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  1. Well most of the content in the game is more than 'cool enough' for me. The idea of having a pay option is as much to offer people a non-destructive means to support the game as it would be for the impatient to 'have it now'. Personally I'm usually indifferent to the cosmetic stuff as long as it's congruent and realistic, and don't mind a bit of a grind to get to a game's content -- but I'd be more than willing to pay more to get it and support this game and its developer! Going this rout also offers some nice marketing and advertising opportunity to boost awareness and steady the revenue stream from the game . Were TF51 to start offering clown costumes, man thongs, and weapon skins that look like bad shelf paper from some going out of business sale from a home repair store -- I'd be very disappointed and would instead be willing to pay money for an option to block seeing such histrionic crap. Siege is a poster child example that looked fairly realistic and was somewhat immersive when it was new (and had more bugs then WW 3 ever has), now that game is a screaming eye sore that looks like cross between a Mardi Gras and Gay Pride parade that has nothing to do with tactical realism -- a revenue model I sincerely hope TF51 does not pursue.
  2. Hopefully The Farm 51 is as good (or better) at monetizing WW 3 as they are at art asset development and game design. Unfortunately, most indie Developers are not, even many over financed 'AAA' game Publishers fumble badly at monetizing a game that is otherwise very successful, either by asset stripping the game's design to 'monetize everything' turning it into a parade float trash arcade shopping mall of 'content' for sale that ends up being a substitute for or even obviating fun game design, some ridiculous over-priced subscription model, or, don't ask for enough money from the game's audience to keep things going. When I look at World War 3's road map, even if the release target features were curtailed by 40% -- the game is way under priced! The number of man hours in development to get there is just too high, or the talent too under paid. Very few game fans have a clue how difficult and time consuming game development is, how under paid Developers are, and those that feel WW 3 is expensive only do so because they're simply ignorant and selfishly base their assumptions on an early access work in progress, with no clue what work-a-day development on a game like this costs and how quickly unsustainable that can become if revenue slides. Some of the audience get it, others are starting to get a clue; there is incredible talent behind this game, progress might not be as fast as some would wish, but it's real, the game is solid, most importantly fun, and well on track to being something very impressive. With that in mind, intellectual honesty requires that everyone acknowledge these guys gotta get paid to keep doing it but some revenue models are more appealing then others, some are out-right discouraging, and others will simply not bring in enough money to sustain a game like World War 3's development. With all that in mind, it might be productive for people to solicit what they like or don't mind paying for, and what they do. I for one don't mind paying for expansions or in game content like uniforms or even game features that aren't over powering and can lead to 'pay to win' doubt. In that WW 3 is multi-player only, expansions that are map based will segregate the audience between those that bought and those that did not -- which can hurt a game's play share. However, there have been a lot of game marketing studies that corroborate Gamers like game franchises that continue familiar game metrics and expand them... Directions TF51 could take this that would get my money without hesitation: · in-game content for sale as an alternative of ranking into them (uniforms, weapons, attachments, insignia etc.) · feature content for sale (custom game UI, music, voice commands, and other features and content that don't effect game-play) · dedicated server license (this could require a subscription fee) Personally I'd like to see package 'Supporter's Editions' deals on buying all content for the game, and think the price should be steep -- because I want to support TF51 and this game having a future, and thing others that do should have that opportunity too! It would also be nice to see World War 3 for sale on the Epic Game Store, I'd buy it there a second time just to have it handy, this would also expose Unreal Engine fans to the game, and it would also have 'first mover' status on that platform being the first realism game there which would help garner attention and market share. On all platforms it's sold on it might be productive to have and package deals where if you buy 4, 5, or 10 copies for friends you get a small discount, and same way with 'Supporter's Editions' that get all the content. Lastly, I hope The Farm 51 is able to make enough money to take World War 3 to the franchise level, and offer full content expansions or sequels. I'd love to see a multi-player Special Operations asymmetrical warfare game that was lower tempo, incorporated stealth, but played on the scale of WW3. In the mean time I hope more fans chime in here, beat the drum for this game in other venues, make fan sites, and help make The Farm 51 and WW3 a sustainable franchise.
  3. Hoak


    I like all of it, I think their Music Producer (all their Asset Artists for that matter) are fantastic. It would be much more suitable if they were to release a full soundtrack for sale on Steam. You do want to support the continued development of this game? Right? The score/soundtrack could includes everything from the game, trailers, and any stuff composed for the game that wasn't used that's thematically similar -- and allow the player to assign it in game as some other games have done. No one is going to want or like the same music here, your pet wish is going to be the anathema that's someone else's 'contact bummer' and either gets turned off or is a turn off from playing the game... You do want more people playing the game? Right? Or is you having your pet wish music more important then having players in a multi-player game really more important?
  4. I agree, I think the progress and attention to detail in WW 3 is simply stunning! It's now at the top of my list of all time favorite realism and tactical realism shooters, and at this rate it could set a new high water mark. All the nit-picking and complaining reminds me of what went on with early releases of Insurgency -- that game went on to a slow burn sales surge that was monumental and as WW 3 is a vastly more ambitious project, with more features, content, higher standards and original ideas that rival and even surpass many so called 'AAA' titles; so much so much so once real and broad discovery happens, we'll see a play share and sales explosion that surpasses what happened with games like DayZ and PUBG. The impatience and histrionics here and on the Steam forums betray deep seated enthusiasm for the void that exists in realism gaming and The Farm 51 are the only Developer hard at work and on track with WW 3 to really deliver. There are an enormous number of future fans of WW 3 that have never been exposed to the early days of game mod development and ambitious indie games, or the crawl, walk, run, sprint rate of progress and adoption that inevitably unfolds with games that are as clearly a labor of love and hard work as WW 3. WW 3 will have it's day in the sun, and The Farm 51 will be another celebrity studio, hopefully when that happens they don't jump the shark...
  5. Thank you DareQQ worked for me! I don't have enough points to buy enough stuff to shuffle much around, but sort of randomly retweaking my configurations did it! Perhaps hypermachvi's post earlier in the thread is why this works, and profiles or corrupt or the update caused a miss-match between clients and server that shuffling your profile around fixes...
  6. Has ANYONE that could connect before the 0.3x update(s) that lost the ability to connect after the update been able to connect since? As we're not seeing any kind of lift in play-share on Steam Charts it seems reasonable to assume the problem is pretty wide spread -- and as there's nothing coming down the info pipe from The Farm it seems this is being slow tracked for attention. Should probably just uninstall the game until the next Windows release in April instead of getting my hopes up, and see what's happening then as The Farm 51 seems out to pasture as far as this one goes...
  7. Looks like we're headed into yet another weekend, just tried everything again on three systems with the full monty drill: file check, disable firewall -- same deal... Unless something gets fixed somewhere there's an awful lot of paying customers not only not playing, there's an awful lot that can't -- a kind of important thing for a multi-player only game...
  8. It seems very likely that the low play-share has as much to do with the significant number of people that cant even connect to games -- everyone I know on Steam in North America that owns the game hasn't been able to connect since the 0.3 release right around Christmas time. Some of these people have no interest in posting to forums, never post to the Steam forums, don't even know this one exists (or care) and just think the game is broken or abandonware. I have several refence design AMD and NVIDIA systems on very fast low latency connections that were always able to connect until the 0.3 patch, now no system I own or try can connect to any server, map, or game mode... Some think this is due to some server side issue, some think it may be a profile corruption issue, some think it's 0.3 patch related issue. Unless or until what ever is broke is fixed -- a lot of people can't even connect to play, and more challenging and undermining is many have given up trying, have uninstalled and will forget about WW3 until something reminds them.
  9. Another weekend gone buy and still unconnectable on five different systems...
  10. Another week, another weekend -- unable to connect on five different systems... The number of people this is effecting is in all likelihood unknowably LARGE -- considering the play stats... A roll-back on what ever updates or changes were made effecting networking client and/or server side would be prudent until the issue is understood and play-share stands at zero...
  11. To put a more positive spin on a fairly dire issue: everyone I've encountered regardless of their criticism, likes WW3 a LOT -- they like the way the game looks, the features it offers, direction development is going, and responsiveness of the Dev Team. The forum is obviously steeped in pet wish lists, complaints, and all the impatient behavior that's part and parcel of a gamer forum. But WW3 is a great game, impatience and all the posts are just an indication of how much people like what's being offered. Keeping key infrastructure spinning though so everyone can join and play is about as high priority as it gets though as far as the bottom line is concern in making this a sustainable and profitable enterprise. Looking forward to you're getting there!
  12. Same deal different day, tested on yet one more PC; which puts me in the seat of rather ambitious and committed unpaid beta tester running the game on three reference design systems and two generic PCs -- all of which ran the game and connected to servers before patch 0.3x Considering players that can't even play the game, obviously can't play and like or enjoy the game, they also can't offer any feed-back, support, and the player-base contracts as far as the number of sustainable games radically (see below) -- perhaps a rollback on patching is in order until the issue is understood? I want to like and support this game, don't mind having paid full boat one bit, understand there will be issues, but it's difficult to encourage others to do the same when it's not even up in playable state for weeks, over a holiday, and there's very little acknowledgement of what's going on...
  13. If you read any of this as an insult you probably need to be on another language forum, or are looking for a kind of help you won't find here. You're obviously not interested in the idea presented by the OP, have objected to it multiple times, don't like or understand how it's really used in games like Battlefield, PR, Insurgency, Squad, ArmA, RO, et al. -- and that's fine, nothing against you. But trolling the thread is as ridiculous as saying you hate using handguns in games so the game shouldn't have them.
  14. Same issue, since 0.3 release, can't get past the load screen on any map, game mode, or server. Cardinal failure here just to retain players with a long and especially bad time for an issue like this to not be addressed. It' snot hard to see from the growing number of posts and threads here and in the Help Center sub-forum that the problem is non-trivial and probably encompasses a considerable number of people that might otherwise be playing the game.
  15. You're confused or only play with idiots -- either way this obviously isn't a thread or idea that interests you, these aren't the Droids you're looking for, move along...
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