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  1. well, then DEVS have to buff G29 or TOCHNOST (or both) since for a BOLT-ACTION SNIPER RIFLES they're super-weak im0 (^:
  2. Quickscoping must be fast with no-magnification (collimator) scope crosshairs. If they wanna balance it - fine, do it with regular/default scopes then imo ;/ anyway, ty for kind words guys more cool ww3 stuff coming soon :^)
  3. This is a GAME afterall. It shouldnt be like 999% accurate (in IRL weapon way i mean). People should have fun aswell. What if they gonna actually nerf TOR (But there's no need for that lmao), the sniping ingame will become very bad, slow, disbalanced and boring. Since it takes up to 2 or even 3 shots to kill a guy with BOLT-ACTION SR's - TOCHNOST or G29 (even if u shoot them in the head!) Sniper rifles should always have the 1-shot ability imo. Thats all i can say about that.
  4. d i s a g r e e 1st of all It takes skill to shoot people like that. 2) u want people to snipe like IRL snipers do? lie around w/ SR+10x sniper zoom in the spawn areas, this is very boring and no fun at all. 3) snipers already kinda weak in this game (AND SLOW). try shooting with TOR w/o quickswitch, it takes ages. Literally worst fire rate ever. I want devs to actually BUFF snipers tbh. 4) u also have to AIM FOR THE HEAD all the time to takedown the enemy. literally 99% of frags in this video are headshots. best regards, tally (^:
  5. Ну шо ребзя, как вам? Старался сделать красивые фраги. Шо думаете по этому поводу ваще? (^: Стримзоры скоро будут от меня + много приколясов по ВВ3, так шо подписывайтесь если интересно. п.с. БОНУС КЛИП В САМОМ КОНЦЕ
  6. Here's some clips of me clicking on some heads exdeeeee what do u think about that m0nt4g3 boys? :^) p.s. BONUS CLIP AT THE END OF THE VIDEO
  7. у меня еще много идей хороших есть, могу выпустить видос по поднятию фпс (который рили помогает) с настройками игры и многого другого. думаете стоит? ток вот не пойму, на русском лучше делать иль на англе? ?
  8. Вообщем нашел фичу прикольную, видео говорит само за себя. Обязательно досмотрите до конца и скажите что думаете по этому поводу Если понравится - можете подписаться, буду делать очень крутые монтажи.
  9. Video speaks for itself. BE SURE TO WATCH UNTILL THE END. U can sub for more epic stuff in WW3, big and epic montage is coming soon!
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