheers!
  16. Hey guys,I started WW3, after the first loading screen i got another one saying ,,Missing loading screen'' right before connecting to ww3 screen show up,but nevermind that,it's not that important. Next thing i got to war map and went to quick join and then ofcourse a freeze,and back to war map with either ,,Your connection to the host has been lost'' or ,,Steam dedicated servers failed'' message.During the loading screen before the match I went to task menager and found this in ,,services'' (sorry for the image quality,forgot to print screen and photos were taken with shitty replacement phone until mine gets fixed): First one is of the loading screen freeze before the match, second one of aplications in task menager, and third in services. I don't know a lot about it but those net tcp and other net things seem important,and i can't enable them,it doesn't let me and I was thinking that thsoe things might be the culprit for not being able to join a gme either on war map or from steam servers. I hope the Devs can figure this out and maybe find a solution for those errors so everyone who's got them can play the game
  17. Hey guys I just got a new patch, 2.3 gigs in size,anyone knows what is that patch about? I sure as hell hope it will fix errors like ,,your connection to the host has been lost'', or ,,failed to connect to dedicated steam servers''
  18. Got that problem too buddy.I got about 22 hours on record without a single match played,same problem.Hope it gets fixed soon
  19. HI Borreh,you and i exchanged few messages about that error that connection to the host has been lost.I have that problem even still...One of your guys solved the issue of the corrupt profile (at least i think he did) and still the same problem occurs.So ,,corrupt player profiles don't seem to be the problem but something else.If it was corrupt player profile nad this patch fixed it,than i should be able to play,but i'm not.The only thing that patch did for me is that it made connecting to ww3 screen faster and that's it.Same thing,i get to the loading screen of the match and those little dots on down right corner which show that the game is loading just stop,they freeze,and then back to war map with that message above
  20. Borreh,small update,tried the game still the same, on loading screen before the match freeze,than drop to connecting to ww3 network screen, and than to war map with a message ,,Your connection to the host has been lost''...SO my player account has not been reset,also checked my email and nothing from ww3 support in inbox,junk,spam folder nothing,nowhere after 3rd or 4th day.Honestly man,i paid for this like everyone else knowing that it is early access but at least i expected to play few matches even with a shitty fps,than not to be able to play at all. SO now as you're one of the developers I'm sure you can push this through to your guys in WW3 support to reset my ,,corupt player profile'' preventing me from playing and giving me before mentioned error. My email is aleksandarmrkac@hotmail.com and steam id: STEAM_0:0:50566269
  21. I know it's not you specificaly working on support and I don't blame you,someone else probably does.I'll try the game now to see what happens,if it drops me back to war map with same message I'll write
  22. Maybe but it doesn't help with corupted player profile,that's something on farm 51's side to resolve,but as time passes by they only seem incompetent and like they are not even looking and reading they're mail.It ain't like the have about milion players like R6 siege so they can't process everything so fast.Curently I don't know if there's even 10,15 thousand player on ww3.Can't imagine how long it will take them to respond once they (and if they) get 100.000 players or more...
  23. Yeah Pierre-Loup is right,not talking about PTE,as he said didn't manage to play single match since the begining. I wanted to know if anyone had recent experience with ww3 support to tell me how long it takes for them to respond and/or reset my player profile to correct that error. Gonna' check my email right now,if there's no response yet,i wonder how will that ,,support'' team work when they get way more player to play ww3...
  24. Hey guys there's been a recent post from Ragir about that error ,,Your connection to the host has been lost'' when it drops you to war map before the match.It's corupted player profiles that have to be reset by ww3 support in order for that error to be fixed. I sent them all that was required 3 days ago but still no response.I mean for exsample when i had problem with R6 siege,Ubisoft support replied in like 2,3 hours max even thou player count there is bigger,way bigger and way more people with problems writing to them.How long does it take for ww3 support to answer and resolve the issue,does anyone know? I apreciate all help, have more than 19 hours on record and haven't played a single match cuz' of that error. THanks in advance guys
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