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  1. Few more that would be cool to see: G.H.O.S.T. Squadron - American Air Force Bird of Prey - [Highly Classified] American Air Force Military Spaceplane Technology Program - Global Engagement
  2. The games needs A LOT of development before the devs can reach that stage, but do agree that the longevity may be extended by easter eggs in the game. #WW3EE
  3. @Twitch_Hawkeyepc - Yes please! I think this is a great idea that would fit into the game perfectly. ?
  4. Awesome patches! Look like great ones to add to: I'm sure that the developers are going country by country and will gradually include 'national pride' items from Norway somewhere in there!
  5. @Amaterasu - Just for the devs, which capture points are you specifically referring to? I'm definitely thinking of A1 & A2 on Warsaw...
  6. I get where you are heading with this idea and really like it! ? Assuming with your idea that the squad leader could bind his keys so that he could talk in team or squad chat without physically switching channels.
  7. Yep. I'd like to say I drove mine into the situation as well but... P.S. - Please, if this happens, break the tree! ?
  8. @omar_uav - I do agree that mines are OP in this build of the game. But I have to ask are they only, because you can't see them easily, So adding to this, what are your guys opinions on adding a gadget to scan for mines?
  9. @UtopianFlat - Nice design. This coupled with the developers' idea to change loadouts in deployment screen would be awesome. @Graphic-J - I do have to agree with you.
  10. Yeah I agree with the idea! Has been already proposed in:
  11. CAMOs for uniforms that would be awesome to include: M90 Camouflage Pattern AMCU Camouflage Pattern DCPU Camouflage Pattern LATPAT Camouflage Pattern
  12. @Fuzzy Nubz I think the reason why LevelCap is gun charm is cause he covered quite a bit on WW3 content over on his YT channel. If Neebs did the same he probably would too. @Phil T. Casual Couldn't agree more with ya. Was also there at Day 1 and believe that the devs are working on something in customisation for us folk.
  13. My requests: SR-25 FN Minimi Blaser R93 Tactical HK G3 AT4
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