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  1. I don't think that we need chinese/korean guns for now especially when there are only russians and west forces currently in game. All i need for now are Val and mp7, they are in use in west and east armies.
  2. i want to try SteamID: 76561198015838228
  3. Sig, spawning with 30/38 ammo. using premade set i spawn with 30/0 bullets UKM spawning with 100/1 bulletsAs you see, dot is messed upDespite having accesories, it spawns without any of them, silencer is still workingEmmm, idk how to name it
  4. There's no normal scar stock in customisation. I'm not talking about size but about shape. Scar h uses 20 rounders, i'm sure there are no 30 rounds 7,62x51 mags.
  5. Dear Farm51, please, add normal scar stock to Scar. That pipe thing want me to cut myself open when i look at this. This is sexy.this isn't. Please.
  6. I always spawn with 30+38 for sig, so something is veeeeery wrong.
  7. Yeah, PEQ on top rail and flashlight on side! Make guns tacticool again!
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : After the anti-cheat is loaded Error code 22 appears " Launch error, Game client met Application error" GAME BUILD ID : 3239979 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Launch the game, pre 23:10:2018 it was fine. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : Ryzen 5 1400, RX580, 8gb ddr4 2666 CRASH LOG (if any):
  9. -AR15, standard m4s and mk18 versions (they would be same gun as ar but with switchable front grips also m16/hk416 can be here) -M14 EBR -Sig P226 -AT4/m72lav -5,56 VERSION OF BERYL, WHY THE HELL AS POLISH SOLDIER I HAVE TO USE EXPORT VERSION OF THE GUN -AS Wał -HK MP7!!! and MP5 both sd and standard -m249 -M110
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