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  1. Not a glitch but something I noticed when customizing my weapon skin. To the left of the skin options each one that you hover over has a block that said "Item Name" and "Item Description".
  2. Specifically the chest rig "Quick Release PC with Jacket" interferes with all headgear by clipping through the hood. It appears that the jacket should not be compatible with any headgear. Attached are images of a couple of the worst offenders in this glitch.
  3. While in the standing position when you continue to walk forward your character begins to jog at a rather quick pace. When in the crouch position you keep your pace. It seems unnecessary to have your character accelerate when you also have a sprint mechanism. It is very difficult to tell when your character is standing or crouched. The crouch speed is a perfect speed for me and I often find my self crouching as soon as spawn to keep that speed and sprint from the position. The deceleration of your character after a sprint to a stop is a nice add on to create a more realistic environment.
  4. When in the process of loading into a game a timeout would not be a bad idea. When the game wont load a map it should time out and kick you out of matchmaking. In addition having a ping over a cretin amount should also kick you from games. Basic concept for matchmaking. You guys are making great progress and are making an incredible game! Keep up the good work.
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